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In The Society, Officials Decide Who You Love Where You Work When You DieCassia Has Always Trusted Their Choices It S Hardly Any Price To Pay For A Long Life, The Perfect Job, The Ideal Mate So When Her Best Friend Appears On The Matching Screen, Cassia Knows With Complete Certainty That He Is The One Until She Sees Another Face Flash For An Instant Before The Screen Fades To Black Now Cassia Is Faced With Impossible Choices Between Xander And Ky, Between The Only Life She S Known And A Path No One Else Has Ever Dared Follow Between Perfection And Passion Matched Is A Story For Right Now And Storytelling With The Resonance Of A Classic Matched

About the Author: Ally Condie

Ally Condie is a former high school English teacher who lives with her husband, three sons and one daughter outside of Salt Lake City, Utah She loves reading, running, eating, and listening to her husband play guitar.

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    The fart was this I justthe FART WAS THIS That beautiful cover is mean It drew me right in with its pretty lime green bubble bait of death Can t help wanting to have some of my favorite color on my reading shelf Hnnnnng It said, READ ME OR I WILL MURDER YOU FAMILY And I bought it so it d stop glaring at me in the teeny bopper section of BN.I opened Matched, and snails came at me with their shells and antennae of slime and grime and chime and dime SNAILS EVERYWHERE I couldn t move, I couldn t b

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    Official TranscriptsJune 21, 2001 AOL Chatroom AuthorTalkACondieHottie Oh my gosh Lois Lowry You re actually online 2timeNewbery Sigh Hello, Allie.ACondieHottie It s Ally With a y ACondieHottie I can t believe u forgot Don t u read my letters 2timeNewbery I ve received them, yes.ACondieHottie Ur my favorite author Ur books R so rad ACondieHottie Especially The Giver I love that one It s so aweum ACondieHottie Jonah s world is so neet I want to write a book just like it ACondieHottie I wish The Gi

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    As seen on The ReadventurerFirst thing first I think Ally Condie owes at least half of her seven figure paycheck to Lois Lowry The entire dystopian world is lifted directly from Lowry s The Giver Almost everything interesting in Matched is very familiar the idea of highly controlled Society the Community in The Giver , the prearranged Matches, uniform clothing, the pills suppressing emotions, predetermination of everyone s life course, euthanized elderly, regulated personal possessions, the precisio

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    1.5 stars Wow. That was not what I expected at all What a total snorefest I was prepared to be blown away by the awesomeness hidden in these pages Instead, I was so so disappointed Such a shame, because the idea sounded amazing and I was so excited I was expecting it to be fantastic, but unfortunately, it wasn t Not at all It didn t even come close to fantastic Frankly, it was boring Dull Yawn inducing Every character had less personality than a paper bag My mind kept dwelling while I was reading and i

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    Matched drew me in with it s unique summary and beautiful cover, unfortunately that is where my fascination ended.I wanted to like this book actually I wanted to love it, but I didn t I had a very hard time getting though this novel I even had to take a break from it completely, and I only kept reading because of the encouragement from others that had read it, insisting that it would get better It didn t get a whole lot better for me.I guess my biggest problem was that I was bored for most of the novel I

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    Soo basic storyline being of a society where officials decide every aspect of a person s life from the big stuff as in who they ll marry or be matched with and when they ll die to the little stuff like what they eat, how they dress and their daily routines The story tells how Cassia is matched to a boy but falls for another and suddenly begins to question the rules of the society, heading as she does so straight into a world of secrets and danger Great sounding plot, am I right Too bad it turned out to be ra

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    Book ReviewOkay I promised I ll write an in depth review so here it is and I ll try to not put biggie spoilers I m going to use Q A style of reviewing this time What made you pick up the book I actually watched a book trailer in Youtube the link to that vid was way down there somewhere so and yeah I got intrigued by that video and then I go to goodreads and read reviews about it I was a bit shock about the mix reviews, some was positive and some was negative So because of it I think I should read it so I have t

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    Everything in this book is so CLEAN I loved that You have to understand, I had a thing for utopian societies in high school BRAVE NEW WORLD, THIS PERFECT DAY, HARRISON BERGERON oh, yes I ve read them all And what struck me about some of them was that it was supposed to be the perfect, future society, but everyone just seemed so sweaty But not so in the Society Everything is carefully sanitized Clothes are clean, or quickly changed when they are not The world has been cleaned up there are only one hundred poems l

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    yeah.this is one i might be too old for a lot of people compare this to The Giver, and i get it, in that they are both these forced utopias, but then, so is The Stepford Wives, yeah but since i didn t like the giver, i can t really complain that this was a rip off, because neither of them did very much for me, so i m not going to go waving any flags around in either s defense you are on your own, booksbut if i had to.this one may have been slightly entertaining to me because it was less dated and of course, they bot

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    This book is like a long train ride When I first got on I was like, Oh man, look at this train Wow Look at all the people peeping out the windows , looking at the scenery Then, after about 40 pages I was like, You know what This scenery is kind of repetitive I m getting kind of bored Maybe I ll check out the dining car After a little bit longer, I was second guessing my decision to take the train at all and wondering about my sanity level When is this train ride going to be overrrr As I neared the end of my ride, I was

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