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The Well of Ascension Vin, The Street Urchin Who Has Grown Into The Most Powerful Mistborn In The Land, And Elend Venture, The Idealistic Young Nobleman Who Loves Her, Must Build A Healthy New Society In The Ashes Of An Empire Three Separate Armies Attack As The Siege Tightens, An Ancient Legend Seems To Offer A Glimmer Of Hope But Even If It Really Exists, No One Knows Where To Find The Well Of Ascension Or What Manner Of Power It Bestows

About the Author: Brandon Sanderson

The Dark Talent, the final volume in Alcatraz Smedry s autobiographical account of his battle against the Evil Librarians who secretly rule our world, and

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    Sorry in advance about the bad language but.WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK Okay, everyone just read this series, okay okay.

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    The overall book is a solid 4 stars bUT THE LAST 100 PAGES IS 5 STARS NO QUESTION OMG

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    Re read on audio and just as awesome the second time Vin is still my hero Holy son of a biscuit eater THIS BOOK I loved it, loved it, loved it Sanderson tackled most of my feels in this book and YES I cried here and there but most of it was happy crying My dog even looked at me like I was crazy when I was laughing and crying and yelling YES at certain parts Vin landed softly on the damp cobblestones, watching as the

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    I have only one word for this and it is no This was the most insufferably tedious book of my life And I loved The Final Empireit was exciting and had a con artist thing going on and magical wizard people with an epic magic system But now I ve gone from liking Sanderson to probably never trying a book by him again.EDIT 3 19 I ve had so much hate for this lmao write your own review instead of attacking me ok i also have heard

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    A slow paced book containing an utterly powerful climax sequence a spectacular middle book for the Mistborn trilogy.When I first read The Well of Ascension, my experience was that I thoroughly loved it It s not until later that I discovered that apparently, a lot of people found the book disappointing Because of this, I was scared that my reread experience would be ruined Apparently, there s nothing to worry about Yes, it s slightly

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    Reviewed by Rabid Reads3.5 starsAnytime I m reading fantasy for review, I take copious notes In fact, most of the time, my review is pretty much written by the time I finish the book, I just need to make slight alterations to account for any last minute goings on.And I like that, b c your average fantasy is 2 3x longer than any other book Trying to go back after the fact and recall all the key details would be a nightmare.BUT.Brandon S

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    Please don t hate me, but I just didn t love this one as much as the first As someone else described, I think it suffered from Middle Book syndrome , and really that s on me I almost always struggle with the middle installment of a trilogy, even if I 5 STAR Books 1 and 3 There were things I loved, but it felt like the flow didn t build as well in this one as before I will say that Sazed s plot line was the crown jewel of this book I adore that man and

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    Such a thrilling sequel.

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    I like a story that surprises me, and this series keeps doing it The ending of the last book was undoubtedly epic I don t know how Brandon Sanderson does it It felt like the closing chapter for these characters, but, in reality, it was only the beginning of the series The Lord Ruler s death could have been the ending, but he was only the surface issue Indeed, with his death a whole host of problems arose, and none of them are as simple as they appear This proved that t

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