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Tempestuous Relations Dominic Mackenzie Isn T Too Proud To Take Advantage Of The Local Gloryhole As Far As He S Concerned, There S Nothing Better Than A Warm, Wet Mouth Without Any Strings Attached It S Only By Accident That He Discovers The Shocking Identity Of The Man On His Knees Once The Secret S Out, Then All Bets Are OffWarning This Title Contains M M Sex And Twincest

About the Author: Amanda Young

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10 thoughts on “Tempestuous Relations

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    Judging by their anatomy, these bros are not the first in their family who are fond of twincest For your reading pleasure, may I suggest replacing that cover with the Sampaio twins So this book about twin brothers that just want to have a loving, incest

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    This short involves twincest so definitely NOT for everyone One of the taboo things that I have reluctance to The fact that this is coming from Amanda Young is the only reason that I m willing to try I guess I sort of exploring to the dark side with m m genreHon

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    This is another twincest story and so probably no up for everyone out there I actually don t mind read them, as I said, probably due to the simple fact that, being both men, there is no chance of an unwilling pregnancy that could be quite risky And so, for me, a twincest

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    Well, this checked the porny twincest box rather nicely Full of cliches, full of annoyances his lover, his seed, cheesy dialogue, chanting each other s names at the moment of orgasm, but guess what Yep, I can overlook all that, cos it s hot.Yum, yum, pigs bum.ETA oh, and I forgot

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    Well, I popped my twincest cherry with this short PWP, but because it lacked a plot, I don t feel like I got the full effect I think I d need to read the next book where their secret gets out to really experience the whole taboo feeling about their relationship.I thought the way these two

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    Overall book rating 1.5Audio Book N ABook Cover 2 To me, something like this needs at least a little connection This was perhaps too short to convey it the way I would like.

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    2.7 Stars.Ridiculously hot mental image Twins just do it for me in every waybut the book wasn t long enough and as such there wasn t enough emotional content and depth of story I think it needed to delve a little into the why of their attraction I mean, one of the twins stated it wasn t a weird narcissist

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    Meh.Parts of this were hot, parts of it just simply a little creepy But what do you expect with Twincest Creepier still, were lines like this Together they pushed and pulled, working as one towards a common goal.Common goal Really This is an m m twincest book not a business report.Expect pwp and practically

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    This was a very short twin bros incest story I think it was pretty hot But I just wish it would ve given a bit of a background into who these characters truly are Maybe if the book was a bit longer it could ve gone there.

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    This is a down and dirty short story with a great plot and delicious taboo elements that are great for a quick read at work during your break or at lunch Just don t blame me if you return back to your desk with a grin on your face and quizzical look on your coworker s faces Summary Dominic Mackenzie isn t too proud to take advantage

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