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Beware the Beast The hero forced the heroine to marry him and produce an heir because her father owned him money from gambling debts Since he died and couldn t pay them, she would pay for her fathers crimes with marriage and her body Little did she know they were both falling in love with each other.The book was alright but the hero was kind of an asshole I mean she s pregnant in half of the book and he s a total dick to her, doesn t consider her feelings It made me sad reading that The heroine was quite the victim in this novel but in a way she let herself be one. 3.5 stars.Well this one was about a love 8 years in the making He wanted her when she was only 12 yuck but he was going to wait for her to grow up Then, he bought her from her dad.He bought her to be his baby mama after she could leave His plan was to have her have his baby then he would get a nurse for it He wanted to be free of any commitment, she was just an incubator Not really a good way to start a relationship She was young and scared and he did push her into a physical relationship by raping her and then going off on businessWTF I did not get that at all I did not understand if he loved her why he did not confess then He was wrong and he just glossed over the whole thing I don t understand how it was okay for husband to just rape their wifes back then.This was not an easy read and not one I would recommend The fact that the sex was mostly fade to black, really helps here Recommend only for those who enjoy who s your baby mama drama Alex Faulkner Was A Complete Stranger To Charlotte When He Blackmailed Her Into Marrying Him, And Whisked Her Off To Live With Him On A Lonely Greek Island He Made It Quite Clear That All He Really Wanted From Her Was A Son, The Sooner The BetterIt Was, Charlotte Thought Desperately, A Beauty And The Beast Situation, For She Was Powerless To Escape Him Yet In This Story, Beauty Has Fallen In Love With The Beast But Alex Has Made It Clear That He Has Only One Use For Her Older hero blackmails 18 year old heroine into marrying him, and he wants an heir Her father was a gambler and he was in debt to hero so heroine must pay for her father s sins He takes her to his Greek island and there their MOC becomes real But they are both in denial and that keeps them apart till the end I liked this hero He was hard but he was vulnerable and it was obvious to me he cared a lot about his wife He is hurt by her hatred and he tries to stay away from her Heroine was ok but I can t really love a heroine who is willing to abandon her baby boy in the arms of strangers. The 70 s were sure different Alex and Charlotte were hateful characters and their relationship was dull and depressing I despised Alex and wasn t keen on Charlotte either The whole thing was just exhausting and bad. Beware the Beast is the story of Charlotte and Alex.18 year old young Charlotte is still mourning the tragic death of her father, when her lawyer informs her of her impending fate the death might have been a suicide, he was under serious debts, and has sold her to his Greek business partner, the 40 year old Alex Soon the dark stranger enters the heroine s life, and whisks her away to his island in Greece under the stipulation that she would marry him and give him an heir in the next year Trapped in a remote beautiful countryside, the h initially is afraid, but soon realizes the hero fully respects her feelings, that is until a fateful night when they finally give into their passions.But things are never so easy in life The heroine has her suspicions, and the hero is subjected to her frequent verbal onslaughts Can these two find their HEA A surprisingly well written May December romance with an immature heroine, a brooding hero, loads of childish temper tantrums and pushing the hero away, a caring nanna and housekeepers, sweet non descriptive sex, a rapey wedding night and a creepier back story view spoiler H apparently saw the heroine when she was 12 and he was 33, and instantly liked her However, as per him as she grew the feelings started changing hide spoiler I love Anne Mather period No apologies I adore her stories It was funny reading this contemporary romance 36 years later With the Hi Fi and culotte suits, I was transported back in time While this was supposed to be a bit of a spin off of beauty and the beast, I felt like I couldn t get over the fact that this 40 yr old man blackmailed an 18 yr old girl into marriage and sex It doesn t matter that he turned out to be honorable from the beginning It just didn t sit right with me, so I had a hard time with the romance and the whole HEA when the situation was brought up When I didn t think about I enjoyed the story ok But inevitably the story would come back to the forced marriage and I felt icky again Keep in mind this took place in the 1970 s not the 1770 s so women weren t supposed to beProperty to be bought and sold Ok I m off my soapbox now. Calgon take me away to 1977 when 39 year old men blackmailed 18 year old virgins into marriage to pay off their dead Daddy s gambling debts This is the old skool read I needed today.Ah, memories of lapping up the emotions from categories like this when I was in high school From the heroine s nervousness about sex that haunted the first few chapters And how it hurt the first time after the hero got carried away And how she got pregnant from that one time Health class was right to warn us all off.Then there was the puzzling behavior of the hero who stayed away from his idyllic Greek island for weeks and months at time How he got angry when the heroine didn t embrace the idea of marriage to a stranger How he flirted with a distant cousin during Christmas and didn t even ask the heroine to dance What It all meant he loved he all along in fact he fell in love and wanted to protect her when he first saw her six years before mental math face When she was 12 and he was 33.Creepy or Brook Shields movie Ha, ha It was the 70 s What can I say It was a freaky time.So triggers the first sex scene is dubious consent and heroine is traumatized the next day From then on the heroine enjoys sex but thinks she shouldn t because of the contract As far as an Anne Mather goes this one was pretty tame H h aren t even related by marriage but the May December gap is huge. Beware The Beast is right This is one of those books where some of the plot points