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Mermaid Princess Margrethe Has Been Hidden Away While Her Kingdom Is At War One Gloomy, Windswept Morning, As She Stands In A Convent Garden Overlooking The Icy Sea, She Witnesses A Miracle A Glittering Mermaid Emerging From The Waves, A Nearly Drowned Man In Her Arms By The Time Margrethe Reaches The Shore, The Mermaid Has Disappeared Into The Sea As Margrethe Nurses The Handsome Stranger Back To Health, She Learns That Not Only Is He A Prince, He Is Also The Son Of Her Father S Greatest Rival Sure That The Mermaid Brought This Man To Her For A Reason, Margrethe Devises A Plan To Bring Peace To Her KingdomMeanwhile, The Mermaid Princess Lenia Longs To Return To The Human Man She Carried To Safety She Is Willing To Trade Her Home, Her Voice, And Even Her Health For Legs And The Chance To Win His HeartA Surprising Take On The Classic Tale, Mermaid Is The Story Of Two Women With Everything To Lose It Will Make You Think Twice About The Fairy Tale You Heard As A Child, Keeping You In Suspense Until The Very Last Page

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    What could have been a poignant retelling of The Little Mermaid turned into a sappy mess with a lot of unfinished ideas The beginning was gripping and fantastically told, the middle desperately grasped at sensuality and tragedy, while the ending deflated and fell flat I was left fee

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    I am very close to this author and think this might be the best book ever written.

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    Two words come to mind after reading Carolyn Turgeon s Mermaid A Twist on the Classic Tale missed opportunity Turgeon proved in 2009 s Godmother, a loose retelling of the Cinderella fairytale, that she can craft a well designed and modern story in the magical realism genre Mermaid was her chance to a

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    for purely sentimental reasons When I was small there was a Japanese anime version of The Little Mermaid that would occasionally play on tv channel 41 WDRB on Sunday afternoon This became my first exposure to a movie princess there was no Disney VHS when I was a child I fell in love with Prince Christopher al

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    Go and you will see that nothing is as wonderful as our dreams can make it Lovely retelling of Hans Christian Andersen s The Little Mermaid I liked this story than the original story It s sweeter and less cruel At first I didn t care for the Princess POV, I just wanted to read about the mermaid duh

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    This was a book I picked up as a result of browsing though other people s reviews and as I love the stories of Hans Christian Andersen I thought i would give it a go Note to selfdelete your account or move to a bigger house This book arrived yesterday and I read it last night It took the original story and fleshed it out with

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    All kinds of spoilers up in here There are two protagonists in this book The princess is hiding out in a nunnery because of vague threats from the southern country The mermaid is obsessed with the surface Both fall in instalove with the prince within a few hours of meeting him, to the point where both are willing to give up everything

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    I went through many stages of love hate while reading Mermaid It s an awesome example of why you should always finish a book I don t always, by the way It took me a couple of chapters to get used to the writing style, but once I did, I found it to be quite lovely in a gothic sort of way Then, I got so angry at the middle that I was tempted to s

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    DNF, pg 50 some because I don t want to bother I don t like the story I don t like the repetitive, dreamy prose I don t like the continual burbling about souls I don t like the mermaid s yearning for patently, blatantly imperfect surface bound life just to offer a fairytale lesson about the grass being greener being careful what you wish for So why forc

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    Sooo a weird supernatural pregnancy and just over allwtf did I just read I m not sure what I expected but I don t think that was it Also it was too short I think, could have done with fleshing out I haven t read the original Hans Little Mermaid though i ve just seen the Disney one and that s been awhile Also wrapped uptoo neatly.which is all i ll say for spoile

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