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Gabriella's Song In The Streets And Canals Of Venice, Gabriella Can Hear Nothing But Sweet Music The Drying Laundry Goes Slap Slap, The Church Bells Go Ting Aling Ling, And The Lire Go Jing Aling Ling Soon, Gabriella Is Humming Her Way Through Town And Everyone Hears Her Song Some Find It Sad, Others Smile When They Hear It But None Can Forget The Beautiful Melody Before Long, A Certain Struggling Composer Is Inspired By Gabriella S Song And A Beautiful Symphony Is Born

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    When I first picked up Candace Fleming s Gabriella s Song from the public library, I was actually not at all sure wether I would even at all enjoy it, as I did not and still do not find the book cover

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    I m giving this book 5 stars, well, 4 actually, because of both the illustrations and the story I like that the informative author s note started off the book vs it being at the end, as is typical.The ill

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    Gabriella s Song is a sweet and charming book I appreciated the warm color use in the illustrations adding to the cozy feel of the book I liked the storyline of a little girl walking through Venice with a song

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    In her travels around Venice, little Gabriella uses snippets of the sounds she hears to create a little song which inspires another to write a symphony.

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    I discovered this book as it was featured as one of the March 2011 Music themed reads for the Picture book club in the Children s Books group here at Goodreads We really enjoyed the story I m not sure it would have been

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    A well crafted story with truly ugly illustrations.

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    A bit too simple Odd pictures Everything works except the people.

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    I did not enjoy this book I thought that the illustrations were dull and I wish that they were colorful I also think that only students who are interested in music would want to read this book I found it to be dull, and that many stud

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    For some reason, this came up in the library catalog when I was searching for books on birds No idea why, really, because just having a few birds on the cover did not make it qualify And perhaps that was part of why I didn t care so much fo

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    I give this book a 1 star.This book is about Gabriella and her song She lives in Venice and listens the music everyday This leads to her learning all these different songs that she wish she could do Finally she learns to do this and it makes her

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