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Atonement Ian McEwan S Symphonic Novel Of Love And War, Childhood And Class, Guilt And Forgiveness Provides All The Satisfaction Of A Brilliant Narrative And The Provocation We Have Come To Expect From This Master Of English ProseOn A Hot Summer Day In , Thirteen Year Old Briony Tallis Witnesses The Flirtation Between Her Older Sister, Cecilia, And Robbie Turner, The Son Of A Servant But Briony S Incomplete Grasp Of Adult Motives And Her Precocious Imagination Bring About A Crime That Will Change All Their Lives, A Crime Whose Repercussions Atonement Follows Through The Chaos And Carnage Of World War II And Into The Close Of The Twentieth Century

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    There are many reviews already of this book, and I did wonder whether the world needed any But I disagree so strongly with some of the opinions expressed that I m afraid I have to exercise my right to reply Two things in particular sta

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    It s like To Kill A Mockingbird Only, instead of a flawed but relatable protagonist, we have a protagonist vilified beyond all reason Instead of a persecuted minority, we have a horny young man And instead of Atticus Finch, we haveIan McEw

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    In World War II England, 13 year old Briony Tallis misinterprets her older sister s love affair with their family s gardener to be something much worse than what it is Her innocence and partial understanding of the world begins a chain of events that tears

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    That I can remember, I ve never before disliked the start of a book so thoroughly, and by the end, gone on to think so much of it as a complete work.The last 2 3 of this novel are as good as contemporary fiction gets The first 1 3 is like reading a Jane Austen plot

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    The subject matter of Atonement is literature itself, but it is much First, the writer is one of its characters second, because Ian McEwan s novel creates a world where subjectivity and objectivity interfere mutually The characters are full of life and the language, even if

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    I was bored with this until half way through, but then it got interesting It touches on imagination versus reality, fiction versus fact, in addition to the story content A portrait of an upper middle class English family is interrupted by a supposed rape in which a young imaginative ve

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    Atonement, Ian McEwanAtonement is a 2001 British metafiction novel written by Ian McEwan concerning the understanding of and responding to the need for personal atonement Set in three time periods, 1935 England, Second World War England and France, and present day England, it covers an upper cla

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    Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003 The cost of oblivious daydreaming was always this moment of return, the realignment with what had been before and now seemed a little worse In the heat of a 1930s Summer, a family reunites at their cou

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    What a lovely reread this was I first read this novel almost a decade ago, and the story has stayed with me The prose is gorgeous, and again I was completely absorbed in this novel My favorite character is Briony, the young writer seeking atonement for a mistake she made as a child And my heart aches for her sister

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    This is where a 2.5 star rating would be ideal I am extremely ambivalent about this novel first the pluses the writing is gorgeous McEwan has some of the best prose out there Every line has meat to it, nothing is throwaway, and every visual is so vivid that the reader is transported to a specific time and place Secondly, wha

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