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Flying Colours I loved this book I drank it down like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot suumer day Almost all of the book takes place on land, and the change of pace was refreshing The book starts with Hornblower imprisoned in Rosas where he watches the Pluto and Caligula set fire to and sink the four French ships he disabled at the end of the previous book He is then whisked off to Paris to stand trial for war crimes, along with his Firtst Lieutenant Bush and Coxswain Brown Along the way they escape and have the good fortune of finding harbor with a sympathtic French nobleman and his daughter in law After staying with them for several months they make their way to the French coast and brazingly steal a captured British scooner and sail it to freedom Bad news awaits him on his return to the blockading fleet as he finds out his wife Maria died during childbirth Hornblower finds he is famous once he returns to England and in typical Hornblower fashion he has coming to grips with it.I really enjoyed the fact that Hornblower received some overdue credit on his return to England with the Knighthood and the promotion to Colonel of the Marines As always I look forward to the next book in the series. I would say this is a different type of Hornblower novel and it isbut except it s not the first time HH has been captured We do get a forgive me for the use of this phrase stirring story of daring do.HH, Lt Bush and Brown cockswain are separated from the rest of the prisoners taken after the battle we saw at the end of our last big adventure and sent to Paris There HH and Bush are to have a fair trial and then be shotHH isn t keen on this so, off we go.Another good read but one where HH s foibles are on full display the man seems to have little self control around certain women, of course the women seem to have the same problem with HH so maybe it s hormones or pheromones or something Anyway plenty of adventure, action and daring do.Enjoy. Forced To Surrender His Ship, The Sutherland, After A Long And Bloody Battle, Captain Horatio Hornblower Now Bides His Time As A Prisoner In A French Fortress Within Days He And His First Lieutenant, Bush, Who Was Crippled In The Last Fight, Are To Be Taken To Paris To Be Tried On Trumped Up Charges Of Violating The Laws Of War, And Most Probably Executed As Part Of Napoleon S Attempt To Rally The Warweary Empire Behind Him Even If Hornblower Escapes This Fate And Somehow Finds His Way Back To England, He Will Face Court Martial For His Surrender Of A British Ship As Fears For His Life And His Reputation Compete In His Mind With Worries About His Pregnant Wife And His Possibly Widowed Lover, The Indomitable Captain Impatiently Awaits The Chance To Make His Next Move This is probably the most unique book within the Hornblower series up to this point, since maybe only a quarter of the book takes place at sea Most of it chronicles Hornblower s imprisonment by the French and his lengthy attempt to escape As such, it becomes one of the character driven books in the series, which is both its strength and its weakness, since Hornblower is both a strong and a weak character As a whole, I find Hornblower a delightfully complex character, one who s easy to relate to in his vast imperfection But, at the same time, I unlike all the women in the book, apparently have a hard time feeling any affection for him He was much likable in his younger incarnation in earlier books Here, his constant fussing about his image, his pride, and his often selfish disregard for others particularly women ultimately works to his disadvantage It s hardly fair to compare him to Patrick O Brian s wholly different but equally flawed Captain Jack Aubrey, but I admit I can t help it and Jack s comparative lack of preoccupation with self makes him infinitely preferable in my view.Still, all these musings on Hornblower s character shouldn t be taken against the book as a whole, which is yet another rousing and beautifully detailed historical war story. This is a much intimate tale than the other entrees in the series as it follows the adventures of Captain Hornblower, Lieutenant Bush, and the Captain s coxswain Brown, following their capture after the Battle of Rosas Bay at the end of Ship of the Line First Hornblower witnessed the final destruction of the French squadron by a well orchestrated British night assault, which also encompassed the destruction of the shattered hulk of his own ship the Sutherland, to deny the French even the pitiful prize, and then one of Bonaparte s personal aides, Colonel Caillard, arrives at Rosas with orders to collect Hornblower and Bush and deliver them to Paris to stand trial for piracy involving violations of the Laws of War Despite their armed escort and Bush s loss of a foot, they somehow manage to escape before their scheduled trial, conviction, and subsequent execution During the journey and escape, Hornblower enjoys the pleasures of comradeship and shared adversity for perhaps the first time in his career during the trip to freedom with his two companions He also tastes the bittersweet joys of being celebrated by the British mob after his dramatic return by way of a British cutter, recaptured from the French with the aid of Bush, Brown, and a crew composed of a released chain gang His successful return with Flying Colours included the title suggested by the author s young son when Forester tried to explain the story of Hornblower s latest adventure to him.I recorded all of C.S Forester s Hornblower books in 50 55 minute episodes for Golden Hours, my local radio service for blind and reading impaired listeners Too bad I didn t make CD copies for myself, since the radio station broadcast the tape versions and then erased them too reuse.I guess I ll have to re record them for Golden Hours.I have read and re read the entire Hornblower series over a dozens times each, three times aloud once from the upper bunk to my brother in the lower bunk, once to my wife while on the road, and once for Golden Hours Looks like I ll have to do it again someday and this time keep a copy Meanwhile I m reading them to my 8 year old grandson at bedtime, at the rate of a chapter a night. This review is for the complete 11 book series of THE HORNBLOWER SAGA by C.S Forester, which I just finished reading last night Note Individual books have individual star ratings mostly 5 star, a few 4 star , but the descriptive review will be the same for each, and encompass the entire series, as follows Actually, I just finished reading the complete series for the second time, the first being as a teenager some 30 years ago.It s remarkable to me that I have only just this moment realized that my own timeline regarding the two readings corresponds almost exactly to the age progression experienced by the main character in the course of these 11 