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Mördare utan ansikte It Was A Senselessly Violent Crime On A Cold Night In A Remote Swedish Farmhouse An Elderly Farmer Is Bludgeoned To Death, And His Wife Is Left To Die With A Noose Around Her Neck And As If This Didn T Present Enough Problems For The Ystad Police Inspector Kurt Wallander, The Dying Woman S Last Word Is Foreign, Leaving The Police The One Tangible Clue They Have And In The Process, The Match That Could Inflame Sweden S Already Smoldering Anti Immigrant Sentiments Unlike The Situation With His Ex Wife, His Estranged Daughter, Or The Beautiful But Married Young Prosecuter Who Has Piqued His Interest, In This Case, Wallander Finds A Problem He Can Handle He Quickly Becomes Obsessed With Solving The Crime Before The Already Tense Situation Explodes, But Soon Comes To Realize That It Will Require All His Reserves Of Energy And Dedication To Solve Back Cover

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    Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell All detectives have to have their personality quirks and personal problems to keep the story interesting But Swedish detective Kurt Wallander has so many things going on that it would take a full hour with Dr Phil to even make a dent.His wife left him three months ago and she is filing for divor

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    During one of my periodic efforts to prove to myself that I m not one of The Great Unwashed, I watched PBS s Masterpiece Mystery series featuring the Swedish detective Kurt Wallander as played by Kenneth Branagh Yes, it had English actors playing Swedes and was filmed in Sweden Just go with it I liked it quite a bit and since I also loved t

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    Dark, brooding and earthy like a good Swedish crime mystery should be.Writer Henning Mankell first published Faceless Killers in 1991 and an English edition, translated by Steven T Murray, was published in 1997 Besides being a good book, this is notable as Mankell s introduction of his famous detective Kurt Wallander.Set in the small city of Ystad, i

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    An elderly couple is robbed and brutally murdered and it s up to police inspector Kurt Wallander to find the killer or killers Can Kurt act on the meager information he has available and solve the case as his private life disintegrates around him On the heels of reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire, I decided to branch out

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    Henning Mankell might be the most famous Scandinavian writer of crime novels in the US May I humbly ask why I can think of at least three Swedes and two Danes who are far, far superior And let s not forget the Norwegians Read Frederik Skagen for Christ s sake I m not sure he s been translated but he s brillant when it comes to the twisted mind of killers and rapists.Act

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    Sjajan vedski autor, najpre ga je objavljivala Narodna knjiga a sada arobna knjiga Da ne govorimo o Kenetu Brani koji je presonalizovao britansku verziju serijala o inspektoru Valanderu Za ljubitelje dobrih krimi a I da malo upoznate i vedsku

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    I think I understand Kurt Wallander better now than I did when I read the series in my mid twenties.It isn t all that easy to grow older, tired and disillusioned in Sweden After all, we re supposed to be a role model for others, and what if nothing works out here Marriage, work, parenting, fitness, happiness, all those things come crashing down on us here in our welfare system as well, an

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    Ugh.Maybe this book is dreadfully translatedor maybe it s like Ikea furniture Mostly you end up with a bunch of bits that don t make sense It s a popular theory in Australia that Ikea furniture is some sort of revenge upon people who live in sunlight Maybe Henning Mankell is a plot to get the people who escaped the Ikea trap.We all over here prefer Abba and less bad furniture and miserable books pl

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    There s something about Swedish authors that both fascinates me and tugs at my heartstrings Henning Mankell does indeed do that for me with his Inspector Kurt Wallander.The air of suspense begins with the words He has forgotten something, he knows that for sure when he wakes up Something he dreamt during the night Something he ought to remember He tries to remember But sleep is like a black hole A well that r

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    This is the first entry in Henning Mankell s series featuring Swedish detective Kurt Wallander When we first meet him, Wallander has a boatload of personal problems he is recently divorced he s estranged from his daughter he s drinking too much he has a lousy diet, and his father is showing signs of senility.Against the backdrop of this troubled personal life, Wallandar is assigned to lead the investigation of the sava

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