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Green Mars In The Nebula Award Winning Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson Began His Critically Acclaimed Epic Saga Of The Colonization Of Mars, Now The Hugo Award Winning Green Mars Continues The Thrilling And Timeless Tale Of Humanity S Struggle To Survive At Its Farthest FrontierNearly A Generation Has Passed Since The First Pioneers Landed, But The Transformation Of Mars To An Earthlike Planet Has Just Begun The Plan Is Opposed By Those Determined To Preserve The Planet S Hostile, Barren Beauty Led By Rebels Like Peter Clayborne, These Young People Are The First Generation Of Children Born On Mars They Will Be Joined By Original Settlers Maya Toitovna, Simon Frasier, And Sax Russell Against This Cosmic Backdrop, Passions, Rivalries, And Friendships Explode In A Story As Spectacular As The Planet Itself

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    Green Mars takes place some time after Red Mars and describes the breakdown in relationships between the Earth and the Martian colonizers Mars is slowly becoming green as Sax s terraforming is starting to bear fruit, but the Earth wishes to exercise increased control over their colony and this creates an explosive situation The plot is exciting and, as in Red Mars, told thro

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    After the failed, bloody, chaotic revolution of 2061 on Mars, led by the first hundred settlers, less than half now they laid low for decades, deep inside the frozen, hidden, ice sanctuaries near the greatly underpopulated south polar region, of the Red Planet regrouping, living humbly and quietly , awaiting for the opportunity to strike a second blow, for independence Time marches o

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    Christmas 2010 I realised that I had got stuck in a rut I was re reading old favourites again and again, waiting for a few trusted authors to release new works Something had to be done.On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Locus Sci Fi award That s 35 books, 6 of which I d previously read, leaving 29 titles by 14 authors who were new to me.Whil

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    KSR has been described as writing philosophical sci fi novels of suspense To me his philosophical questioning in Green Mars goes as deep as Valles Marineris This trilogy is about answering the question how do we live together when we have no home A similar sci fi treatment, Battlestar Galactica, attempted to answer this but KSR plays with the question without any heavy handed mysticism, magic, or deus

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    Well that was as unpleasant as the first unpleasant when we follow certain characters but also pleasant regarding the science.This second book in the trilogy starts roughly 50 years after the end of the previous book Terraforming has started to take hold, there are lichen and moss and some forms of grass growing but it is a complicated and slow progress because neither the temperatures nor the oxygen levels

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    One of the chapters of Green Mars is called Long Runout I think it would make a good subtitle for this book Be prepared to spend dozens of pages reading about our protagonists driving around Mars Just driving, driving and thinking, sometimes getting out and walking around I swear if they get into that Rock Mobile one time At times a labor to read I enjoy the wonderful detail of science and speculation and nothing plea

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    Green Mars is, unfortunately, a bit dated The science is still freaking awesome and the sheer amount of cutting edge technology, be it biology, the physical sciences, the sheer insanity of terraforming a whole planet still blows me away Some of my favorite parts, or, indeed, most of my favorite parts, are the scientific expositions, ruminations, digressions, and especially the plot developments and twists that come from the sci

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    This is the second volume of Mars trilogy, every volume of which either won or was nominated for major awards Hugo, Nebula and Locus This one won Hugo and Locus awards and was nominated for Nebula in 1994.The story of Mars terraforming or areoforming of earthlings continues Over 50 years since 2061 revolt, which took down the space elevator and significantly slowed inflow of immigrants The new generations up to a third, sansei of Mars b

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    Once again all the stars It is so seldom that I find SF books that concern themselves with natural sciences on a solid basis or I m looking into the wrong novels As with his first installation of the Mars Trilogy Kim Stanley Robinson shines with convincingly thought through projections into a possible terraforming or better areoforming future on Mars.The story picks up where Red Mars had left us Again we follow different POVs of the First Hundre

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    Stunningly realizedThis was a reread, and I have no idea why I didn t enjoy this, the second book in the Mars Trilogy, the first time I read it It s stunningly realized, proving once again that this trilogy is as deeply ambitious an undertaking as anything else I ve ever read As we live through our current precarious political and ecological moment on our own planet, reading these books gives me no small amount of hope of what can be achieved through in

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