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Halo An Angel Is Sent To Earth On A MissionBut Falling In Love Is Not Part Of The PlanThree Angels Gabriel, The Warrior Ivy, The Healer And Bethany, The Youngest And Most Human Are Sent By Heaven To Bring Good To A World Falling Under The Influence Of Darkness They Work Hard To Conceal Their Luminous Glow, Superhuman Powers, And, Most Dangerous Of All, Their Wings, All The While Avoiding All Human AttachmentsThen Bethany Meets Xavier Woods, And Neither Of Them Is Able To Resist The Attraction Between Them Gabriel And Ivy Do Everything In Their Power To Intervene, But The Bond Between Xavier And Bethany Seems Too StrongThe Angel S Mission Is Urgent, And Dark Forces Are Threatening Will Love Ruin Bethany Or Save Her

About the Author: Alexandra Adornetto

Alexandra Emily Adornetto was born on the 18th of April 1992 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia She is the only child of an English Teacher and a Drama Teacher and attended, in her own words, many schools including MacRobertson Girls High School, Ruyton Girls School and Eltham College She has loved stories for as long as she can remember In 2006, she won the State Legacy Public Speaking comp

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    Remember when you were about twelve, and you saw all those cool kids with scene hair writing maudlin poetry into their Death Note notebooks I do Come on, guys Let s be honest here About 85% of us had an emo phase at around that time, and I m not going to mince around in my overpriced sweatpants and lie about it I was such a fucking dork when I was twelve I kid you not I t

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    WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN This has to be one of the WORST books ever written Everything in this book annoyed me It was terrible in every way badly thought out plot, hypocritically religious, with really and I mean really shallow characters Did I mention it is was a hypocritical book Can I emphasis on hypocritical I m not even a Catholic But this book, it just ARGGHHH It is so f

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    Reading this book was like watching Sinbad or Atlantis or any other one of those rubbish Disney movies that wanted to be like their original Princess classics but also new and fresh and imaginative.It s lame It wants to be classic and awesome but also new and different and I use the word different with all the superiorly quasi amusement of someone trying to praise a child and

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    Honestly, I think when I read this book, my brain cells died a little bit First of all, Bethany is a total idiot and is so clueless that I don t know how she even remembered to breathe when she woke up every morning Bethany wakes up in the morning and starts turning blue and thinks, ohhhh what am I supposed to do It s really important Me yes Die, Bethany, die Bethany b

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    Halo is a truly epic tale Set in a dystopian world which has been ravaged by war, it follows two people Bethany, an angel sent to riot torn Los Angeles to save as many of the remaining citizens as she can and Xavier, a damaged boy she struggles to befriend and heal of his emotional wounds As she works, another war is brewing this one highly localized and poised to set the

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    dnf like, 90 something %i want to die than i ve ever wanted to die before.

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    Given some practice in character and plot development, experience with real relationships, and some life perspective, it s possible this 18 year old author might produce an interesting book at some point As it stands, however, it s unreasonable to expect the average teenager to tackle such weighty subjects as love and evil and faith and redemption with any convincing measure of depth

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    Edit June 2011Mac Mcclelland is a humanitaries journalist who experienced PTSD after working with rape survivors in Haiti She was never sexually assaulted, but nevertheless experienced panic attacks, sickness, and got drunk every night in order to deal with it Afterwards, she went through a tough period She and her fellow journalists who go to hot zones like Haiti, Egypt, Syria and Lyb

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    My GOD, how could anyone possibly finish this piece of crap x_x I gave up after several chapters because it was just so bad Not even the funny kind of bad Just plain bad It took a while for my brain cells to heal fully.I ll continue this book once giant unicorns poop out chocolate flavored rainbows from the sky while wearing tutus and singing Born This Way.

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