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The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief Between And , A Series Of Groundbreaking Experiments Revealed Dramatic Evidence Of A Web Of Energy That Connects Everything In Our Lives And Our World The Divine Matrix From The Healing Of Our Bodies, To The Success Of Our Careers, Relationships, And The Peace Between Nations, This New Evidence Demonstrates That We Each Hold The Power To Speak Directly To The Force That Links All Of Creation What Would It Mean To Discover That The Power To Create Joy, To Heal Suffering, And Bring Peace To Nations Lives Inside Of You How Differently Would You Live If You Knew How To Use This Power Each Day Of Your Life Join Gregg Braden On This Extraordinary Journey Bridging Science, Spirituality And Miracles Through The Language Of The Divine Matrix

About the Author: Gregg Braden

New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality Following a successful career as a Computer Geologist for Phillips Petroleum during the 1970s energy crisis, he became a Senior Computer Systems Designer for Martin Marietta Defense Systems during the last year of the Cold War In 1991 he was appointed the first Technical

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    This is another book that I read with a group, we would read a chapter a week and then meet to discuss the chapter It was a interesting way of reading this book In the group it really became clear that some found the limits of their own Beliefs I found it very informative and in some ways even exciting It really explains how we are all connected to each other

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    Very good book It kept me interested throughout the entire read Now I think i need to read The God Code I agree with just about every one of his views I have always said to the people around me that we create our own reality In the Literal sense.

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    Life Changing.Read it, learn it, love it.

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    Finished The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden.I went into the book half skeptical and half open minded The introduction tipped that balance in favor of skeptic when it said, there are places where I ve chosen to focus on the radical and unexpected results of the quantum experiments, rather than getting bogged down with too many technical details of the experiments themselves This sente

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    This book was outstanding It is absolutely a must read, and I have been telling my friends to read it I have gone on a Gregg Braden reading spree If you haven t read his books, I suggest reading this one first He presents a mix of science and spirituality in a way which is easily understood by the general public You don t need a degree to understand the science parts Personally, I happen to

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    He begins his book by saying that he hasn t had time to had his hypothesis peer reviewed In other words, none of his peers would agree with his hypothesis He claims to be a NASA scientist, and he may very will be.It s pretty much of the same energy, frequency, vibration with no real explanation of what these things are, and no actual science to support them He makes a lot of assertions, but doesn t

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    An amazing book it gives you a solid basis of understanding the Matrix which is the container of the universe and how it mirrors everything with a deep 20 keys of conscious creation.Highly recommended.

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    This is a very well written book about some of the discoveries in modern quantum physics and how this relates to some of the old believes that different religions have had for several millenniums It s about how everything is connected through what in this book is presented as the divine matrix and it s about how we are participants of the univers and not just observing it in a separated way Everything is reflected

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    So far so good I am midway into it but it is so awesome The idea of creating our own world and acknowledging our power over it, responsibly and lovingly, is the best news we can have It brings new perspective to the idea of free will It is a great follow up to The Holographic Universe and even better to ACIM which I finished several years ago,not that one truly finishes ACIM It is, after all, a course.

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    The truth is sometimes hard to define amidst all the falsehood but its there if you dig deep enough The important thing is what are you going to do with it when you find it.

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