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Angelfire First There Are NightmaresEvery Night Ellie Is Haunted By Terrifying Dreams Of Monstrous Creatures That Are Hunting Her, Killing HerThen Come The MemoriesWhen Ellie Meets Will, She Feels On The Verge Of Remembering Something Just Beyond Her Grasp His Attention Is Intense And Romantic, And Ellie Feels Like Her Soul Has Known Him For Centuries On Her Seventeenth Birthday, On A Dark Street At Midnight, Will Awakens Ellie S Power, And She Knows That She Can Fight The Creatures That Stalk Her In The Grim Darkness Only Will Holds The Key To Ellie S Memories, Whole Lifetimes Of Them, And When She Looks At Him, She Can No Longer Pretend Anything Was Just A DreamNow She Must HuntEllie Has Power That No One Can Match, And Her Role Is To Hunt And Kill The Reapers That Prey On Human Souls But In Order To Survive The Dangerous And Ancient Battle Of The Angels And The Fallen, She Must Also Hunt For The Secrets Of Her Past Lives And Truths That May Be Too Frightening To Remember

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    Rating my own book

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    I ve thought long and hard to deter mine if there was a sin gle aspect of this book that I even liked.The char ac ters, the story telling, the writ ing, the themes was there anything No I tried but this book was painfully bad I am not at all exag ger at ing when I report that I fell asleep twice within the first twenty pages This book was highly rem i nis cent of both Buffy and Bleach So what Pretty much half the things pub lished in YA these days a

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    Meanwhile, I was reduced to staring at the wiry, gray chest hair puffing out of Mr Meyer s polo shirt like overgrown steel wool and wondering whether or not he had ever considered waxing Well that s an interesting way of describing something As I looked at him, I felt a certain fondness deep in my heart, but I shook the feeling off Damn it, she sees a pretty guy for the first time, describes his appearance and clothing in detail, and sh

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    See comments for why my original review is gone No fear it s nothing sinister Unless my laziness is sinister Then I guess it is sinister Sinister.So the other day my sister and I were vegetating on the couch in our PJs She was flicking through the channels, which is dangerous, because my sister is a nurse and she likes to watch shit like All She Ever Wanted and cries at those ads about life insurance for elderly people.So eventually we settle

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    You know how with some books, every few words you re like, Ooooh, ostentatious, that s a good word Oh, guttersnipe, that s another good word Well, this isn t one of those books.Not like that s a bad thing I just mean that it s a very quick and easy read Prose that s not exactly lyrical, but also not anywhere near boring The Rundown Into every generation she is born one girl in all the world, a chosen one She alone will wield the strength and skil

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    With a refreshing new take on the lately popular Angel subject, Angelfire tells the story of 17 year old Ellie, a seemingly ordinary human girl who suddenly finds out that she s not so ordinary after all but actually a heavenly creature, reborn into a human shell, destined to fight the monsters from hell.Ellie is basically your average teenager which in my opinion was really nice for a change She s not one of those tortured heroines we usually encounter in the fiel

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    Honestly, it sounds a bit too much like Buffy for comfort, except Giles is a hot guy with a Cloud strife esque buster sword.Still, I ll take a look ETA READ IT Okay, here s my non spoilery review.A good effort Which seems patronizing, but really, after struggling through the whole thing that s the only compliment I can really muster.I mean, she certainly writes action well and by well I mean, you can clearly visualize what s happening, except it feels like dancing whi

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    Aside from occasionally amusing asides Ell names her white car Marshmallow , this book is all over the place The plot is both simplistic and confused, none of the characters are unique or compelling, and there is a disturbing laxness in parenting not her father, who s supposed to be unlikeable, but her mother, who calmly accepts her 17 year old and her friends drinking under her own roof Plus Ell dresses like a slutty nurse for Halloween and goes shopping with her friend,

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    Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton is one of the best angel books I ve read in years, and I ve read A LOT of them The only other angel book on the same level is Cynthia Hand s Unearthly, which is also stellar With Angelfire, it s like Moulton had a check list of what makes a great young adult book and seamlessly blended all of these components together into this sensational debut novel I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn t stop reading it was another wee hours of

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    I don t want to put up my full review yet since this book is several months away from being published I just want to say that THIS BOOK BLEW ME AWAY It is ridiculous how good it is.I was pretty excited to read it, but I had absolutely no idea how freakin fantastic it would be Seriously Just a few minutes after I read the last page, I was telling April Good Books Good Wine that the book came at a good time Once Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins and Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead are r

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About the Author: Courtney Allison Moulton

Courtney Allison Moulton lives in rural Michigan with her family, horse, donkey, and a flock of spoiled sheep When she isn t studying ancient civilizations or writing about magic and monsters, she s busy with farm chores Her debut novel ANGELFIRE was published when she was just 24 years old.For information about Courtney, visit her online at