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Heart of the Matter Cute A nice clean story with the chance to get to know multiple family members in the Bodine Family A little suspense, a little mystery and of coursea little love. Enjoyed the mystery behind the scenes of the characters Amanda and Ross, both employees of a newspaper in the Coast Guard town of Charleston Tough hearted Ross has to prove he s worthy of a metropolitan paper while he s editing for a smaller one Amanda Bodine of the plentiful Bodines has her own points to prove as she tries to get reporter experience than barbeques and farmer s market news When Ross hears of rumors that the Bodines may be involved in a military scandal, he uses Amanda to get near her family. Amanda Bodine S Boss Is So Bossy The Hard Nosed Newspaperman Will Only Assign Reporter Amanda Bodine Fluff Pieces About Dog Shows She Longs To Prove Herself With A Serious Front Page Story But Then Her Own Family Becomes Newsworthy Suddenly, Ross Lockhart Is Sitting Beside Her At Sunday Dinner, Interviewing Her Relatives And He Almost Seems Like Part Of The Family Until She Realizes He S After Information That Will Tarnish The Bodine Name Time To Teach The Boss About The Real Heart Of The Matter Love I ll be honest, this book almost got 2 stars It was definitely not a favourite The hero is portrayed as self serving and heartless for a good portion of the book Yes, his back story was shared so you understood where he was coming from, and he did eventually pull his head out of his bum and realise what was really important in life, but when you the reader don t even LIKE the hero by the time the heroine realises she loves him There were 3 redeeming qualities in this book for me, which boosted it back up to a 3 star rating 1 the very fact that I disliked Ross so much means that his character was well written, and I m a sucker for well written characters 2 Miz Callie I fell in love with this grandma when I read Twice in a Lifetime , and she s just as wise and spunky as ever in this book Key point of a ha wisdom for me was when she asked Amanda if she had prayed about the good things she was trying to do and that we need to make a distinction between the good we want to do and the good God wants us to do 3 the family history aspect I love that the search for what happened to Ned Bodine is continued in this book and cannot wait to find out what happens next in their genealogical research Wasn t great but wasn t bad. A fun work related Christian romance Easy to read. Amanda Bodine and her boss Ross Lockhart are at odds many times during the course of the book, yet fall in love Another good read about the Bodine clan. It was interesting to see Ned Bodine s saga continue and to find an additional piece of the puzzle I was surprised in how that came about I can empathize with Amanda s work struggles about which stories she was assigned and being taken for a fluff reporter rather than one with skills She does seem to be a good mentor to C.J I do wonder which makes the reporter the ruthlessness to pursue a true story even if someone gets hurt or the caring aspect for the human interest or some combination of the two I suspect it s a combination there are times when someone is going to be hurt by the truth but there are also times that a human interest angle can make a story intriguing to me.I can t see Amanda liking Ross romantically given his behavior though he does develop a heart by the end and starts thinking beyond the next big story that will restore his journalism career to its former prestige Perhaps there might be hope for them in the future if his change of heart is a true one but not as quickly as it happened in this novel. I did not have the benefit of having read the first book in this series but with the background provided in the story I didn t miss much I liked he writing style and the portrayal of the characters The grandma in particular.

About the Author: Marta Perry

Marta Perry is a Pennsylvania based author of over 35 novels, many of them inspirational romances She uses her rural Pennsylvania life and her Pennsylvania Dutch heritage in writing her books, especially in her Pleasant Valley Amish series for Berkley Books and her new Amish set suspense series for HQN Books.Marta and her husband live in a centuries old farmhouse in a quiet central Pennsylvania v

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