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Master and Commander S Britain S Nelson Leads Navy Against Napoleon S France Captain Jack Aubrey, Newly Promoted To Old, Slow HMS Sophie, Is A Brave And Gifted Seaman, His Thirst For Adventure And Victory Immense Aided By Friend And Skilled Ship Surgeon Stephen Maturin, Aubrey And Crew Win Clashes, Finally Hopelessly Outmatched By A Mighty Spanish Frigate

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    This story posed a bugger of a ratings quandary for yours truly While reading it I was bouncing around between everything from a bountiful 5 star rating for pure quality of writing, hefty historical detail and superbly drawn characters, all the way south to a sk

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    The classic high seas adventure In the year 1800, Jack Aubrey sits next Stephen Maturin at a musical performance in Port Mahon, Minorca, a base of the British Royal Navy in the Mediterranean Sea between Spain and Italy They immediately rub each other the wrong way Bo

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    Jack Aubrey, the frustrated naval officer, at last, after a long wait, on shore, receives his own ship to command, the brig Sophie, but by the strange ways of the British Royal Navy , called a sloop The year 1800, Napoleon is unstoppable on land, but the British rule the

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    You know, I ve often been annoyed by the fact that so many times, I never get to experience something the way it was intended, or to its fullest Because someone else always gets there first, and someone s else s eyes are always put in front of mine before I get the chance to d

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    The music room in the Governor s House at Port Mahon, a tall, handsome, pillared octagon, was filled with the triumphant first movement of Locatelli s C major quartet The players were playing with passionate conviction as they mounted towards the penultimate crescendo, towards

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    ii I m at it again, but this time I opened up my Aubrey Maturin reread by listening It took a month of commuting, but it was worth the time and the patience, and though I have gleaned no new insights into Master and Commander, my enjoyment of the audio experience was than fulfilling en

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    I loved the film, and really, really wanted to love this book with plans to go on and read others in the series but with the exception of perhaps the first chapter, I found the first hundred pages to be sheer drudgery O Brian is obviously a brilliant writer and scholar, but the lengths to wh

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    Maybe it s a blasphemy, but I prefer the Aubrey Maturin series to all others, even Holmes Watson Every book is packed to absolute straining with erudition, wit, history, and thunderous action I read two books from the series every year they re reliable standbys when I absolutely must read somethi

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    Master and Commander begins English author Patrick O Brian s lush and literary epic seafaring historical fiction series based on the career of a naval captain during the time of the Napoleonic Wars Through out the entire series O Brian delves into the themes of love, war and friendship At the

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    Ahoy, calling all fans of historical fiction This first book in Patrick O Brian s popular series about a captain in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars was a surprising delight.I say surprising because even though I had seen some great reviews of it by fellow Goodreaders, I was intimidated to read it

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