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Deerskin As Princess Lissar Reaches Womanhood, It Is Clear To All The Kingdom That In Her Breathtaking Beauty She Is The Mirror Image Of Her Mother, The Queen But This Seeming Blessing Forces Her To Flee For Safety From Her Father S Wrath With Her Loyal Dog Ash At Her Side, Lissar Unlocks A Door To A World Of Magic, Where She Finds The Key To Her Survival And An Adventure Beyond Her Wildest Dreams

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    I give this older Robin McKinley dark fantasy novel a very qualified recommendation It s loosely based on the old Donkeyskin fairy tale and deals directly with unpleasant trigger themes rape, incest and miscarriage It s handled with sensitivity and might be cathartic for some readers, but it s definitely not light reading.Lissar is a young, shy princess with a drop dead gorgeous mother When her mother falls ill and dies, having

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    This book strikes such a discord in me that I have to start reviewing before actually finishing it Halfway through, the writing is beautiful, exquisite, but circles around and repeats itself so often I was on page 90 before anything had actually happened, which would be fine, except for the hazy treatment of rape and incest It doesn t capture the seriousness or tragedy And having finished it, I think the same Boring is a mild wor

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    I was only there for the dog Mel

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    McKinley has covered many fairytales in her novels, but this is the one that haunts me the most.Based on Perrault s Donkeyskin Deerskin is the story of princess Lissla Lissar, daughter of the most beautiful woman in the world Her mother s dying request is that her husband only marry a woman as beautiful as her and that becomes her daughter view spoiler Unnerved by her father s unnatural behaviour towards her Lissar tries to avoid h

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    I am hurtin ways you cannot see, and that I cannot explain, even to myself, but only know that they are there, and a part of me, as much as my hands and eyes and breath are a part of me This book seemed like a less sophisticated ancestor of Tender Morsels I got a bundle deal on several of Mckinley s works and so I went into this novel with no idea what it was about It was a tiny bit of a shock.I really enjoyed this book It inspire

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    Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers Trigger Warning Rape, abuse, incest Princess Lissla Lissar is the daughter of a heroic and handsome king, who won the hand of the most beautiful woman in the Seven Kingdoms Every night, Lissar listens to her nursemaid spin the same tale the story of her father, winning her mother s hand over the other six Kings by completing an impossible, superhuman task Every day and every night, Lissar hea

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    Marie Kondo ing my way through my tbr I WILL clear my shelves, real and virtual.Lovely language, as always from McKinley, but it s just tooooo long There is no way I can get through another 300 pages of it.

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    Having just read and adored McKinley s Sunshine and The Blue Sword when I started this book, I was full of love for the author and expecting great things This book is a re telling of the Donkeyskin fairytale, which I actually do remember from when I was little, though I have to say the incestuous subtext did go completely over my head when I was 5 Princess Lissar Lisslar is a lonely and awkward child who grows up obscured by the shadow

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    This is one of my all time favorite books McKinley s writing is amazing, dreamlike, gut wrenching heartwarming and this book is not for everyone It has a very dark tone the first few chapters are very painful to read Your heart will be ripped to pieces several times before the book ends BUT despite all of this I found it to be a very uplifting story of triumph love.Deerskin is the story of Princess Lissar, who at first glance appears to

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    Oh my, I scarcely know what to say about this book It s actually not quite 5 stars, but I d feel bad only giving it four.It s wrenching, maddening, lyrical, unflinchingly honest in the way of fairy tales, and it s terribly sad If it weren t for the dogs, I m not sure I could ve read it I knew it was about a woman who was raped by her father when I bought it It was on a list compiled by NPR of books about strong women That s why I bought

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