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4 Stars Dominic wants than anything to be a father and after years of trying for a family, he discovers that he s sterile When he suggests a sperm donor or adoption, his wife refuses and asks for a divorce With his marriage destroyed and feeling totally rejected, Dom decides to take a break from the family wholesale produce market and travels to Italy for six months When Lucy s boyfriend of eight years dumps her for a young yoga instructor, she s heartbroken A month after the break up she learns that she s pregnant, only her ex boyfriend insists he s in love with his new woman and really isn t ready for a child in his life She s on her own and she needs to make her new produce distribution business succeed and the way to do that is to expand When Dominic returns to the family business he s happy to see that Lucy is still a loyal customer He learns that she s looking for capital to expand and offers to become her partner And with every moment he spends with her he realizes just how special Lucy is Only she wants to be able to give her baby brothers and sisters some day, so he backs away.This is a story of two souls who have been rejected by the one they ve loved I adored Dom from the first pages Whenever Lucy needed him he never let her down, he was always there I admired Lucy s resolve and her strength to carry on even though her world is falling apart Their reconciliation is wonderfully written and brought tears to my eyes Ms Mayberry s first SuperRomance is a lovestory that warmed my heart I m gonna give it a 5 stars because of one heart breaking scene that got stuck in my head at the end of the book.This is Sarah s 4th romantic novel about single parenting that i ve read and i believe is one of the best It s charged with many emotions like all her novels actually but the scene with Dominic Bianco and his confession to his father in the storage toward the end of the novel, is so very touching, you simply want to embrace this character and cry out for his pain.I think this novel has a little bit of a different style to it, different than her writing style from the present It s a nice story and for the first time, she wrote a parallel story for one of the other characters I liked the fact that Lucy s sister had her share in the novel, because from experience to the other continuation novels Sarah has written, even if the characters pop up in both, she mainly focuses on the main story without sharing or linking to the previous novel or characters lives But this novel is different And both sisters are so interesting, thus i believe i like the strong headed Rosie over Lucy Sarah Mayberry writes mainly about real fact situations, the fears some people confront with in their lives and she manages to get to an end This is what this novel is about as well, the fear of becoming a parent, the fear of messing up in such an important role, the fear of never being able to have children, a very touching subject with a great doze of feelings.A very captivating plot and a novel that is worth reading A Natural Father was a pretty nice read Lucy Basso s life is a mess, she has been dumped by her boyfriend of 8 years, is pregnant and has to break the news to her Italian mother, who single handedly raised both her kids and wanted better for them On top of the Lucy s self business can t seem to get a loan from the bank and she is staying with her elder sister Rosie and her husband Andrew.Dominic Bianco has just returned home after a 6 month stay in Italy Dom left after his marriage broke down over his inability to have kids Dom has always had a thing for Lucy, they grew up in the same neighborhood but circumstances get in the way but now he thinks things can finally fall into place Lucy visits his father s store often and Dom is shocked to find that she is pregnant and thinks she is married but his father soon disabuses him of that.Dom decides to stay away from her not because she is pregnant but because she is in a very fragile place right now but somehow Dom s frustration with his father unwilling to have a say in their business ends up in Dom becoming Lucy s business partner and coming in frequent contact I totally loved Dom, he is so careful with Lucy and so loving and caring He cooks for her, sweet.Lucy had a lot to work through, handling single motherhood, accepting the fact that her ex didn t even want to be a part of her baby s life There are a lot of things in way of Dom and Lucy and most of the reluctance is from Lucy s side, for one she is pregnant.I liked the way everything was handled in the book There is a story line about the other sister and how afraid she is of becoming a mother I liked how Lucy gave it to Dom in the end for just presuming what she wanted instead of just asking.The book was pretty good. Another sweet CR from Sarah Mayberry I found Sarah Mayberry by accident a few years ago, but she s really one of the authors I like to go to when I want to read a sweet, contemporary romance The author certainly didn t disappoint when it came to A NATURAL FATHER This was so sweet I fell in love with both Lucy and Dominic I even liked Lucy s sister and brother in law I thought the story developed well, and I was really glad that Dom didn t miraculously get cured of his sterility I think it would have ruined the story for me if that happened. What Is She Thinking Being