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Mackenzie's Mountain A Small Wyoming Town Is About To Learn A Few Lessons From A New Schoolteacher With The Courage To Win The Heart Of A Man Who Swore He Had Nothing To GiveMary Elizabeth Potter Is A Self Appointed Spinster With No Illusions About Love But She Is A Good Teacher And She Wants Wolf Mackenzie S Son Back In School And After One Heated Confrontation With The Boy S Father, She Knows Father And Son Have Changed Her Life ForeverStill Paying For A Crime He Didn T Commit, Wolf Mackenzie Has A Chip On His Shoulder The Size Of Wyoming But Prim And Proper Mary Elizabeth Potter Doesn T See Wolf As The Dangerous Half Breed The Town Has Branded Him Somehow She Sees Him As A Good, Decent, Honest Man A Man Who Could LoveWolf S Not Sure He Or The Town Of Ruth, Wyoming Is Ready For The Taming Of Wolf Mackenzie

About the Author: Linda Howard

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Linda S Howington is an American best selling romance author writing under the pseudonym Linda Howard After 21 years of penning stories for her own enjoyment, she submitted a novel for publication which was very successful Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982 She is a charter member of Romance

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    Still amazing to me, even decades later.Re read this old all time favorite in kindle format still have it in beat up paperback , because it s on sale for 1.99 right now so snag it now if you are interested Anyway, I forgot how much I adore this story And my Mackenzie family in general.It s old school romance, with an OTT alpha hero, and I adore it.

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    This book has a very Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman feel to it.Except of course, she isn t a doctor but a teacher DFor the most part of the book, I kept forgetting it s actually a contemporary I can t explain it, it s just the feel of it How they all behave, the story, Indian in the mountain and spinster teacher in small town fall in love, while the town hates him, plus being his cottage in the mountains, training horses and just everything D I

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    Warning This is a rage review It will be inappropriate and expletive ridden Proceed with fucking caution Soundtrack for this review Gregorian Monks chanting What the actual fuck over and overThis book was so backwards and ridiculous, I wish I had never wasted money on it Because that s what it was It was an absolute waste and completely offensive and racist Half of this book is about discrimination against Native Americans but the author do

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    Opening Line He needed a woman Bad I had a ton of problems with this book and I m finding it really difficult to review because as much as this story confused me, annoyed me and downright offended me, in the end as much as I wanted to I just didn t hate it I did however breathe a sigh of relief when I finished.Written in 1989 Mackenzie s Mountain is a contemporary romance however it reads, and for the first 100 pages I thought it was a historical,

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    This is in my top ten books of all time I love Wolf and Mary They are one of my romance supercouples This is a book to read when you are feeling jaded about romance novels When I read it the first time, I immediately turned around and reread it I still have my first copy but I bought another copy since the first one is a little worn.

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    This is my favorite contemporary romance I love the Wolf and Mary s story, they are two great characters Mary Elizabeth Potter is a transplanted southern teacher who is trying to find a exciting life in Wyoming Mary meets half breed rancher Wolf when she goes to his house to find out why his son Joe quit school Sparks fly between Wolf and Mary right away but Wolf pushes her away because he is resented in town after going to jail for a rape he didn t commit, so he does n

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    Lo he devorado Escrito hace la friolera de casi 30 a os, en 1989, se trata de una historia que ha envejecido muy bien Cierto que la trama de suspense es bastante predecible, pero lo que de verdad importa es la historia de amor de Wolf MacKenzie, un mestizo mitad escoc s, mitad indio la mezcla te prende fuego a los bajos desde el minuto uno y ese maravilloso personaje que es Mary Elizabeth Potter, con su dedo de profesora, su car cter combativo y sus ocurrencias, que me han diver

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    3.5 starsI wish I had read this about 10 20yrs ago, I think then I would have loved it as much as others do There are a couple older books hello, purple prose that are very close to my heart that others read for the first time in this day and age and they don t find it as great as me I think this may be the case with this book and me, I liked it but cringed at some parts One person s sentimentalism is another person s expiration date Our main couple, Mary and Wolf, had an incredibly swe

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    Does anyone else find it hard to assess a book when the thing is completely out of date I felt like I d stepped back in time a few decades, when most small towns were suspicious of anyone who looked different from whatever they were used to in their small little bubble Of course, there are still remote places of small town Americana that are like this, but not on the same saturated level that there was back then And by that level I mean OMG, LOCK THE DOORS, the Native American Indian man is

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    I read this book in one sitting which means I stayed up all night so I m a little delirious right now I won t write a review you can thank me for that but I would like to say a few things while I am still living in the moment of Mackenzie s Mountain.First of all, if you haven t read this book, you really need to get that taken care of Within 10 years it will be proclaimed a classic you ll be shelving it right up there with Catcher In the Rye The Grapes of Wrath and you will want to be in the know when

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