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The Wake of the Lorelei Lee: Being an Account of the Adventures of Jacky Faber, On Her Way to Botany Bay Jacky Faber, Rich From Her Exploits Diving For Spanish Gold, Has Purchased The Lorelei Lee To Carry Passengers Across The Atlantic Believing She Has Been Absolved Of Past Sins Against The Crown, Jacky Docks In London To Take On Her Crew, But Is Instead Arrested And Sentenced To Life In The Newly Formed Penal Colony In Australia To Add Insult To Injury, The Lorelei Lee Is Confiscated To Carry Jacky And Than Female Convicts To Populate New South Wales Not One To Give In To Self Pity, Jacky Rallies Her Sisters To Better Their Position Resulting In Wild Escapades, Brushes With Danger, And Much Hilarity Will Jacky Find Herself A Founding Mother Of New South Wales, Australia Not If She Has Anything To Do About It

About the Author: L.A. Meyer

Louis A Meyer is best known as the author of the Bloody Jack novels He was also a painter and the author of two children s picture books, and he and his wife owned an art gallery called Clair de Loon in Bar Harbor.Louis A Meyer passed away on July 29, 2014 from refractory Hodgkin s Lymphoma His final Jacky Faber book, Wild Rover No More, was published posthumously in September that year.

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    From Bookyurt.com As a long time fan of the Bloody Jack series, I think The Wake of the Lorelei Lee does hold true to much of what I love about the series, but sadly it also feels a bit tired and scattered I really hope this series isn t running out of steam.The Wake of the Lorelei Lee is the eighth book in the series, and in many ways exactly what you d expect of a Jacky Faber novel swashbuckeling adventure, danger on the hig

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    I m going to begin by reflecting on this series as a whole, because it is the 8th book of the Bloody Jack series

    This series is like sickly sweet lemonade When you take the first sip, it seems to be good to be true You slurp it down, savoring its every drop about Jacky Mary Faber and her adventures She is a swash buckling heroine that charms you right from the start Smart, strong, devious, and witty, there is noth

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    I don t know how this book is going to turn out So far I love the series but seriously it is about time that she has sex That is honestly almost all that the expectation is waiting for Her to get married or whatever is suppose to happen There could be stories after that but right now waiting for her to have sex is one of the main cliff hangers in the entire series.Good series, love the books, and they are starting to drag a little.

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    I ve only been disappointed by one Jacky Faber book In the Belly of the Bloodhound, if you re curious As that statement would imply, I was certainly NOT disappointed by the Wake of the Lorelei Lee What it does not tell you, though, is that I think this may be my favorite of all the tales of the impetuous yet pragmatic young adventurer.In this installment, Jacky Faber is once again on the brink of being united in matrimony with her beloved Jaimy, and

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    Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at rarely do so but I fear the time has come to raise the white flag in surrender After eight books I am thoroughly exasperated with Jacky Faber and company Her adventures may hold the attention and imaginations of legions of others but I find myself compelled to admit defeat and make haste to the nearest life boat The series has been floundering for some time and while Meyer tackled some mature subject ma

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    Readers will delight in L.A Meyer s latest installment in the popular Bloody Jack series Loyal fans have watched protagonist Mary Jacky Faber grow from a very peculiar ship s boy to a fine lady, pirate, and adventurer and the swashbuckling fun isn t over yet Though The Wake of the Lorelei Lee is the eighth book in the acclaimed series, Meyer shows no signs of slowing down this book is as fast paced and engaging as any Jacky Faber, rich after some questionable approp

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    Oh Jacky How do you do it Just when I think I am out you pull me back in Must be the singing Anywhoas this is the 8th book in the series I am starting to get a lot of been there done that feelings I am also feeling very bad for Jamie and think he would actually be better off without Jacky at this point But, my main issue is why does everyone male and female find Jacky soooooo irresistible I mean I love me some Jacky, but really I appreciate that the author is a history teac

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    My favorite, wily adventuress heroine Jacky Faber stars in another high adventure in fictional history on the high seas Convicted of her crimes of piracy and thievery against the crown, Jacky and her amour, Jaimy are sent on ships to the penal colony of Australia Naturally, Jacky finds adventure and excitement in the Eastern seas among old friends and new Jacky is always a welcome read each and every summer at the beach, and this is one of her stronger tales, though I still wish ea

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    This book was fun, entertaining, and witty just like all of the other books in the Bloody Jack series I did heave a bit of an exasperated sigh when Jacky, once again, is taken somewhere against her will and away from Jaimy and has to con her way out of it I couldn t help but think, really again But, then Jacky worked her little wiles on me and pretty soon I was enjoying her dancing and singing and making fools of all of the men So, I decided to stop thinking about how I wish Jacky would ju

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    Book eight of the series, yes this series is losing some of it sail but it hasn t hit the doldrums yet as L A Meyer has been wonderfully inventive once again changing locations having this adventure cover passage from England to the south China Seas again improbable and highly convincidental but still in the realm of possible once again our fair Jackie is condemned to prison and somehow escapes in the nick of time exacts justice rescues her ship saves her friends is placed in impossible love trian

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