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Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake I absolutely adored this book It was quite sensational Seda My dear friend, thank you so much for recommending this book to me I cannot wait to read the other books in this series Probably very soon. I loved the on the shelf heroine who decides to do all the things ladies aren t supposed to do smoke a cheroot, gamble, attend a duel , and the scandalous hero who gets caught up in her rule breaking until he actually helps her do some of the things on her list Totally recommended A Lady Does Not Smoke Cheroot She Does Not Ride Astride She Does Not Fence Or Attend Duels She Does Not Fire A Pistol, And She Never Gambles At A Gentlemen S ClubLady Calpurnia Hartwell Has Always Followed The Rules, Rules That Have Left Her Unmarried And Than A Little Unsatisfied And So She S Vowed To Break The Rules And Live The Life Of Pleasure She S Been MissingBut To Dance Every Dance, To Steal A Midnight Kiss To Do Those Things, Callie Will Need A Willing Partner Someone Who Knows Everything About Rule Breaking Someone Like Gabriel St John, The Marquess Of Ralston Charming And Devastatingly Handsome, His Wicked Reputation Matched Only By His Sinful SmileIf She S Not Careful, She Ll Break The Most Important Rule Of All The One That Says That Pleasure Seekers Should Never Fall Hopelessly, Desperately In Love 5 stars Historical RomanceWhat a wonderful, charming, sexy, entertaining, sweet, funny, emotional, steamy, and well written regency romance with an utterly lovable, quirky, plump, Plain Jane, wallflower, spinster heroine and a sexy as sin, tarnished heart of gold rogue hero to die for Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake is a truly delightful read with everything I love in a historical romance an engaging story, witty dialogue, humor, drama, emotion, smokin hot love scenes, an endearing heroine, and a deliciously sexy rake hero reformed by love.Sarah MacLean has earned a place on my author auto buy list, and I can t wait for Nick s story, Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord, to come out Big 5 stars Nine Rules to Follow When Writing a Regency Romance 1 Read Georgette Heyer This one is self evident If it s not, read this 2 Spinster on the shelf Make sure your heroine is never the belle of the ball Young, vibrant beautiful ladies are, of course, infinitely less interesting than pale, passive, middle aged women who somehow mysteriously retain the fresh bloom of youth and the ability to attract rich, handsome men who are being desperately pursued by 17 and 18 year olds Right.3 The handsome, titled rake Your hero cannot be a man of moderate tastes and self control Where s the fun in that Be sure to create a handsome, irresistible man whore who has bedded hundreds of women and is, in all probability suffering from a severe case of syphilis But the title, of course, will subsidise a multitude of sins Quel amour 4 Using Cant You have to gammon your readers with some fustian about a bluestocking who turns into a diamond of the first water and sets her cap at a Corinthian, resulting in some cork brained adventures But it s still okay to use apologize instead of apologise, realize instead of realise, and so on we re sure the Americans learnt these mis spellings from the Brits 5 Hoyden ish behaviour Despite being brought up in a society renowned for the rigidity of its rules and s, make sure your heroine almost never wears a corset, rides astride, wears men s clothes, freely uses swear words such as damn and somehow still fails to incur the attention or wrath of society.6 A makeover The spinster on the shelf must always get an opportunity to re invent herself and dazzle all comers For this purpose, you will need 1 a French modiste 2 a stunning gown 3 feminine lingerie 4 a devoted abigail with magic hands and 5 a beautiful face and lush figure that have so far been hidden under dowdy clothes for some unknown reason 7 A Special Ball If it didn t happen in a ballroom, it ain t worth talking about All major scenes, but ESPECIALLY the makeover, must be accompanied by a ball Preferably the Season s biggest one Said ball must be rife with passion, drama and, of course, the waltz Who gives a shit about the quadrilles and the country dances, bring on the cabaret waltz 8 The Big Misunderstanding The path of true love is never smooth Huh, what did you think this was, real life Can t have no Happily Ever After without the Big Misunderstanding Generally, the BM involves a wager of some sort What else do these gambling rakes have to do apart from waste their blunt wagering on their women Alternatively, it could involve abduction by the evil dandy, but it s fun to see the hero and heroine make an ass of themselves No, not arse, darling, ASS 9 And last, but most importantly, EXHIBITIONIST SEX For some reason, it appears almost mandatory in Regency romances for the hero and heroine to have sex or almost sex in places where it would be easy for other members of the public to walk in on them Like an unlocked fencing room in a men s club Or a garden adjoining a ballroom Or an alcove in a museum