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City of Bones Detective Harry Bosch Tears Open A Year Old Murder Case With An Explosive Ending That Leave All Bosch Fans Hungrily Awaiting The Next InstalmentWhen The Bones Of A Twelve Year Old Boy Are Found Scattered In The Hollywood Hills, Harry Bosch Is Drawn Into A Case That Brings Up The Darkest Memories From His Own Haunted Past The Bones Have Been Buried For Years, But The Cold Case Doesn T Deter Bosch Unearthing Hidden Stories, He Finds The Child S Identity And Reconstructs His Fractured Life, Determined That He Not Be ForgottenAt The Same Time, A New Love Affair With A Female Cop Begins To Blossom For Bosch Until A Stunningly Blown Mission Leaves Him In Trouble Than Ever Before In His Turbulent Career The Investigation Races To A Shocking Conclusion And Leaves Bosch On The Brink Of An Unimaginable Decision

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    The eighth Harry Bosch novel, published in 2002, opens when a dog unearths a human bone in Laurel Canyon in the hills above Hollywood The dog s owner, a retired doctor, recognizes the discovery immediately and cal

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    EXCERPT The old lady changed her mind about dying but by then it had been too late She dug her fingers into the paint and plaster of the nearby wall until most of her fingernails had broken off Then she had gone for the nec

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    This is the eighth book in the Harry Bosch series and the one I liked the least so far I still enjoyed it and found it a quick easy read but it lacked a certain something I know I was uncomfortable in all the scenes involving Brasher

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    I definitely enjoyed City of Bones I really enjoyed this look at what it was that caused Harry Bosch to retire from the LAPD I m sad to think about what could have been though when you see a thoughtful and happy Harry in this one.Bosch is sti

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    Calamity he was trouble as a puppy was the one who changed the course of Detective Harry Bosch s future and set a course for the following two weeks of dark memories and turbulent trouble When Bosch was called to Wonderland in Los Angeles, he suspected

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    A great Bosch book that details many sub stories within the one novel Perhaps not stories as much as solutions to the case, in which Connelly has the reader and Bosch sure that the killer is Mr X, only to find out that new evidence points to Ms Y It also touches

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    I have such mixed feelings about this story Harry Bosch and partner Jerry Edgar respond to a call about a bone found by a doctor s dog He s certain it s human and he turns out to be right, prompting the start of what ends up being a very cold case I loved the forensics asp

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    A solid mystery featuring my favorite lone wolf, Harry Bosch Unfortunately it dragged for me, but not because of anything Connelly did or didn t do, but because most of this book was well covered in the third season of the series Because TV manages to change up even the best of sto

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    After a few disappointing reads over the last few days I couldn t wait to jump back into the Harry Bosch series Having only recently read Michael Connelly for the first time, he has quickly became one of my favourite authors and I can t think of an author in this genre who writes better crime

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    A South African mystery writer recently said this was the best crime book ever written I have no way of verifying that, but it was very, very good This novel seems to come in the middle of Michael Connelly s series featuring Los Angeles detective Harry Bosch The title derives from the discovery at the

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