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Commodore Hornblower One in the Hornblower series This one take us to the Baltic at the time Napoleon is invading Russia with a two prong attack, one to Moscow and one to St Petersburg Hornblower is the decisive element in confronting German troops on their march to St Petersburg Quite a bit of history here that i was unaware of though I knoew something of the French campaign against Moscow Very enjoyable getting to know about the Baltic and how the Scandinavians dealt with the French, Germans and Russians Hornblower is as creative in his strategy as ever with a little romantic interest thrown in A great read and a must for all Hornblower fans. Another rousing tale of heroics in the fine nautical series by Forester Hoo hoo HH single handedly repulses a French siege leading the counter charge on horseback Stops an assassination attempt on Czar Alexander of Russia, and gets the Prussian Army to join the side of the British All this after swinging Sweden from neutrality to the British side against Nappie Could you ask any from one man I think not Another excellent addition to the series As Commodore, Hornblower has ships under his command bigger problems to deal with Napoleon is marching on Moscow Hornblower has to disrupt the French armies around the Baltic protect England s allies if he can figure out who they are The politics are complicated since many of Napoleon s allies aren t really They re just unable to oppose him while others are in uneasy states of neutrality It was very interesting from a political standpoint, although there was still plenty of action.Again, we end on a cliff hanger Damn Forester his editor I also read the short story, really just a few paragraph outline of The Point and the Edge Basically, Hornblower is on shore for a while, takes sword lessons, stops a mugger with his cane Rather than turning him over to the Watch, he foists him off on a captain to put the guy to work since he s just desperate out of work.On to Lord Hornblower Can t stop now Having finally advanced beyond the finical problems that have dogged him from his days as a midshipman Now he s married Lady Barbra and moved on now as a well known hero of the British nation.I like these books and recommend you start this journey from it s beginning with Hornblower as a young midshipman. Compared to the earlier novels, The Commodore is a much easier read, possibly because Hornblower himself unbends much as a character, so he s reminiscent of the youthful Midshipman and a lot likable He even gets smashed at a party and makes away with a Countess Also there s a touch of Sharpe about this one well obviously the other way around because this feels much like HH changing history, rather than the action being confined to whatever ship he s in, and whatever one he s going to sink In fact this theme is pretty explicitly expanded on throughout as Hornblower meditates on the outcomes of his actions decisively changing the war as he first attacks the French invasion force, indulges in nefarious propaganda ruses, delays the siege of Riga, and leads a counter attack that turns back a French column Forester does slightly overplay his hand when he has his hero single handedly convincing the Prussians to switch sides Still hurrah Arguably the best of the series, presenting the mature Hornblower in what becomes his most far reaching adventure, culminating in his key role in the defense of Riga against Napoleon s armies, stalling their attempt to march on St Petersburg This book has all the attributes that make Hornblower such an intriguing figure resourcefulness, determination, ability to act decisively in a crisis Above all, he s depicted as the complete man, beset by self doubts about his own character, especially his deep set fear of being killed or worse, maimed or disgraced and yet boldly risking everything on seemingly hare brained schemes to gain his ends Despite having achieved fame, wealth, high rank and social standing as Knight of the Bath, squire of his own estate and village, linked by marriage to one of the most powerful families in England, he still retains much of the social awkwardness left over from his disadvantaged youth He discovers to his astonishment that his subordinates not only admire but love him, a fondness that he feels for them in return and that love for his devoted men causes him great agony when inevitably some of those closest to him die in carrying out his orders. I think this is my favorite Hornblower book I don t know if that s just because it s been a while since I ve read the others they do all kind of run together in my memory , or because this one seemed much tighter and cohesive than many of them I also loved the setting we don t generally read too much about the British Navy in the Baltic or in Russia during the Napoleonic wars, so it was a pleasure to learn about that.My delight in this volume might also have resulted from sheer comparison with the BBC adaptations of the series, which I ve been watching recently The narrative from the perspective Hornblower s tortured psyche is an absolute wonder in comparison with the visual attempts This is one of those instances where the book simply has much to offer than the movie ever could. Hornblower seems to do his best work when he s left to his own devices at sea This is one of the better Hornblower books, might be the best one Hornblower is getting a bit older, and his sudden attacks of self doubt have all but passed He commands a small squadron and is given free reign to do all he can in the Baltic Sea.It s an interesting read with lots of insight into the politics of the eastern front of the war That was very interesting for me, as the only other book I ve read which discussed the eastern front was the obvious book by Tolstoy I enjoyed it and am sad at how little Hornblower remains for me, as I ll be left hungering for another historical fiction series for when I feel that specific urge. This story marks a major turning point for Captain Sir Horatio Hornblower, in ways than one can count He is no longer young, no longer poor, no longer trapped in a bad marriage For the first time, he is based in the chill waters of the Baltic Sea And for the first time, he is truly calling all the shots, in charge of his own flotilla and given a free hand by the Admiralty.But there is a price to all this advancement While the complex politics of a Baltic teetering on the brink are quite interesting, and there are some clever battle scenes, Hornblower never seems to be in any real danger here He sees limited naval action, and always commands the superior force at sea But than that, as Commodore, he is one step removed from the teeth of the action, letting others manage the details On land, he is largely relegated to the role of an observer, dodging random cannonballs while proving a brilliant strategist than even the famed Carl von Clausewitz.Which brings us to the other problem While facing too little peril, Hornblower achieves too much in this book As he racks up history changing score after score, the story s plausibility becomes ever stretched Can Hornblower single handedly decide the fates of wavering Russia and Sweden Of course he can And let s throw in Prussia while we re at it And why not have the sea captain lead a decisive infantry charge from horseback too And foil an assassination to boot It s just too much, and Hornblower s new invincibility makes his usual episodes of self doubt seem egotistical and phony.There are two volumes in C.S Forester s epic series, and I ll read them But I can t help but feel that something magical has been lost along with Hornblower s youth, and I m not sure it can ever come back. And The Fate Of Europe Lies In The Hands Of Newly Appointed Commodore Hornblower Dispatched To Northern Waters, Hornblower Will Protect Britain S Baltic Interests And Halt The Advance Of Napoleon S Empire Into Sweden And Russia First He Must Battle The Terrible Baltic Weather Fog, Snow And Icebound Waterways Overcome Russian Political And Commercial Intrigues Avoid The Seductive Charms Of Royalty As Well As The Deadly Reach Of Assassins In The Imperial Palace And Contend With Hostile Armies And French Privateers With The Fate Of Europe Balanced On A Knife Edge, The Responsibility Lies Heavy On A Commodore S Shoulders

About the Author: C.S. Forester

Cecil Scott Forester was the pen name of Cecil Louis Troughton Smith, an English novelist who rose to fame with tales of adventure and military crusades His most notable works were the 11 book Horatio Hornblower series, about naval warfare during the Napoleonic era, and The African Queen 1935 filmed in 1951 by John Huston His novels A Ship of the Line and Flying Colours were jointly awarded t

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