Or, of course, the ubiquitous carriage It s like nobody in Regency England s ever heard of a bed Also, Regency romances are the perfect illustration of Big Stick in Little Hole syndrome, since the heroine is always a virgin, the man is always well hung and yet the first time they have sex is magical, with only some minor, fast vanishing pain Obviously practice makes perfect doesn t apply to Regency sex Epilogue I actually liked this book it was funny in parts, did not read like bad Georgette Heyer fan fiction, and even the sex scene was a little goose bump inducing the first time After that, well, jeez, I know how it s done, skip it already There was a big discussion going on over at Jillian s review about the actual romance quotient of graphic sex scenes, so I m not going to get on that soapbox here I ve had a love hate relationship with historical romances for a while now, but I m pleased to report that Nine Rules falls on the like side of the scale if you re a fan of historical romances, I would recommend you put this on the top of your list I enjoyed this book a lot It was rich with depth and with characters that I was interested in reading about Callie was tired of being trapped by society s expectations, and the box she d been put into, and decided to claim some happiness for herself I liked that Gabriel liked her for who she was He was drawn to her, even though she didn t fit society s ideas of beauty She became the one woman he couldn t resist, and it wasn t hard for me to believe that was the case as I read this story I think Ms MacLean did a great job of writing this novel, that was recognizably full of honest and real emotions Normally, I don t care for the Regency hoyden, who gallivants around town doing things that women just didn t do But, this book wasn t quite like that Callie was a woman of her times But, she was a woman who was trying to claim some happiness for herself She never felt anachronistic in her morals She was just tired of trying to live up to others expectations So, despite this being a theme I m far from fond of, I wasn t bothered by Callie s hijinks I really liked and felt for Callie Some readers complained about it constantly being repeated that she was plain and plump I didn t really see that I think that it was mentioned as much as necessary, especially considering that s the box that Callie had been put into I felt for her, seeing how insensitive people were in their treatment of her It felt authentic Women are often treated in such a fashion, when they don t fit into the mode that society defines for them If you re not married, don t have a man, or a boyfriend, then what s wrong with you You must be flawed somehow You have no purpose in life Sadly, that s still the case.This was a very sexy book There are some pretty spicy scenes, and they are quite well done The chemistry between Gabriel and Callie felt authentic I could see why they were attracted to each other, and why they fell for each other Those love scenes really kept me on the edge as I read.I liked Gabriel a lot Although he was a rake, he showed himself to be fairly admirable in his behavior There were some lines that he knew he shouldn t be crossing with Callie, but the way this book was written, you could see that he couldn t resist his feelings for Callie I didn t find Gabriel especially tortured But, I don t guess all heroes have to be He did have some baggage with his mother running off and leaving him, and you could see how that affected him, making him afraid to give his heart to a woman But, with Callie, it was natural for him He couldn t hold that back from her.I liked Nick, Benedick, and Juliana a lot I hope that Ms McLean writes stories for them as well Reading Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake was a very pleasant experience It wasn t a particularly dark romance which is my favorite , but it was nuanced and had an intensity between Callie and Gabriel that made it a fairly compelling read I think Ms MacLean is a very good writer, and it s clear she makes an effort to write a high quality historical romance that manages to entertain but also has an underlying message She treats important elements of historical romance with respect, but writes a story that is fun, sensual, and engaging, and she earned my respect for doing so She s definitely going on my to read list. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I love you I love your extravagant name and your beautiful face and your brilliant mind and your ridiculous list and your taste for adventure, which I imagine is very likely going to be the actual cause view spoiler of my death And I very much wanted to be able to tell you all that before you were shot in a field hide spoiler This was absolutely enchanting, lovely, witty, funny, emotional, and a billion similar epithets I really loved it 3The style of writing is great, much to my liking, the dialogue is witty and funny, and the characters believable and loveable 3 I only wish Sarah MacLean had books so I could enjoy her writing some The first chapter had me giggling and squealing all over hahah Callie is trying to hide in the bushes during a ball because