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Prep Curtis Sittenfeld S Debut Novel, Prep, Is An Insightful, Achingly Funny Coming Of Age Story As Well As A Brilliant Dissection Of Class, Race, And Gender In A Hothouse Of Adolescent Angst And AmbitionLee Fiora Is An Intelligent, Observant Fourteen Year Old When Her Father Drops Her Off In Front Of Her Dorm At The Prestigious Ault School In Massachusetts She Leaves Her Animated, Affectionate Family In South Bend, Indiana, At Least In Part Because Of The Boarding School S Glossy Brochure, In Which Boys In Sweaters Chat In Front Of Old Brick Buildings, Girls In Kilts Hold Lacrosse Sticks On Pristinely Mown Athletic Fields, And Everyone Sings Hymns In Chapel As Lee Soon Learns, Ault Is A Cloistered World Of Jaded, Attractive Teenagers Who Spend Summers On Nantucket And Speak In Their Own Clever Shorthand Both Intimidated And Fascinated By Her Classmates, Lee Becomes A Shrewd Observer Of And, Ultimately, A Participant In Their Rituals And S As A Scholarship Student, She Constantly Feels Like An Outsider And Is Both Drawn To And Repelled By Other Loners By The Time She S A Senior, Lee Has Created A Hard Won Place For Herself At Ault But When Her Behavior Takes A Self Destructive And Highly Public Turn, Her Carefully Crafted Identity Within The Community Is ShatteredUltimately, Lee S Experiences Complicated Relationships With Teachers Intense Friendships With Other Girls An All Consuming Preoccupation With A Classmate Who Is Less Than A Boyfriend And Than A Crush Conflicts With Her Parents, From Whom Lee Feels Increasingly Distant, Coalesce Into A Singular Portrait Of The Painful And Thrilling Adolescence Universal To Us All From The Hardcover Edition

About the Author: Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld is the author of the new novel Eligible, a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice due out April 2016 as well as the bestselling novels Sisterland, American Wife, Prep, and The Man of My Dreams, which have been translated into twenty five languages Curtis s writing has appeared in many publications, including The Atlantic, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Time, Slate, Glamour,

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    I always say that if a writer can evoke complete hatred and dislike for their protagonist from me, then they must be a good writer Lucinda Rosenfeld s What She Saw comes to mind In that regard, Curtis Sittenfeld is an excellent writer perhaps it s a last name thing but Prep sucks Two reasons why I hated Prep 1 NOTHING happens I don t mind e

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    WellThis book isn t getting five stars because I thought it was a literary masterpiece It s getting them because it s the first boarding school narrative I ve read ever that is indicative of the actual experience, or at least my actual experience Other books fiction on the subject, such as Black Ice or Oh the Glory of it All, tend to stick to

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    Let me first admit that Prep was far from perfect I m not sure I could argue against many of the bad reviews At times, I longed for the novel to hurry along The foreshadowing was clunky Occasionally I was so bored I wasn t sure I could get through the entire novel.And then heavy sigh , Sittenfeld did what I hadn t imagined anyone could do She m

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    This book makes me want to shout at its critics, you don t have to identify with the protagonist to like the book identification isn t the only reason to read But then I want to defend it precisely because it seems so real I.e., I identify with it Now I say defend because the book is marketed as chick lit I don t care how much reputable praise yo

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    I loathed this book, really really hated it I kept reading, hoping for the moment when the narrator would stop complaining, stop blaming everyone else for her misery, but the moment never came She finished high school, went on with her life, and yet KEPT COMPLAINING about boarding school It is easy to take pot shots at New England boarding schools,

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    Again, I was shocked by the reviews after hopping on Goodreads Only this time, I loved it and yet, there were so many haters Can t a girl get a break Am I forever doomed to be the outsider Okay, a little overly dramatic, to be sure There are MANY who seemed to have enjoyed it than despised it, but the haters were hanging out at the top

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    Worst book I ve read in recent memory It inspires in me a feeling I imagine to be familiar to those who have ever seized a pitchfork or a flaming torch and set off to terrorize a neighbor I ve never read anything with a loathesome, spineless, vacuous, sad sack main character Every single time EVERY SINGLE TIME Lee is on the precipice of learning somet

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    This was a huge disappointment to me The only other book I have read by this author is Eligible A Modern Retelling of Pride and Prejudice and I enjoyed that one so much I thought I was in for another treat Sadly it was not to be.Although the writing was beautiful and the recounting of life in a boarding school was probably fairly accurate, the main chara

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    Two stars is way to generousI read the entire book Okay, so I might have skipped huge chunks of it but I read it The book is about a girl that goes to a boarding school, she is shy and quite boring , the book summary explains it i did not pick up this book because I wanted to read about 4 years of being stuck in a boarding school, that she applied to But c

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    Lee Fiora is an average, middle class girl who feels like she is meant for far greater things than her Indiana hometown Convincing herself that trading her Midwest family in for a fancy East Coast prep school is the answer, Lee becomes a scholarship student at the wealthy and prestigious Ault School, where she quickly learns that gaining admission isn t the

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