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Heritage From The Ruins Of Berlin To The Birth Of Israel, From The Italian Alps To The Australian High Country, Heritage Is A Passionate And Fast Paced Tale Of Rebirth, Struggle, Sacrifice And Redemption, And A Tribute To Those Who Gave Meaning To The Australian Spirit

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    A sweeping tale of bravery, love and human endurance, with the backdrop of the Snowy Mountains in southern New South Wales W

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    starsAs a West Australian girl born and bred, the construction of the NSW based, Snowy Mountains scheme to bring hydroelectricity to t

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    5 stars, if for nothing else because I could not put it down I found myself questioning when this book started, given that the blurb on the back

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    They came to change the course of a river and changed the course of their lives After World War II, in the early 1950s, migrants from over many different

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    love to read about Australia, especially the Snowy River Project.

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    Oh my God This book had all the feels The premise of the story interested me, due to the links with my own family history After the initial hook, I found the book a bit slow

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    It took me until about half way through the book to start really getting into it and then by the end I couldn t put it down I love the backdrop for the story and visiting all the diffe

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    I was a child and teenager in the time of power dams in NZ and in the area there were so many refugees from the war, and our friendship was international as the family had children when came, th

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    I m 34 I ve spent at least 30 Easter long weekends camped at a spot just down from the Island Bend Dam, which is a large part of the Snowy River Scheme that changed the course of arguably Australia s most

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    I didn t like this one at first but the I read the it interested me The horror of the Death camp, the way the Nazis escaped and this one Nazi s trail of murder was so well told as was the story of Ruth one of his

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