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Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies What a day We went to the farmers market, a swap meet and ate lunch at long John silvers To top it off I finished the Hornblower series I am tempted, ever so slightly, to give this a 4star rating It is a cut below all the others in action, adventure and HH heroics But I can t It still was a captivating and exciting novel As always Hornblower himself rose to the occasion and saved today I can fully recommend this series to anyone seeking an adventurous novel that features a truly heroic protagonist I will be saving these books in the attic to give to a grandson should that ever occur. An enjoyable finale to the series This harks back to some of the earlier books, which were short story anthologies than novels It s nice to see a glimpse of post war life in the early 19th century British navy Nice as well to see the series end on such a personally happy note for Hornblower, particularly after the uncertainties presented in Lord Hornblower Hornblower s character isn t under such scrutiny in this installment, which offers both its good points Hornblower is likable and its bad points Hornblower is much shallower The individual installments are all rip roaring and solid. Well, this is listed as the last Hornblower novel in chronological order It is like the others a good one HH is now in command of the post war fleet in the western hemisphere and what we get here is sort of a series of small adventures leading up to the travail of a hurricaneI liked these and suggest you might want to try these from the first Some excellent historical fiction with adventure, romance and action.Enjoy. This volume can be quite frustrating to a reader who is working her way through the series and wants to know what happened after Lord Hornblower the ending of which is as gripping as that of Ship of the Line Flying Colors, the book following SOTL, starts within a day or two of the prior volume s concluding battle and continues the story seamlessly Admiral Hornblower, however, starts years after Lord Hornblower concludes, and you just have to imagine for yourself what has happened in the interim Horatio and Barbara are still together does Barbara know about Marie And what has happened with Brown Your guess is as good as mine A few good naval adventures in Admiral Hornblower, but a few clunkers too A seriously badly developed piracy story, and the Lucy episode beggars belief But hey, it s Hornblower, and he s always good company. This is the last complete novel in the chronology of its leading character, the redoubtable Horatio Hornblower of the British Navy Other Hornblower books were written, but they were either incomplete novels or they were written out of chronology with the narrative Though not quite the end of Hornblower s life story as chronicled by C.S Forester, it is a bit of a farewell, nonetheless Comprising several novellas all set in the Caribbean Sea, the book is episodic but well tied together Hornblower is still a master sailor and still filled with self doubt, and Forester s nautical prose is still as clear and musical as ever Each of the sequences is rich in detail, and a last segment dealing with a storm at sea is an utterly brilliant word picture of nature at its most terrifying It s becoming clear that there are only superb Hornblower books It is one of the most consistent and enjoyable characters ever put into print over several books, and I am sorry to see the series nearing its end. As an unabashed fan of the Horatio Hornblower stories, I zipped through the series pretty quickly, almost driving myself into Hornblower overload As a result, I picked up the final book, read a few pages into it and then discarded it, sensing monotony and boredom in a comparative, Hornblower, sense What an idiot I was Years later and only a couple pages further, I was yanked into Hornblower s world with an intensity that could stand up to any of his most exciting previous adventures This decreased significantly after the first chapter and turned into a compilation of short stories dealing with the always interesting and cunning Hornblower The book might well have ended there and turned out to be a fairly satisfying retirement but Forester adds just enough depth and touch to his story and especially his Hornblower character, that he pushes each work beyond entertaining reading into classic literature The final chapter is the tour de force that brings Hornblower to his final and crowning point of character development and one of the most traumatic scenes of his career no mean feat and leaves Hornblower, Barbara, and the reader in a very appropriate and masterfully designed conclusion to an unmatched, poignant series One, which by the way will be dragged out of retirement by me, inevitably, for plenty of years to come. