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The Scorch Trials Solving The Maze Was Supposed To Be The EndThomas Was Sure That Escape From The Maze Would Mean Freedom For Him And The Gladers But WICKED Isn T Done Yet Phase Two Has Just Begun The Scorch There Are No Rules There Is No Help You Either Make It Or You Die The Gladers Have Two Weeks To Cross Through The Scorch The Most Burned Out Section Of The World And WICKED Has Made Sure To Adjust The Variables And Stack The Odds Against Them Friendships Will Be Tested Loyalties Will Be Broken All Bets Are OffThere Are Others Now Their Survival Depends On The Gladers Destruction And They Re Determined To Survive

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    During this entire book, I counted how many times Thomas ended up passing out or sleeping either at the end of a chapter or paragraph and did you want to know what the finally count was 29 29 times this guy blacked out Out of 360 pages, Thomas left you with the cliff hanger of and finally he slep

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    The lyrical genius of Dashner brings out such heart wrenching emotions that I often have to pause to collect myself Anybody else wanna pee their pants and cry for mommy Thomas s innermost thoughts have this je ne sais quoi I felt her absence It was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth.. Some

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    What the hell Even though I have sometimes enjoyed a book and not really liked the sequel, it s very rare that I would love one and absolutely hate the other I desperately tried to finish it but I was bored, I kept getting distracted by either my family, my cats or some random fluff on the carpet so I just skim read

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    How can an author start a trilogy with such a fascinating world building, create endearing and strong characters and build up suspense and intrigue inside a complex and admirable plot and then write this That s right, I m extremely disappointed in Mr Dashner How could he make Thomas so annoyingly obsessed with that annoying gi

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    3 starsI seriously don t know how to feel about this It s a total mess.I loved the first book, but I am not sure I like this one that much.I don t enjoy the writing style at all I didn t mind it in the first book, but in the second it just became unbearable.I loved the characters in the first one, now I don t even care for them at all.

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    Too many questions Too many shuck questions, all without answers And that about sums it up I swear, by now I m as confused and angry as Thomas and with all the shit WICKED pulled off I can t help but wonder if they might be past the gone already But I m getting ahead of myself so let s start at the beginning, right We ll make it easy and begin

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    Sigh I don t know how to write a review for this book without it sounding like a full out rant So I guess I ll just rant.First of all, I will admit that I only have myself to blame for picking up this audio book I wasn t a fan of the first one, and yet I still decided to give The Scorch Trials a try Somehow, this one was worse than the The Maze Runner How

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    I AM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW.I hate it when people do that Don t you just want to tell them, okay, calm down It s not like writing in caps is going to get your point across any further But I just had to, because my brain is bursting at the seams after reading The Scorch Trials.I love Thomas name I know my enthusiasm is quite unnecessary, but I ve never seen the name T

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    Sorry to break the bad news ButGuys..You have to Run AgainNo no, not the maze..but here..Welcome to the new TrialAnd Thomas, Remember..WICKED is Good so shuckin Wicked , , WICKED is Good so shuckin Wicked , , , , , , WICKED , view spoiler Source Code Cube hide spoiler

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    Holy klunk, this book is INSANE

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