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Mistborn: The Final Empire In A World Where Ash Falls From The Sky, And Mist Dominates The Night, An Evil Cloaks The Land And Stifles All Life The Future Of The Empire Rests On The Shoulders Of A Troublemaker And His Young Apprentice Together, Can They Fill The World With Colour Once In Brandon Sanderson S Intriguing Tale Of Love, Loss, Despair And Hope, A New Kind Of Magic Enters The Stage Allomancy, A Magic Of The Metals

About the Author: Brandon Sanderson

The Dark Talent, the final volume in Alcatraz Smedry s autobiographical account of his battle against the Evil Librarians who secretly rule our world, and

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    I can t remember being this violently conflicted about a book in quite some time There are some areas where it s just so well done, with the author absolutely nailing it, and then others where I found myself grinding my teeth in frustration I m going to abandon my usual practice of writing short, pithy reviews and just drunkenly ramble on a few things here Still no spoilers, though That OK with y all Language About two and a half chapters into this book, I found myself asking, Why does

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    Sometimes, I revisit a book I had loved ages ago, only to tell myself What the actual fuck was I thinking This book is crap Oh young Khanh, you were so dumb Thankfully, this was absolutely NOT the case for this book I appreciated it much the second time around It could be that it just took time for me to appreciate the book Or maybe it just glows in comparison to all the crap I had been reading 2.5 average rating last year, baby Either way, I ain t complaining First, the bad, because I m tha

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    WOW That Was Really Good.

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    WOAH That was a crazy epic adventure full of fantastic characters and action packed madness It definitely lived up to all the hype for me.

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    6 21 Re readingThank the Lord Ruler I finally crawled out from whatever rock I was living under and finally decided to read this book Because.It Was So Fucking Awesome.I have been telling myself for years that I should try and branch out from just romance, paranormal romance, UF romance, sci fi alien smut and the occasional murder mystery or biography not that there is a damn thing wrong with my beloved romance, but just to challenge myself to try something new and attempt to tackle a straight high fantasy

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    This was an odd one for me I ve seen an enormous number of opinions about Sanderson s books on the fantasy forums I hang out on, the great majority favourable I was interested to see what it was that had sold so very many books and got such an incredibly high average score on Goodreads The opening was strong and engaging Then I started to falter For most of the book I didn t think that I would be giving it 5 I started to worry that I might have a legion of Sanderfans on my case oI think I am too much of a scientist for

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    I M NOT OKAY I M STILL CRYING.On to read the next book

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    Allomancy The mystical power held by the nobility, granted to them by the Lord Ruler some thousand years before as a reward for their loyalty Readers have been urging me for years to pick up anything by Brandon Sanderson, and after browsing his books I knew that Mistborn would be the first world I wanted to enter Opportunity arose, and I was able to read this along with two other Goodreads friends, which made for a much exciting experience than if I had gone it alone We were able to bounce ideas off of each other, chat about theori

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    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI hate everyone.You Everyone who Me Yes.You Eh Me Leave me alone I don t want to talk about it You backs away slowly Me IT S ALL YOUR FAULT sobs Are you one of them Are you Did you rave about MISTBORN and convince me it was one of the BEST fantasy series ever You can t believe I haven t already read it I m going to LOVE it Hmm DID YOU Then you, friend, are whom I hate.As for you, Mr Sanderson I TRUSTED YOU.I collected your clues and gathered your hints like freaking MANNA, and when you did the thing, I panicked But

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