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The Far Side of the World The War Of Continues, And Jack Aubrey Sets Course For Cape Horn On A Mission After His Own Heart Intercepting A Powerful American Frigate Outward Bound To Play Havoc With The British Whaling Trade Stephen Maturin Has Fish Of His Own To Fry In The World Of Secret Intelligence Disaster In Various Guises Awaits Them In The Great South Sea And In The Far Reaches Of The Pacific Typhoons, Castaways, Shipwrecks, Murder, And Criminal Insanity

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    In case you ve ever wanted to know what it feels like without actually doing it, here is a book that moves with the slow satisfaction of a sailboat journey around the world The flow of language will at times rock you asleep and other times you will be buffeted about by a crash of words mightily massed and moving perpetually forward.But mostly The Far Sid

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    Martin was a thoroughly amiable man, a man of wide reading, but when he came to write he mounted upon a pair of stilts, unusually lofty stilts, and staggered along at a most ungracious pace, with an occasional awkward lurch into colloquialism, giving a strikingly false impression of himself Patrick O Brian, The Far Side of the World The Far Side o

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    Come all you thoughtlessyoung men, a warningtake by meAnd never leave yourhappy homes to sail theraging sea Episode number ten bring about a change of tack in the long journey of Captain Jack Aubrey and his friend, Doctor Stephen Maturin It is time to sail away from the crowded and treacherous waters of the Mediterranean, from the cat and mouse games with

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    It s always nice to revisit Aubrey and Maturin I ve only read a couple books from this series, and I never feel any serious need to find installments, but I always enjoy them when I do And this is one of the best ones not only because it s pretty similar to the movie version and picking out what they changed didn t change for the adaptation is a fun game, but also for

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    Captain Aubrey of the British Royal Navy is sent to the South Seas to prevent the American frigate Norfolk from harassing English whalers It s an excellent book all around, but there are moments of pure perfection in it The prim parson Martin shows Maturin the letter he wants to woo his lady love with, it s horrifyingly bad, Maturin tries to tell him so as gently as possib

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    Call me Ishmael I think of this one as Jack and Stephen Meet Moby Dick They spend the first half of the book chasing an American frigate through whaling waters, gathering information from those they come across much the way Melville handled the bulk of his Great American Novel Of course, that s not all There s a tragic affair, impotence, murder, suicide, men overboard, canniba

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    Not a lot of war or spying stuff going on for the most parts, just a lot of going about the seas, my favorite parts Jack and Stephen lost at sea and Stephen on the verge of having his head operated on The Surprise to the rescue and the end IS the war over As always, a stellar reading by Simon Vance.

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    No women are major characters in this volume of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin s adventures during the War of 1812, but women are central to parts of the action, even though the story takes place entirely on and around the frigate H.M.S Surprise, which Aubrey commands Needless to say, naval practices were different 200 years ago Along with two women, the Surprise is car

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    This is the book that provides the largest chunk of plot for the movie, Master and Commander The Far Side of the World Jack Aubrey and the crew of the Surprise pursue their enemy around stormy Cape Horn, and naturalist Stephen Maturin is furious at being denied the opportunity to spend time on the amazing Galapagos Islands During the journey there is drama on board concernin

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    This is a book that calls for a breakdown in the rating There are aspects of it that probably deserve a three at best The plot itself isn t actually all that compelling the story simply plods along from one adventure or crisis to the next, framed by the overarching back cover synopsis plot which occupies remarkably little of the book The characters are memorable, but I can t think of a single

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