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Anna and the French Kiss Anna Is Looking Forward To Her Senior Year In Atlanta, Where She Has A Great Job, A Loyal Best Friend, And A Crush On The Verge Of Becoming Which Is Why She Is Less Than Thrilled About Being Shipped Off To Boarding School In Paris Until She Meets Tienne St Clair Smart, Charming, Beautiful, Tienne Has It Allincluding A Serious Girlfriend But In The City Of Light, Wishes Have A Way Of Coming True Will A Year Of Romantic Near Misses End With Their Long Awaited French Kiss

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    I cheated on her every day In my mind, I thought of you in ways I shouldn t have, again and again She was nothing compared to you I ve never felt this way about anybody before What s the saying Once a cheater, always a cheater Oh, the fucking hypocrisy.There were many things I wanted to do to Anna Oliphant throughout this book Some of them involve a

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    I found this onlineNOW WHY COULDN T THIS BE THE ACTUAL COVER St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair St Clair ST CLAIR Can t I just fill this review with his name instead of explaining how much I effing LOVED this book and trying to des

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    When I was four, I fell off a tree I hit the ground face first What I didn t know was that there was a very small, sharp root sticking out of the ground at the base of the tree It went through my cheek I went to the ER but had to wait until 2am because it was a busy night I sat there for hours in that ER with a hole in my cheek When the doctor finally saw me he thought

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    This book is adorable, I m not gonna lie Wealthy white teenagers having first world problems Anna, the valiant, is plucked from Georgia and abandoned by her parents at a boarding school for rich American teens living in Paris, where she collapses into tears at the injustice of it all.Intrigued That s only the beginning of this incredible tale.Sadly, my hopes for a dramatic t

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    No thanks..Watch my full review here

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    Update after reading this book for the THIRD time Etienne ETIENNE The boy of my dreams wellsecond place after Will Herondale, but still, that s a high honor Stephanie Perkins is one of my favorite YA contemporary writers as she has this way of writing books which really sound SO cheesy plot and title wise that leaves you in a puddle of happy tears and hormones after the last page This

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    5 BRILLIANT STARS One lovely word tienneSweet sweet sweet.I might just have fallen in love.This story equals exactly Friday night rain outside chick flick Skittles chocolate popcorn comfortable couch lovely boyfriend friends HEAVEN 10 Things You ll Find 1 A main character that has personality2 A swoon worthy love interest3 Some beautiful friendly relationships4 Secondary characters that ar

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    This is one of the cutest feel good teen romances I have ever read It has a bit of everything that you want humour, a likeable protagonist and a completely swoon worthy guy called Etienne St Clair You could fall in love with the name alone, even without the fact that he s sweet, kind, honest and nothing at all like any of the English boys I grew up with It s a very cute book, a very n

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    Edited to Add a Disgruntled Reader s Reply at the Bottom Apparently, I don t know how to write reviews.The best thing about this book The end.I don t read chick lit In fact, I avoid it like the plague But this book received rave reviews from every single person on my friendlist So I thought, hey, why not Maybe this won t be like the formulaic Mary Kate and Ashley movies my teachers made me watch in

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    So, Anna is forced to go to boarding school in Paris I know Poor chica and she crushes on a guy who already has a girlfriend They flirt and obsess over each other while he is still dating the other girl To add icing to Anna s miserable cake, she is then forced to get mad at her friend who does something despicable her friend dates a boy that Anna thought liked her instead Life is just not fair I g

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