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Adam's Curse: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Destiny By The Nationally Best Selling Author Of The Seven Daughters Of Eve, Adam S Curse Investigates The Ultimate Evolutionary Crisis A Man Free Future How Is It Possible That The Y Chromosome, Which Separated The Sexes And Allowed Humans To Rise To The Apex Of The Animal Kingdom, Also Threatens To Destroy Sexual Reproduction Altogether Bryan Sykes Confronts Recent Advances In Evolutionary Theory To Find The Answers To The Questions That Inexorably Follow Is There A Genetic Cause For Men S Greed, Aggression, And Promiscuity Could A Male Homosexual Gene Possibly Exist A Must Read For Anyone Interested In Popular Science, Family Genealogy, And Today S Infertility Crisis, Adam S Curse Provokes A Shocking Debate On The Nature Of Sexual Reproduction

About the Author: Bryan Sykes

Bryan Sykes is professor of genetics at the Institute of Molecular Medicine at Oxford University and the author of the national bestseller The Seven Daughters of Eve.

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    A really interesting books with many aspects and ways of looking at reproduction methods in many species, gender selection, the war between male and female DNA and an interesting fact based speculation on what may lay ahead for human survival in terms of DNA Sykes lays out the science of DNA investigation in an interesting and understandable way He states what has been learned, wh

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    In Adam s Curse, Bryan Sykes zooms in on the battle of the sexes to a microscopic level it all comes down to the Y chromosome which is passed from father to son, and the mitochondrial DNA which we inherit exclusively from our mothers The first half of the book is absolutely fascinating and I enjoyed reading about the likely origins and the evolutionary advantages of sexual re

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    Most of the book is a very interesting discussion of genetic research focusing on the male Y chromosome In the later part of the book the author explores his controversial thesis that males are ultimately doomed because of the inability of the Y chromosome to repair itself through recombination This may or may not be correct, but one gets the distinct impression that the author is hop

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    I actually wrote a book report for this Here s a summary of it with some of my ideas about it.Throughout the history of the world, every event has lead to the collective knowledge of humanity Since the early tribes, knowledge has been regarded as something useful yet equally something to fear For it is the fear of every person to discover things that will lead to leave that enclosed cav

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    This book is a fantastic review of a huge amount of human genetic research of the past century since genetics was discovered and explored This research is combined with historic knowledge of the world and the understanding of human migration and settling This book is a wonderful education.The book also discusses the fact that unless some changes are made, the Y chromosome and also men wil

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    a very readable book by a geneticist surprisingly he links his research on human s y chromosome and what he thinks is its link to the sexual attraction of wealth, power and influence to the demise of goddess worship it s a fascinating premise which ties in so perfectly with my world view and interest in the goddess I suspect that this view would diminish him among his fellow scientists I de

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    The best explanation of cell replication and recombinant DNA that I have ever read Also, a spectacular explanation of why there are two sexes The only reason this is not a perfect book is because some of Sykes conclusions predictions extrapolations are silly I will keep this as a permanent part of the Science section of my personal library.

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    Sykes interweaves discoveries of his own DNA in with larger points about fertilization, asexual and sexual reproduction and the general health of humans I think I knew already about the large numbers of animals that decide on the sex of their offspring by the temperatures of the eggs before they hatch There is a definite climate change connection here and the end result can be predicted but is

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    This book talked clearly about the fever of Y chromosome and how it won against the X chromosome The ancient battle between both chromosomes and how they even fight each other in the womb of the mother How the fight can goes on after having a birth and how different cultures had to deal with the new babies The age of Vikings and their insistent urge of men to mate with as many women as they can a

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    I have a habit of borrowing books without reading what s inside the book, and I gotta stop it asap I only read the first few chapters of the book, and I am very skeptical about where he got his data evidence from no source pages like where is the evidence that men are terrible and evil than women Where I think I know a couple of evil masterminds that are female And that moment I saw the sex tips f

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