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The Kidnapping of Kate Ponygirl Erotica A Raging Ice Storm, A Deserted Road Kate Perkins Is Literally Run Off The Road By A Dark Imposing Limousine, Bearing A Powerful Man With Cruel Fetishes Taken Into His Care, She Quickly Finds Out She Is Nothing Than A Prisoner To Be Used For His Kinky Sex Games A Charismatic Man With Movie Star Qualities, Sam Scozzari S Passion For Humiliating And Degrading Women Is Legendary He S Also A Powerful Mid West Mob Boss Controlling Everything In His World, He Gets What He Wants When He Wants It If Kate Wants To Live, She Ll Do Exactly What Scozaari Says Kate Is Quickly Swept Into The Strange World Of BDSM, Where She Ll Learn Some Hard Lessons In Sexual Submission And Desire She S Sent To Italy Where She S Trained By The Handsome Federico To Serve As A Human Pony She Also Learns What Makes A Good Master, And The Difference Between Cruel Abuse And Loving Domination Soon, Her Own Deep Seated Need For A Firm But Fair Master Emerges However, When Kate Finally Returns To The US, Her Fate Remains In Scozzari S Hands When He Learns Of Her Budding Relationship With His Bodyguard, Sal, The Jealous Don Is Furious And She Suffers A Series Of Brutal Punishments But Soon, A Dark Secret Within The Scozzari Family Will Threaten Kate S Very Survival Her Only Hope May Lie With Her Lover Sal, And Her Trusted Friend Federico But Can Either Man Prevail Against The Will Of The Powerful Don Scozzari Before Kate Becomes His Next Victim A Beautifully Plotted Story Featuring The Ponygirl Fantasy And Graphic Sex Pony play lovers, this is a book for you In this story, there is a good portion focused on the training of a pony girl Kate s life takes a huge turn when she is run off the road She falls into the hands of a mobster who s kink is riding women as pony girls He offers a her a deal she can t refuse.The plot of this story is a bit weak The tie ins feel forced What is good, is the kinky pony training This is a fantasy many will enjoy Does it really happen like this in real life Er, no However, from a reader s perspective, it s so good The dressage through the sexy Italian trainers is the best part of the story There is a love interest which turns into a conflict that is just so so It s not so much that the love interest is unbelievable It sthat the conflict is odd It all felt a little force contrived Honestly, this story could have done without the love interest The focus on the delicious breaking and training of Kate is good enough Recommended for those who enjoy dub con pony play stories.

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