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series They re good old fashioned adventure meant for the reader s pleasure and enlightenment We have followed Hornblower through the 20 years of his naval career to the point where he is now an admiral in command of the ships in the West Indies, currently awaiting his replacement after his 3 year tour so he can return to England No matter how much he loves his wife, he is never happier than when he is on board a ship, preferably in command He is definitely a hero in his humanity and his actions There is even quite a bit of humor in the descriptions of his tone deafness and his inability to understand how anyone can listen to music I have learned so much about the era of the Napoleonic Wars, life in the Royal Navy at that time, and especially the reasons the Royal Navy ruled the seas Wonderful books I wish Forester had lived longer to write By the time I got to the final book in the Hornblower series, I was than tired of our hero and his ego centric antics The writing in Admiral has devolved into a set of short stories still with Hornblower s self conscious personality issues and not a novel with a comprehensive plotline and arc After having read through and loved the characters, history, and naval environment of the Aubrey Maturin series, it seems hard to believe that Hornblower could be such a disappointment Ah well, this collection is going back to Half Price Books. Horatio Hornblower, Now Admiral, Sails Over Seas As Challenging As Any In His Victorious Career As Admiral In Charge Of His Britannic Majesty S West Indies Station He Is As Gallant, Daring, Implosive As Ever In This Tense Time After Napoleon S Defeat, All Kinds Of Vagabonds, Revolutionaries, Imperial Guards And Pirates Come Sailing Into The Waters Where Hornblower Is Working His Small Contingent Of Naval Vessels To Preserve The Peace And Eliminate Piracy With Intrepid Daring And Brilliant Strategies, Hornblower Wins His Victories With This Series Of Adventures, Volume , Hornblower S Professional Life As A British Naval Officer Reaches Its Climax, Not In A Battle Against Men, But Against Nature Here The Inner Hornblower Shows His Colors I ve read most of C.S Forester s Horatio Hornblower books and have enjoyed the adventures Hornblower in the West Indies is a series of five short stories covering the period 1821 1823 when Hornblower is an Admiral and in charge of the Royal Navy s West Indies fleet The book consists of five separate events and all of them are enjoyable and entertaining.Hornblower, now an experienced navy man, has confidence in himself but still possesses those curmudgeonly qualities that endears himself to the reader His men love him and he has capable staff, especially his Flag Lieutenant, Gerard, his clerk Mr Spendlove and his attendant Mr Giles The five stories consist of St Elizabeth of Hungary We find Hornblower sailing into New Orleans and discovering a ship of French soldiers planning to help Napoleon escape from imprisonment in St Helen s Hornblower must risk his honor and career to stop this fast ship from accomplishing their mission The Star of the South One of Hornblower s missions in the West Indies is to disrupt the flourishing slave trade and he is on the trail of one such ship Following it into a port in Haiti, he must figure out a way to disable the ship prior to its departure, without offending his hosts and to enable him to catch the ship when it leaves The Bewildered Pirates Hornblower and his clerk, Spendlove, are kidnapped by a crew of pirates from a party he is attending near Montego Bay Released so he can try to get the Governor to pardon them, Hornblower heads back to their hideout with his crew to save Spendlove and to deal with them The Guns of Carabobo Hornblower finds himself involved in Bolivar s war to oust the Spanish from South America A rich British merchant who is part Venezuelan, tricks Hornblower and others so he can deliver arms to Bolivar s rebels Hornblower must calm the Dutch and Spanish who have been caught up in Ramsbottom s schemes The Hurricane Hornblower s time as Admiral of the West Indies fleet is over His lovely wife Barbara has come to bring him back to their home in England Hornblower must try to deal with a mutinous musician and then survive a hurricane on the trip home.All of the stories were quite excellent, especially building up to the grand finale The Hurricane There was tension throughout, crafty plans on Hornblower s part to solve his problems and pure heroism as he fights the devastating hurricane It was a great way to end the story As always, I ve enjoyed sinking into Hornblower s world and taking part in his nautical adventures Forester spins a fine, entertaining yarn I m almost sad that I ve only two of the Hornblower adventures to enjoy 4 stars

About the Author: C.S. Forester

Cecil Scott Forester was the pen name of Cecil Louis Troughton Smith, an English novelist who rose to fame with tales of adventure and military crusades His most notable works were the 11 book Horatio Hornblower series, about naval warfare during the Napoleonic era, and The African Queen 1935 filmed in 1951 by John Huston His novels A Ship of the Line and Flying Colours were jointly awarded the 1938 James Tait Black M

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