her mother forced her to wear the ugliest dress ever made in mankind XD and of course there she meets Ralston 3 It was lovely and funny The second chapter is 10 years after that yes, 10 Callie is dissapointed in life, watching her younger sister get engaged, while she remains a spinster oh that is such a dreadful word Anyway, one night she decides to live her life, be free and do what she would like to do if she were not confined by society and the fact that she is a woman So she goes to Ralston to do the first thing on her list get kissed, passionately And so it begins 3I just loved them, such a great couple, she did not dissolve into tears on every little thing, even that one time when I really though should do it, she was strong and got in his face hehehehe he deserved it XD Gabriel was sigh so lovely, their chemistry was incredible, every conversation filled with tension, and he s so freaking good at creating it 3 no wonder she went musshy all the time near him loooolA great book, and I highly recommend it for all the lovers of historicals, it is very well written Can t wait for Nick s story 3 3 3 There once was a plain and plumpish blubbery waste of space girl with tons of money called Calpurnia, who never got married even though she had some suitors We re told she s a pragmatic girl who has dreams of marriage, house, home, and children, but she s turned everyone away because they re not the same as that handsome guy she once talked to for a couple minutes a decade ago about how her quaintly Classical name isn t really cause for eternal shame and contemplated suicide.So in the meantime, she s beaten herself up emotionally about how she ll die the same fat and lonely sow she s always been Occasionally she faps to Homer and his romance of Odysseus and Penelope, but then feels ashamed that a megaton heifer like herself should even entertain such thoughts Because as she is entirely all too aware, pretty babies abort when a plain girl even considers sipping from one of these But then one day, after she s been reminded by herself and others once too often that she s a dusty loser of the Youth, Beauty and Happiness Game, she decides to Fuck That Shit and makes a list of racy and scandalous stuff to do because who cares what an obese and homely water buffalo like herself does anyway She s going to pick herself up and fly free, dammit So one night, drunk on sherry, she arrives at the house of her decade old object of pathetic pining with the intent of getting a kiss from him Of course he soon has those Inexplicable Feelings for the hefty cow with the massive milk bags and is Fiercely Protective of her, to his sudden bewilderment and confusion.But now that they re in closer quarters because his Italian half sister future series heroine needs a Professor Higgins to make her presentable in Society, this most notorious rake in London blah blah blah lame cliche and Two Ton Annie will discover that what they ve been looking for, all along, is each other.I didn t get far Page 150 Such self abuse is biblically abhorrent, and I felt lightning starting to crackle around me, so I bailed But from what I did read, it was every Regency romance cliche packed into one book Marriage wager Making out in a carriage I tried to read this because of the raves, but there was absolutely nothing in it that I haven t read in books like this before There was the ugly duckling heroine who eventually becomes a swan, paired with the bad ass rake who is really a slightly risque playboy with media savvy Blah The heroine was really ridiculous, the heaps of abuse she put on herself and got from others such a blatant attempt by the author to get me behind her.It gets than a little wearying to read a heroine who has the attitude ofwhen my attitude isIf these are the awesome romances of today penned by Ivy League educated authors, then I m going to stick with the trashy rapefests of the 70s and 80s by Midwestern housewives, thankee very much. Updated because I ve been asked by the lovely Jessie Edwards, one of the fabulous ladies in charge of the Avon Addicts program, to choose my favorite Avon romance Is she kidding She must be joking Just one sigh Anyway, to refresh my memory, I reread a few of my old Avon reviews and I ve decided to repost this review in hopes that anyone not familiar with the Love by Numbers series will give it a go Yes, it s that good.So, my favorite Avon romanceWell, there are a few books that instantly came to mind Again the Magic with the physically and emotionally scarred Aline, and John, the man who loved her, by Lisa Kleypas Whisper Falls starring good girl Tessa who falls for the bad, bad boy, Lucky Romo, by Toni Blake Flowers from the Storm with Christian, one of the most tormented heroes I ve read, and Maddy, the woman who saves him and he saves her right back, by Laura Kinsale review links can be found below and this one Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean Well I ve picked Nine Rules, and here s whyIt s because if I could choose to be any heroine from a historical romance, I d want to be Lady Calpurnia Hartwell, and here s whyI find I m at a loss for words when trying to describe