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The Surgeon's Mate Jack Aubrey And Stephen Maturin Are Ordered Home By Dispatch Vessel To Bring The News Of Their Latest Victory To The Government But Maturin Is A Marked Man For The Havoc He Has Wrought In The French Intelligence Network In The New World, And The Attention Of Two Privateers Soon Becomes Menacing The Chase That Follows Through The Fogs And Shallows Of The Grand Banks Is As Tense, And As Unexpected In Its Culmination, As Anything Patrick O Brian Has Written

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    The glorious saga continues Ugh Saga The word sounds bloated, melodramatically windswept, ponderous I don t find Patrick O Brian s seafaring war epic to be any of those things It suits me Perhaps it will suit you, too Do you like historical fiction set circa the early 1800s Do you like good, sometimes elegant writing How about bursts of action aboard cannon blasting ships Contemplation of the human spi

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    Who is this surgeon s mate that the title alludes to I confessed that I was baffled for a long time reading this seventh title in the Patrick O Brian acclaimed series The surgeon is clearly Stephen Maturin, but he acts mostly as a lone wolf, a necessity of his involvement as a secret agent His best friend, Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy, is cast in a position of authority rather than as a mate Mat

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    The pretext dictatorships were absurdly sensitive to the public opinion they continually outraged they always had to be in the right, to be morally impeccable and that was one of the reasons why those who had been much mutilated in their interrogation were rarely allowed to live, whether they had given their information or not Patrick O Brian, The Surgeon s Mate When I was first introduced to the

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    Another old favourite, book 7 for this series Picks up straight away from the previous yarn, fresh from their success against the American Man O War Huzzah Lucky Jack Dr Maturin abound Halifax join in with the general gaiety of the time before making way for a dash for Blighty which involves a sea chase, what ensues thereafter is a spot of home troubles, some intelligence work, a new commission, a dalliance

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    There s a lot going on in O Brian s seventh entry of the Aubrey Maturin series We start or less immediately after the close of the last volume showcasing what several O Brian fans have opined that in many ways this series of books is like one very long novel, with each book comprising a new chapter in the continuing adventures of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin This could of course be argued for nearly any c

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    This is one of my favorites, which partially brings an arc to a close These arcs are intersecting, which is one of the brilliant aspects of Patrick O Brian s roman fleuve But there is a sense of closure in this one, which in a reread marks a milestone.Structurally, it is remarkable in a number of ways It feels like three novellas tightly wired together It begins with Aubrey and Maturin sailing triumphantl

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    Jack is deeply dismayed when a ill judged fling in Nova Scotia threatens to come back to England and reveal his perfidy He s thrilled to be ordered back to sea, this time to transport his friend Stephen to co opt a Catalan base to England s side Meanwhile, Stephen has just returned from a trip to Paris, where he presented a scholarly paper very badly, though it was well received and found a place for Diana to stay

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    Random Read 29, Ask the Wife Continuing right off from the sixth entry in the series, this book finds Aubrey and Maturin sailing home to a hero s welcome, then rushing off to the Baltic on an intelligence mission to convince some Catalan troops who happen to be led by Maturin s godfather to defect to the British side Jack is glad to have a ship under his command again, not least because it gives him an escape from h

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    I really enjoyed this entry in the Jack Aubrey canon Actually, I think it is one of my favorites, right up there with the first in the series.The characters of Jack and Stephen continue to amaze and delight me in so many ways I enjoy their dynamic together and how they deal with the situations they find themselves in.The best part about these stories are the sea adventures and this one did not disappoint in that categ

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    From BBC Radio 4 Extra Benedict Cumberbatch reads the seventh historical novel in Patrick O Brian s Aubrey Maturin series.In the early summer of 1812, Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr Stephen Maturin arrive in Canada on HMS Shannon after escaping their American captors.Produced and abridged by Lisa Osborne.

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