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The Women of Brewster Place In Her Heralded First Novel, Gloria Naylor Weaves Together The Stories Of Seven Women Living In Brewster Place, A Bleak Inner City Sanctuary, Creating A Powerful, Moving Portrait Of The Strengths, Struggles, And Hopes Of Black Women In America Vulnerable And Resilient, Openhanded And Open Hearted, These Women Forge Their Lives In A Place That In Turn Threatens And Protects A Common Prison And A Shared Home Naylor Renders Both Loving And Painful Human Experiences With Simple Eloquence And Uncommon Intuition Her Remarkable Sense Of Community And History Makes The Women Of Brewster Place A Contemporary Classic And A Touching And Unforgettable Read

About the Author: Gloria Naylor

Gloria Naylor was an African American novelist whose most popular work, The Women of Brewster Place, was made into a 1984 film starring Oprah Winfrey.Naylor won the National Book Award for first fiction in 1983 for The Women of Brewster Place Her subsequent novels included Linden Hills, Mama Day and Bailey s Cafe In addition to her novels, Naylor wrote essays and screenplays, as well as the stag

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    Years ago I read Mama Day by Gloria Naylor Told from multiple points of view, it discussed a young woman from the north returning to her older female family members on a southern island in search of the spiritual inspiration she needs to sustain her for the rest of the year I decided that for my annual participation in an A to Z author challenge, one that I choose to read only female authors, th

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    This short story collection had all the makings of a book that I should not like So I m still trying to figure out how it ended up on my list of best short story collections The first story contained no less than ten clich s And every story after that had something that I could see coming from pages away I was literally thinking, please don t let this play out the way I think it s going to play ou

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    They came together, propositioned, bargained, and slowly worked out the consummation of their respective desires.Naylor s construction of Brewster Place s beginnings seems like a plaintive evocation of a story that already lives in the crevices of a bygone past Or the tale of someone who has lived their years and finally taken respite to talk of their unholy beginning that was marked for a

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    What a book Gloria Naylor has a way of creating an atmosphere, heck, a whole cosmos, within these few pages my book counts 192 , that it makes you wonder if she truly was human I don t think I ve read a debut novel as impressive as this one In The Women of Brewster Place, Gloria Naylor invites her readership to take a look around the neighbourhood of Brewster Place in which mostly poor Black fa

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    Addition to review added at bottom.The Women of Brewster Place is absolutely phenomenal Of course it s phenomenal because Gloria Naylor wrote it and her writing is nothing short of amazing This is an absolutely perfect read for me I didn t rush through it because I wanted to enjoy it When I grow up, I want to write like Gloria Her stories are enthralling Her writing style is so f

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    The Women of Brewster Place is a powerful collection of intertwining stories surrounding the women who live in an urban housing development Through seven lives we see decades of history what brought them to the Place, coming north the city isn t expressly named, but a few geographical clues in the text make the reader think it is New York looking for opportunity, love, acceptance and social action

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    Oh man, those last few stories though.

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    A pigeon swept across her window, and she marveled at its liquid movements in the air waves She placed her dreams on the back of the bird and fantasized that it would glide forever in transparent silver circles until it ascended to the center of the universe and was swallowed up Really good books create a world that you live in for a while and then never forget This is a really good book Each story i

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    I fell in love with the recently departed Gloria Naylor through these interconnected stories Lesser writers leave clich s leaden and unexplored on the page here, the stereotypes of African American women s lives are transfigured into fresh truths joyous and tragic about race, gender, class, and sexuality story truths that go deep, speak volumes.

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    Wonderful writing My third time reading it and it is just as memorable Check out my gushing review on my site a few years ago

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