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A Darkness More Than Night Terry McCaleb, The Retired FBI Agent Who Starred In The Bestseller Blood Work, Is Asked By The LAPD To Help Them Investigate Aseries Of Murders That Have Them Baffled They Are The Kind Of Ritualized Killings McCaleb Specialized In Solving With The FBI, And He Is Reluctantly Drawn From His Peaceful New Life Back Into The Horror And Excitement Of Tracking Down A Terrifying Homicidal Maniac More Horrifying Still, The Suspect Who Seems To Fit The Profile That McCaleb Develops Is Someone He Has Known And Worked With In The Past LAPD Homicide Detective Harry Bosch

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    In this book, published in 2001, Michael Connelly brings together three of the characters he had previously used as lead protagonists former FBI agent, Terry McCaleb from Blood Work, journalist Jack McEvoy from The Poet, and L.A Homicide Detective Harry Bosch, whom Connelly had featured in several novels up to that point McEvoy plays a

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    I started this knowing that it was Harry Bosch 7 but not knowing it was also Terry McCaleb 2 So not having read Terry McCaleb 1 I may have missed some of the overall goodness of the book However I got enough to give it four easy stars I have to admit I did not like McCaleb at all and this may be because I did not already know him He drew his outr

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    This 9th book in the Bosch Universe pairs two popular Michael Connelly characters Harry Bosch and Terry McCaleb The book can be read as a standalone Harry Bosch is a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department who almost always closes his cases, but is usually on the wrong side of his superiors.Terry McCaleb is a former FBI profiler who after a heart tr

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    You get two character focuses in one in this story It really serves you well to have read Blood Work first to get a good sense of Terry McCaleb I believe it made a difference in my enjoyment While this is the 7th book in the Harry Bosch series, it s the 8th in that universe and the second in the Terry McCaleb series For a large part of the story, McCaleb and Bosch a

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    I have not read the first and only other Terry McCaleb book, Blood Work, and honestly, I probably never will He is the reason I am annoyed with this dud of a book tainting what is otherwise a rock solid series This cross over book features characters from three of Connelly s series serieses serii Obviously Harry Bosch, Jack McEvoy from The Poet and The Scarecrow, and Terry Mc

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    I m close to giving this 5 stars It was a perfect storm in so many ways it makes me very glad that I read the books in published order, not by series Not only does Connelly bring many of his characters together, but he does it in such a perfect, real way We start off following Terry McCaleb see a lot of Harry Bosch Jack McEvoy has a small, but good part Cassie Black doesn t make an app

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    8.5 10Surprise, surprise, another top notch book by Michael Connolly Man, is this guy predictable I bet he sits there thinking about writing a terrible book and then just laughs it off as it s easier to come up with a stonking effort No change with this one There was a slim hope for me at the start though with a split narrative and one of the leads being from the only Connolly book I have dislik

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    The monster goes back into the darkness from which it came This novel brings together three of Connelly s protagonists Harry Bosch, Terry McCaleb Blood Work ,and Jack McEvoy The Poet McEvoy only has a few brief appearances in the story The story opens with Bosch visiting a lowlife named Edward Gunn in jail Bosch has a standing request in with all of the watch commanders whenever Gunn is picked up they are

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    I loved A Darkness More Than Night First off, it is narrated mostly from Terry McCaleb s perspective This change in perspective did a lot to shake the slightly monotonous feeling I was getting from binge reading Harry Bosch.Secondly, Harry Bosch comes across as the antagonist for the majority of the story This, again, helped in making the story much interesting, especially seeing Bosch from a different perspective

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    Ehh This one I did not feel at all The book went back and forth between Terry McCaleb s POV way too much of him and then Harry Bosch Since the book is set up as Terry trying to tie Bosch into a murder of a man that was Bosch s suspect in a prior case, I just couldn t work up the energy to it The flow was bad in this one too since it kept jumping back and forth One of my friend s told me that I should have read Blood Work fir

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