Pregnant, Single And Expanding Her Business No Doubt About It, Lucy Basso S Hands Are Full As If That S Not Enough, Hottie Dominic Bianco Is Showing Than A Little Interest In Her Even Her Impending Motherhood Doesn T Seem To Faze Him In Fact, He S Acting As Tender And Protective As If She Were Carrying His BabyBut Something Seems To Be Keeping Dom From Fully Committing To Her If Lucy Could Only Know What It Is, She Might Understand Or Maybe She D Tell Him It Doesn T Matter Because She Knows He S A Good Man And He D Make An Ideal Father Overall, a good romance The issue of a secondary character not wanting children is thankfully handled better than I originally thought, although there is an underlying notion of if you don t want kids, there may be something wrong you with you off to the therapist to find out , which is a tad patronising Still, a good read and it s obvious that the author is actively trying not to resort to stereotypes, which is no mean feat when you re writing superromances. Would have been 4 stars, but there was a bit too much stupid, bullheaded secret keeping going on for my taste Rosie needed to talk to her damn husband about her doubts and fears And Dom needed to talk to Lucy about his sterility, instead of just pushing her away Once again it was that stupid I don t want to hurt you so I m gonna hurt you logic, and I hate that shit. Not bad for a first Super Romance, but not great either I dislike quick forgiveness when the man has been an absolute jerk to the woman You made me suffer for eight weeks Oh, well It s the last chapter of the story so I guess I have to forgive you Blech. On A Natural Father I loved this book Seriously I ve had Sarah Mayberry books sitting on my Kindle and on my to read shelf and now I am going to read them Okay so it will probably be months before I get back to them but still Lucy Basso finds herself single, pregnant, and a relatively new business owner Jilted by the father of her child she turns to family to help her through She s fiercely dependent but knows she cannot do everything since her business is just starting When she applies for a bank loan to expand her business she gets turned down and all is lost.Enter Dom Bianco with a bit of cash and the wish to strike out from his father s business, offers Lucy the chance she needs Together they strike out as partners while Dom tries to convince Lucy he s the guy for her Lucy resists due to her pregnancy but Dom begins to wear her down.Three major conflicts arise in this story, one for each of the characters one for the secondary characters First Lucy has been jilted recently and is very weary of getting involved with a man while she s pregnant The second lies in Dom s inability to have children and his worry of relationships ending when he cannot give them the children they want The third conflict lies with Lucy s sister who is terrified of having children while her husband desperately wants them.All of the conflicts are woven so well together I found them delightful The only complaint I had was with Dom s conflict He hides the fact he s sterile forever and its not a horrible thing Sure Lucy might wish to have biological children but there are many options out there Just because his ex wife was horrified by it doesn t mean every woman would be hide spoiler Rated 4 5 stars What I ve enjoyed most about books written by Sarah Mayberry has been the quality of the writing and the realism of her stories Every time I pick up a series romance, I m expecting, at best, an entertaining but shallow story 180 to 250 pages doesn t leave much room for character and plot development Mayberry has a talent for using her words wisely and giving the reader not only fully developed characters, but a plot with depth and emotion than many longer length novels A Natural Father, like every Mayberry book I ve read, deals with some serious issues In this case there s Lucy, a pregnant woman keeping a business afloat and dealing with the disappointment of being abandoned by the baby s father Dom is getting over a painful divorce and is working for his father, where the two men clash on how to run the business There s also a secondary story involving Lucy s sister Rosie and her husband Andrew The happily married couple face an emotional challenge that could end their marriage.None of these characters or their stories are treated carelessly, nor are the emotions attached to them easily dismissed or minimized Dom loved his wife and feels betrayed by her leaving Lucy loved her boyfriend and is clinging to the hope of some sort involvement in the baby s life Both lead characters are cautious and take the growing attraction slowly.My one quibble with the book is the reason used to separate the lead characters toward the end of the book I wish the author has found a better way to cause tension and conflict But that really is minor, and overall, The Natural Father is another quality read from Sarah Mayberry. A Natural Father

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Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children From the time that she first stole paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make books, Sarah has always wanted to be a writer In line with this ambition, on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing, then sat down to write a book When ins

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