the wide range of emotions this book evoked in me, except to say that it made me laugh, cry, sigh, gasp, and hope for a happily ever after for the hero and heroine than I have in any other book I ve read in a very long time And, this is the first book in which I ve found myself invested in the heroine s happiness than the hero s.The prologue had my heart breaking for a young woman s shattered albeit it brief fairytale fantasy, and her so very low self esteem But that said, this is one of those books that made me wish that Iwere the heroine Not just so I could live happily ever after, but for the kind of person she was I loved her for her goodness, her kindness and compassion I adored her for her sense of humor, her generosity and her selflessness, but most of all it was her strength, her courage tolive,rather than sit on the shelf collecting dust as society dictated that all self respecting spinsters should It s for all of these reasons that I wish I were Callie.It took me awhile to fall in love with Gabriel St John, Marquess of Ralston, but it did happen I mean, how could it not Take a gander at that step back again, I ask How could I not fall for him The look on his face speaks volumes as to his passionate nature, his need his hunger for this unusual woman who was nothing like society expected her to be She was daring, witty, refined, and intelligent and she d managed to work her way under his skin, and before he knew what happened, into his heart His reputation was no secret he was known by all as a rake and a libertine, so when he became aware of her plan to experience the same kinds of things that gentlemen are allowed to experience, I wasn t terribly surprised when he offered to facilitate her in her quest to check each item off of her list, whilst risking utter ruination I m always impressed by other readers who include quotes in their reviews Me I m too engrossed in the book to make myself stop long enough to make notes, but this book demanded that I do exactly that twice This first quote I ll share is from the prologue and had me sobbing My ever faithful Goodreads friends, Catherine and Rane, were there to help me through this tear jerking scene as I posted it on my status update She pushed aside a devastating pang of sorrow as the truth coursed through her She would never have the magnificent Marquess of Ralston, nor anyone like him She felt an acute certainty that the things he had said to her earlier were not the truth but instead the lies of an inveterate seducer carefully chosen to appease her and send her blithely off, easing his dark tryst with his ravishing beauty He hadn t believed a word of it No, she was not Calpurnia, Empress of Rome She was plain old Callie And she always would be. Seriously, when read in context, with the entire prologue, that was one of those most heartbreaking moments from any book I can recall Now, the second quote snippet I have for you is the moment in which I finally became invested in seeing Callie and Gabriel s happily ever after come to pass, and knowing I could believe in it view spoiler This is yet another gut wrenching scene and takes place when Callie finds out about a wager that had been placed between Gabriel and Oxford as to whether or not Oxford would be able to convince Callie to marry him. Of course, this is a romance novel so we, the readers, already know who s going to end up the winner, but when Callie gets wind of it, she s humiliated and thinks she s nothing than something for men to wager over Gabriel had proposed to her and she d accepted, but now, even though the bet was for 2,000 , she suddenly felt so very worthless So she has demanded that Gabriel stay away from her, and she s fled the ball where this scene takes place Oxford, well into his cups, has some unflattering things to say about Callie in front of Gabriel and Benedick, Callie s brotherCertainly, the best thing about spinsters is that they re eager for a toss, but you can t really mean to tell me you need to resort to one as plain and uninspiring as that one Although, it did appear she was than willing to lift her skirts for you and I suppose that is something Benedick stiffened, and fury, hot and quick, coursed through Ralston at the words, so demeaning and unpleasant, directed at the woman he planned to make his wife Because there was absolutely no question that Callie was going to be his wife.Drunk or no, Oxford would pay for his words Reaching out, Ralston grabbed Oxford by the lapels of his topcoat and slammed him against the stone wall that marked one edge of the balcony The force of the blow took the breath out of the baron, and, gasping for air, he slumped to the ground, clutching his chest.Ralston looked down his long, elegant nose at the vile creature at his feet and said, You just impugned the honor of my future marchioness Choose your seconds I will see you at dawn Leaving Oxford sputtering on the ground, Ralston spun on one elegant heel to face Benedick When I am done with him, I am coming for your sister And, if you intend to keep me from her, you had better have an army at your sidehide spoiler

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