were so far out there, you wonder if it wasn t a passive aggressive move by the author to get back at the publisherRush me will you Tell me my stories don t have enough action, eh Well, how about this beauty then D And this one does have one beauty of a WTF moment, several actually I checked some of the other reviews and, yes, there were definitely those who were outraged, particularly at the motives of the H which aren t revealed until the very end But I m getting ahead of myselfAnd just so you know, this is one great big spoiler.At the start of the story, the h, Charlotte, is dealing with the recent death of her father who was killed in a boating accident We get clued in to state of the body, which is reported to be all bloated when it washes up onto the shore That was a lovely picture The H, Alex, is introduced when we find out the father s accident was actually a suicide because he had indebted himself to the H who now owned everything home, business, etc and the only way for the father to secure the future of his daughter was to increase his life insurance and off himself But don t love the father for his sacrifice yet We learn to see him as scum to be villianized During this same time, we learn that the father had actuallysoldthe h to the H, when he sought financial help when ol dad gambled away their assets They actually wrote up a contract unbeknowest to the h that says the H gets everything, and unless the h wants to live destitute forever and ever, she has to marry the H and provide him with an heir Just as we expect, the h sees no way out and does indeed marry the tall, dark, and handsome H and is whisked away to a tiny island in Greece Of course If there s an island that the h is whisked away to, it has to be in Greece It s a Harley lawat least in majority of the one s I ve read so far Just as an aside, the h is 18 and the H is 39 This becomes important later We are then given pages upon pages of the h living on the tiny island, meeting grandma, pouting, etc., etc We get a lot of descriptions of the H dressed in full out 70s garbwhen he s there He leaves a lot The h does the spoiled I m not going to be your friend thing through most of the story It s a little boring I actually flounced for a month when I was half way through My flouncing point was just a few pages short of when the H h have their first time I guess you could say the described experience is a hard limit pet peeve WTF moment for many The h get s the H all hot and bothered and then changes her mind at almost the last minute But Oh Ho , our H was out of his mind with lust, tells her he can t stop, rips her gown off and takes her virginity all quick and dirty like She s all upset that it happened at all He thinks she s just mad because it hurt and gives her a little speech about how it always hurts the first time and if he wasn t in a hurry he could show her how good it could be She then gives him down the road I hate you right before he rushes out the door He was on his way out before they even got started I told ya, he leaves a lot He ends up staying gone for 6 weeks Well, you know they did it ONE time without protection, so guess what happens You betcha EGGYOSwhich I looked up because I wanted the Greek word for pregnant and this is what I got Love that The H finally drags his butt back looking all haggard and stressed It s in the middle of the night so he falls asleep sitting up in the h s room She strips him and tucks him in, making for extra convenience when they wake for a bit of early morning nookie, which is good this time simultaneous orgasms The H doesn t know the contract has been fulfilled but the h is obviously fully aware, and just wanted to get her rocks on Tsk tsk She does get called on it later Down the road we learn that the reason for the H s state when he arrived haggard stressed and his prolonged absence was because he was suffering guilt and having second thoughts about making the h fulfill their bargain Good thing she got eggyos the first time or she might not get to stay married to a husband 21 years her senior who has questionable proclivities, right There s other stuff thrown in We get a smattering of OW, where a beautiful distant cousin comes for Christmas and rubs all over the H all night and he takes off with her the next day to shop, knowing the h is threatened by her and hates her guts Bad move on his part because, after spending until the wee hours having simultaneous orgasms, the h is convinced that she s being used for sex, proving that he s a user scumbag, which then leads to her having another I hate you melt down She s lying, naturally, but it still sends the H off again, for three months this time But he comes back just in time the night offor the premature 6 weeks home birth of his son After assisting with the delivery, he proceeds to do all kinds of suspicious whispering and nanny hiring that convinces the h that he s getting ready to toss her to the curb She shouldn t have worried, though, because this is where we find out that the H hasready for it BEEN IN LOVE WITH HER FOR YEARSYeah That was unexpected Apparently the h s father was gambler who was rescued financially the first time by the H when the h was 12 year s old and still in pigtails Of course he didn t feel that way about her when she was 12, but some time between 12 and 18, he got the hots for her bad and started plotting In the plans to secure her future, it was stated that he refused to adopt her because that would be too icky due to the way he felt about her SNORTI guess we now know why he lost it and couldn t hold back their first time So there you have it Except for the suicidal father the sneaky, coerced marriage virgin rape and the almost pedophilia, this wasn t that bad of a read The long stretches of boredom actually make you appreciate when something finally happens Trainwreck lovers might find this one entertaining Gentle palates should stay far away.

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Mildred Grieveson was born on October 10, 1946 in England She had written all through her infant and junior years and on into her teens, the stories changing from children s adventures to torrid gypsy passions Her mother used to gather these up from time to time, when her bedroom became too untidy, and dispose of them Mildred has always wanted to write which is not to say she has always wanted

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