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The Poisonwood Bible The Poisonwood Bible Is A Story Told By The Wife And Four Daughters Of Nathan Price, A Fierce, Evangelical Baptist Who Takes His Family And Mission To The Belgian Congo In They Carry With Them Everything They Believe They Will Need From Home, But Soon Find That All Of It From Garden Seeds To Scripture Is Calamitously Transformed On African Soil What Follows Is A Suspenseful Epic Of One Family S Tragic Undoing And Remarkable Reconstruction Over The Course Of Three Decades In Postcolonial Africa

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    On one hand, there is nothing new here, and on this same old tirade, I disagree strongly with the author Examples Relativism I m sorry, I believe infanticide to be wrong for all cultures, for all times Missionaries, particularly protestant missionaries to Africa were entirely the endeavor of egotistic, abusive, colonialists who were merely out to

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    There s plenty of Goodreads reviewers who felt differently, but I found The Poisonwood Bible to be a very strong and very different piece of historical fiction It s a slower story than I normally like, something you might want to consider before deciding whether to try this 600 page exploration of colonialism, postcolonialism and postcolonial attitudes, bu

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    I read this over a two day span in college when I was home for winter break We had a power outage so I found the sunniest room in the house and read all day Although I prefer Kingsolver s works about the American southwest, this remains one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.

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    The forest eats itself and lives forever. Image The Trees Have Eyes by Angela WrightThere is magic in these pages Not the supernatural kind Not the magical realism kind But magic of language and of the TARDIS kind by some strange sorcery, many huge themes are thoroughly but lightly explored in single volume that is beautiful, harrowing, exciting, tender, occasionally

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    I had a hard time choosing between 2 and 3 stars really, it should be 2.5 I thought the prose was quite lovely Kingsolver has a nice voice I enjoyed reading about a part of the world of which I have no experience The description of the clash of cultures was well done However The author had an agenda and she really didn t mind continually slapping us in the face with it Now, I don t pre

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    5 epic, no wonder this book is so well loved stars, to The Poisonwood Bible Review of the audio The Price family, including minister father, Nathan, mother, Orleanna, and four daughters, traveled to the Belgian Congo in the late 1950s to serve a Baptist mission The mom and daughters are the narrators, and I enjoyed the audio narrator s voices for each of the characters even her southern accent w

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    Reviewing in the face of the great billows of love projected towards this novel is a hapless task, your hat blows off and your eyes get all teary and if you say one wrong thing small children run out of nowhere and stone you or just bite your calves So I shall this one time sheathe my acid quill But I can t resist just a couple of little points though 1 you have to suspend great balefuls of disbelief Thes

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    People love this book, and I think I understand why It s got a collection of strong characters, each chapter is written from a different character s point of view, and it s set in Africa, which is exciting But there are a few reasons I don t think it s great literature The main things I expect from a good novel are a that the writer doesn t manipulate her characters for her agenda, b that the characters actions are

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    What is amazing about The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver is the author s voice Kingsolver casts a spell with the language she uses to describe three decades in the collective lives of the Price family, beginning with their time as missionaries in the Belgian Congo The structure is also a strength The story is narrated by the mother and daughters of the Price family, each illustrating her perspective of the family chr

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    My official review Tata Jesus is B ngala I finished the last 300 pages in 2 days which is very fast for me English books I felt every emotion under the sky with this book I hated Nathan Price, I hated injustice, I hated my uselessness, I hated the fact that there are no good prospects for Africa in the future As a Geographic major I strongly believe that the closer you are to the Equator, the longer it will remain an underdeveloped co

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