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Courting Miss Hattie The News Spread Like Brush Fire Through The Whole County When Widower Ancil Drayton Announced His Intention To Start Courting Miss Hattie Colfax She Was Certainly Spirited And Delightfully Sweet Natured, And She D Managed To Run Her Family Farm Almost Single Handedly But Wasn T A Twenty Nine Year Old Lady Farmer Too Old To Catch A Husband An Irresistible SuitorAll His Life Handsome, Black Haired Reed Tyler Had Worked Miss Hattie S Farm And Dreamed Of One Day Settling Down On His Own Piece Of Land With The Pretty Young Woman He D Sworn To Marry Hattie Was Someone He Could Tell His Hopes And Troubles To Someone He Looked On As A Sister So He Thought, Until The Idea Of Ancil Drayton Calling On Her Made Him Seethe Until The Night A Brotherly Peck Became A Scorching Kiss And Reed Knew Nothing Would Bank The Blaze And That His Best Friend Was The Only Woman He Would Ever Love From The Paperback Edition

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    OH MY.GOSH this book completely peed me off I was sorely tempted to give it 1 stars but this author can weave a good tail so that saved it Miss Hattie is a plain Jane and almost everyone in the communit

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    I have no words Perfection Expanded thoughts Although I would normally be troubled by a hero who is already engaged, it worked in this book, and the bratty betrothed actually has layers than initially portrayed

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    This book is written with Morsi s trademark charm She manages to write books with romantic tension and dubious characters who end up surprising us with their graciousness There are no true villains besides weather and fate

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    Rating 3.5 starsThis is not my favourite book by this author The heroine is 29 and a spinster and plain looking so everyone thinks she doesn t want romance in life but that is not the case, she yearns for family and romance and when

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    The story of well to do landowner Hattie Colfax and Reed Tyler, the farmhand she s known for fifteen years is a sweet one The heroine is a self sufficient woman, who s respected by everyone in town because of her charming personality, which h

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    3.5 Sweet Romantic Stars I m always a little nervous when I pick up a romance originally written during the late 80 s or early 90 s, but this one was pretty good I thought Hattie was an interesting character, although she does have self estee

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    Reed and Hattie This story is a slow build but not in any boring way Hattie is 29 and Reed is 24 When she was younger, her father dying and then her mother being of weak character and her being the only child, left Hattie missing her best years Now she is a hope

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    Miss Hattie Colfax is a 29 year old spinster who has been successfully running her small town Arkansas farm with the help of her 25 year old best friend neighbor, Reed Tyler Reed has been helping then sharecropping on this farm since he was about 12 13 years old He and Ha

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    Very talented writer to make this story work so well.

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    In Courting Miss Hattie, Morsi once again sets her story in an Arkansas farming community and captures both time and place She tells the story of Miss Hattie, a 29 year old spinster who has never been courted, until now In Miss Hattie, Morsi again works with a character that is viewed as dif

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