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The Night Listener I M A Fabulist By Trade, Warns Gabriel Noone, A Late Night Radio Storyteller, As He Begins To Untangle The Skeins Of His Tumultuous Life His Crumbling Ten Year Love Affair, His Disaffection From His Southern Father, His Longtime Weakness For Ignoring Reality Gabriel S Most Sympathetic Listener Is Pete Lomax, A Thirteen Year Old Fan In Wisconsin Whose Own Horrific Past Has Left Him Wise And Generous Beyond His Years But When This Virtual Father Son Relationship Is Rocked By Doubt, A Desperate Search For The Truth Ensues Welcome To The Complex, Vertiginous World Of The Night Listener

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    Originally reviewed for Uniquely Pleasurable.First, a disclaimer This review covers the original publication of the novel and not the movie tie in version The movie varies substantially and is really rath

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    After reading the book, I m not sure why the trailers for the movie tried to pass it off as a thriller it s not creepy or scary or anything It s a mind puzzle and a mystery, but I guess Hollywood thinks its a

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    Okay Within the first five pages, it became apparent that this book was about storytelling and truth and falsehood and embellishment Not only does the narrator, Gabriel Noone, tell the reader this point blank, bu

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    I thought I knew what to expect from this book, and how it would resolve itself, because I knew that it was based loosely on Maupin s relationship with Anthony Godby Johnson, the teenage boy who wrote the memoir A Ro

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    This might have got 5 stars if it hadn t been for the ending Once I picked it up, I couldn t bear tom put it down, I became so engrossed in the plotline and the mystery as to whether or not this boy really existed For me

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    recensione con premessa avvertenza la seguente premessa non riguarda direttamente il libro chi la vuole saltare non perder niente, se non la mia avvincente prosa.sono una golosa impenitente adoro le lasagne, il tiramis i mac

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    Knowing nothing of Maupin and even less of Anthony Godby Johnson, I read this book without any preconceptions and enjoyed it thoroughly, up until Pete s last phone call to the narrator, which seemed to me one twist too many At s

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    I watched the movie a lot when I was a teen, it had of a creepy vibe to it This is bittersweet and kind of heartbreaking Amistead Maupin is a great storyteller, so I m interested in Tales of the City now.

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    A psychological drama billed as a psychological thriller, but definitely not a thriller in my opinion that s equal parts weird and mundane Gabriel Noone, a writer who has gained fame through a radio serialisation of his stories, is sent

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    The Night Listener is a very good example of how a mystery novel can shine without creepy settings and dark characters in action packed storylines This is a deeply moving, quiet and very emotional mystery that builds its enchanting plot lin

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About the Author: Armistead Maupin

Armistead Maupin was born in Washington, D.C., in 1944 but grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina A graduate of the University of North Carolina, he served as a naval officer in the Mediterranean and with the River Patrol Force in Vietnam Maupin worked as a reporter for a newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina, before being assigned to the San Francisco bureau of the Associated Press in 1971 In 19