novels.It s a 30 year journey unlike any other I have ever taken in books full and deep and satisfying.This is the epic saga of fictional British naval hero HORATIO HORNBLOWER, who goes from a 17 year old midshipman to a 46 year old admiral during the golden age of sail which encompasses the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century.I ll list the 11 books in chronological order not the order they were written , which is the best way, I believe, to read them MR MIDSHIPMAN HORNBLOWER LIEUTENANT HORNBLOWER HORNBLOWER AND THE HOTSPUR HORNBLOWER DURING THE CRISIS HORNBLOWER AND THE ATROPOS BEAT TO QUARTERS SHIP OF THE LINE FLYING COLOURS COMMODORE HOWNBLOWER LORD HORNBLOWER ADMIRAL HORNBLOWER IN THE WEST INDIESI ve read other sea faring novels, but to me, Forester earns the crown.Why Many reasons, but I ll list just three 1 All the rousing action you could ask for in a well paced adventure series2 coupled with a complex main character This is the true secret of the Hornblower books that Hornblower himself is not some one dimensional, infallible, faultless hero On the contrary, he is filled with self doubt and doesn t always choose the best course, especially in personal matters But by building the main character this way, Forester allows you to recognize, empathize, and eventually care deeply about him rooting for his success rather than merely expecting it It s this complex characterization that complements and actually allows for the heroics of the plot because it all comes at a price One price is so high that, as a teenager, I couldn t believe that Forester had actually done it I can t go into detail because this is a spoiler free review, but something happens that is so devastating that literally for entire books afterwards, I kept expecting Forester to make amends But it doesn t happen And finally, as an older adult knowing it will happen, knowing there will be no reprieve I realize Forester was saying, This is the price of war 3 The Language of Sailing Ships I m not nautically minded, and there is much use of nautical language in these books But rather than being annoyed, I had a very different reaction First, I learned a few things But much importantly, I also grew to appreciate the language itself, whether I understood its technical details or not To me, it became like poetry Or even music.And I loved it.All 11 books.It s an investment, to be sure.But, for those able bodied , a wonderfully entertaining journey awaits.Should you set sail Aye aye I am sufficiently disappointed with my return to Flying Colours after many years to bring at least a temporary halt to my re reading go the entire Hornblower saga It really only deserves 2.5 stars, but the extra is for old times sake The story is really Part Two of A Ship of the Line, and tells of Hornblower s escape, overland, from the French There is minimal sea action, and the escape is only possible thanks to a ludicrous chain of coincidences So ludicrous that it would have been plausible if Napoleon, out of the goodness of his heart, had set Hornblower free and put him on a ship to England The other key factor in the escape is Hornblower s coxswain, Brown, who does all the heavy work, including knocking a French officer on the head But as soon as our hero reaches a British ship, Brown is abandoned, presumably to be absorbed in the crew of that ship As this example shows, Hornblower comes across as selfish, self obsessed, and downright unlikeable, in stark contrast to the young Hornblower of, say, Hotspur vintage, that we encounter in books written later but about an earlier stage in his career Maybe this reflects Forester mellowing as he got older, but it is certainly confusing. One of my favorite of the Horatio Hornblower books, Flying Colours is in many ways the opposite of the previous book Ship of the Line Where Ship is a plot driven adventure filled with action and sea battles, Colours is a character driven land based drama that centers on Hornblower s capture and journey to Paris, to be dubiously tried by Napoleon for war crimes The circumstances drive us deeper into Horatio s psyche than we ve been before, reminding us that Forester was not just a great storyteller, but a writer of depth and insight into human nature. Should I say again how much I am loving these Horatio Hornblower books Of course I will they re grrrrrreat He has surrendered the HMS Sutherland and is being held prisoner in the Spanish outpost of Rossas by his French captors A dastardly colonel of Napoleon s arrives to take him to Paris for trial and execution HH, Bush who now has a shot off and amputated foot and his coxswain Brown are carted off A freak snowstorm causes their carriage to slide off the road, near a river with a boat moored nearby and they escape down the river Arriving at a chateau in a small town, their boat capsizes and they are taken in by the only non Bonaparte loving Frenchmen around They help him build a boat and when Spring comes they HH, Brown and stumpy Bush sail down the river to the ocean, boldly re capture a British ship, free a dozen French galley slaves to crew the ship, fight off three French patrol boats, and sail home to Jolly Old England HH is facing courts martial for the striking of his flag and surrender of the Sutherland He could be put to death.But lo and behold, he is honorably acquitted, given his prize money for the ships he seized in the Mediterranean and the re captured Witch of Endor and is knighted by the king He is now Sir Horatio Hornblower and given a Colonel of the Marines stipend for 1200 pounds a year All of a sudden, HH is a rich man and seems to have everything his heart desires.But all is not rosy While away his wife Maria died during childbirth HH is crushed, he never really loved Maria, but he cared about her Since HH was assumed dead, his child a son is adopted by Lady Barbara She herself recently widowed by the death of her husband Admiral Leighton The book ends with Sir Horatio arriving at the residence of Lady Barbara and meeting his son Richard for the first time The look in Lady Barbara s eyes says I want you Horatio baby Stay tuned for adventure of HH on the high seas. Hornblower is a contrary man, never satisfied with his achievements self condemning to a ridiculous degree I got a little tired of the long descriptions of self doubt, but the overall story was excellent I was glad to see him unbend a little, too.This book gives us a better look at France its people as well as some of the politics of the time Hornblower s focus pessimism was a perfect vehicle this It allowed Forester to show both sides of public opinion, the newspapers, the legal system under which Hornblower labors.It s time to read the short story Hornblower and His Majesty which takes place in 1812 That will be followed by the 9th in the chronology, The Commodore C.S Forester.

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