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Legend What Was Once The Western United States Is Now Home To The Republic, A Nation Perpetually At War With Its Neighbors Born Into An Elite Family In One Of The Republic S Wealthiest Districts, Fifteen Year Old June Is A Prodigy Being Groomed For Success In The Republic S Highest Military Circles Born Into The Slums, Fifteen Year Old Day Is The Country S Most Wanted Criminal But His Motives May Not Be As Malicious As They SeemFrom Very Different Worlds, June And Day Have No Reason To Cross Paths Until The Day June S Brother, Metias, Is Murdered And Day Becomes The Prime Suspect Caught In The Ultimate Game Of Cat And Mouse, Day Is In A Race For His Family S Survival, While June Seeks To Avenge Metias S Death But In A Shocking Turn Of Events, The Two Uncover The Truth Of What Has Really Brought Them Together, And The Sinister Lengths Their Country Will Go To Keep Its SecretsAlternate Cover Edition For ISBN

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    A little while ago I was cleaning all the dust and papers and shit out from under my bed, and I found a plastic box full of last year s Christmas presents and decs You all know how it is You start off tidying up but then you find something you forgot you had like a Katie Morag book or a re

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    Well, it s mine.so, eryeah, a little biased Shameless I know, I know

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    ____________________________________________ Each day means a new twenty four hours Each day means everything s possible again You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time Day ____________________________________________ 5 LEGENDARY STARS You can find the full review an

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    I m such a sucker for dystopians I love the energy, the rush I get from them When I got my copy of Legend I was thrilled Now I know I had a good reason to be This is one of the good ones A dystopian well worth reading We ve got two narrators the notorious criminal, Day, and the noble citizen, though a little rebellious

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    Are you kidding me What just happened This book is ABSOLUTELY UNPUTDOWNABLE Yes, I realize that s not a word, but I have to admit I m a bit sleep deprived seeing as I stayed up all night reading this FRICKEN AMAZING book Okay let me just tell you now, this review is going to be an absolute, incoherent gush fest I haven t felt th

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    I like an action packed adventure, don t you Legend is a lot of fun to read, and follows two teens who are born into opposite sides of a war in a futuristic Los Angeles in the Republic of America 15 year old June is an exceptionally gifted prodigy who is being groomed to become a military star But when her brother is senselessly murdered,

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    so i did, i almost gave this book four stars but then i said to myself, self you have to stop giving these YA dystopias your knee jerk four star ratings just because you like the genre and you like to see teens in peril, you sick twist and it s true these things are pure candy for me to read and i don t even care so much that the majority of them l

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    Each day means a new twenty four hours Each day means everything s possible again You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time So I finally decided to pick this up after sifting through all the reviews and reading positive after negative after positive after negative, sometimes I guess you just have to see for yourself And

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    4 out of 5 stars This book fell short of a solid 5 for me because it had two small things I didn t like, but otherwise it was golden.What I truly enjoyed Two unique POV s of the hunter and the hunted and I love, love, loved that the girl was the one sent to hunt Day, the criminal, as I tend to see this trope usually in the reverse The action scenes since I had read Th

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    Okay, hypothetical scenario time Let s suppose I had the madness, the power You ever tried going mad without power It s boring No one listens to you Russ Cargill , and the inclination to pit several recently published YA dystopian novels against each other in a brutal and bloody fight to the death a la The Hunger Games Please, just roll with my craziness Now let s suppose one

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