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Send The Messengers For The Faery Courts This Is The End The Summer King Is Missing The Dark Court Is Bleeding And A Stranger Walks The Streets Of Huntsdale, His Presence Signifying The Deaths Of Powerful FeyAislinn Tends To The Summer Court, Searching For Her Absent King And Yearning For Seth Torn Between His New Queen And His Old Love, Keenan Works From Afar To Strengthen His Court Against The Coming War Donia Longs For Fiery Passion Even As She Coolly Readies The Winter Court For Battle And Seth, Sworn Brother Of The Dark King And Heir To The High Queen, Is About To Make A Mistake That Could Cost His LifeLove, Despair, And Betrayal Ignite The Faery Courts, And In The Final Conflict, Some Will Winand Some Will Lose EverythingThe Thrilling Conclusion To Melissa Marr S New York Times Bestselling Wicked Lovely Series Will Leave Readers Breathless Darkest Mercy

About the Author: Melissa Marr

Melissa Marr is a former university literature instructor who writes fiction for adults, teens, and children She is best known for the Wicked Lovely series for teens, the Graveminder for adults, and her debut picturebook Bunny Roo, I Love You Her books have been translated into twenty eight languages and been bestsellers internationally as well as domestically NY Times, Los Angeles Times, USA T

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    So after 5 books, hundreds of pages, and many yearsit all comes down to an ultimatum If Keenan had just issued one in Wicked Lovely, it would ve saved a lot of time.

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    These books have the most beautiful names, where does she get them

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    Undoubtedly 5 Stars When I told you I wanted to try, I spoke the truth When I turned away, it was for my former court, and when I tried to make another faery love me, it was for that court I ve lived my whole life trying to bring the Summer Court back to the strength it once was In all those years, in centuries, I ve only wished myself free of duty because of one reason You Darkest Mercy was the perfect series finale for Wicked Love

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    So I ve made it to the end of the story and I m left with the feeling that Marr has a better story in her head that what actually appears on the page While she might know what she means, she hasn t expressed it particularly well Here s what I think If you re going to continue to refer to a character s backstory, then at some point you have to tell me that backstory or the current story has no foundation Also, if you re going to ramp off on th

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    On the day I received my copy of Darkest Mercy, I was late I d just driven five and a half hours through one of the poorest regions in the United States after teaching most of the day on very little sleep It was hot I was frightened I had never seen the kind of poverty I d just driven through, solo, to get to a book signing in Jackson, Mississippi I slid into a metal folding chair next to a man who looked at me funny I didn t blame him I had no

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    Not sure if I can review this book fully right now It was good Not great, wasn t expecting much though on account of my familiarity with Marr s writing style Some great moments, some annoying as hell moments, and then the conflict was over and the book kind of ended, and I don t have a PROBLEM with how it ended it was very well crafted in a full circle kind of way , but I just couldn t really bring myself to feel anything for anyone Okay, spoilers

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    This was an absolutely perfect ending to this unique series Although I could have done without books 2 and 4 I hated 2 a lot because I find Irial to be a truly despicable character And although I really enjoyed Devlin and Ani in book 4, they turned out to be mostly irrelevant to the larger story I would have liked to see them again This series was nearly perfect It was dark without being too dark There was no shortage of romance and swoon worth

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    WOW just wow I know some authors don t mind killing off certain characters but I have to say that Marr is fearless I have been eagerly waiting for this last installment to Marr s Lovely series and I am so so happy with the way things ended The ride throughout this book is griping and painful but very necessary The story takes off where the last ended, with War gaining strength and the other courts trying to find the strength to fight her All hell breaks

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    The characters in this series are lovable, real, and, at the same time, a little scary which is as it should be in the world of the fey I loved the conclusion to the series Everything ended in a very satisfactory way Bananach was certainly frightening Wanted to rip her wings off myself, but it s likely I would have run in the other direction I could feel the sunlight and the winter and the creepy dark things on my skin as I read.

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    Actual Rating 4.5 stars.All of the Faerie courts are in peril and both Keenan and Seth are missing Devoid of the experience and advantages of the other faery monarchs, Aislinn is doing her best to rule and prepare for the impending War being incited by the malevolent Bananach But without the Summer King and her newly turned faery lover at her side, how will she protect her already weakened court from destruction Apparently I d forgotten exactly how much I enjo

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