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Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus Illus In Black And White Meet Junie B Who Tells In Her Own Words Thehilarious Story Of How She Gets Locked In School After Her First Day Ofkindergarten It S Hard For Anyone To Resist Junie B Booklist It Sa Real Hoot School Library Journal A Genuinely Funny, Easily Readstory Kirkus

10 thoughts on “Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus

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    I have heard so much about how great these books are so we decided to check them out I can t think of a single thing from this book that was a good example for the kids None of the people say anything kind or helpful Many things are described as stupid, hate, and

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    this was probably the most hilarious series of all of childhood, and is, guess what, still hilarious.i am probably as funny as i am because of this book which is to say, endlessly amusing.we all owe a lot to Barbara Park namely, my stellar personality.

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    Junie B is starting school She is excited for it but she s not so sure about the riding the bus part of the adventure I know some parents don t like Junie B because she is quite the trouble maker but I found this absolutely hilarious Park s characterization of a kin

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    Has there every been a series annoying or a character bratlike than Junie B Jones I think not.

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    4.5 StarsI LOVED reading these with my daughter when she was younger In fact she was the one who suggested I write a review of the books She said she has many good memories of reading but that these books were the ones that made her laugh the most She also enjoyed the

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    There are some books that giving my honest thoughts about does not bother me at all But this one is different It s with sadness that I report my thoughts and thus place this book most likely series into my do not read category.While I laughed hysterically at many point

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    As a parent reading young literature with young children, I am in search of characters who s traits, morals, personality, intellect, humor, or strength are something I want to see emulated in my own children Junie B is NOT that person Were my children to embark on even

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    Junie B Jones is quite possibly the most obnoxious five year old I ve ever read about This is my first exposure to the character and it might very well be my last.There s nothing cute or funny about a child who uses bad grammar, decides to hate people, thinks she knows b

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    I am extremely disappointed with this book and we are half way through I am reading it to my 6 year old and Junie B has a bad attitude We struggle with our six year old and her attitude and I don t want her to get the impression from this book that it is ok to treat and s

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