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Bitter Fruit: The Very Best of Saadat Hasan Manto Widely Renowned As The Best Short Story Writer In Urdu, Manto S Stories Were Mostly Written Against The Milieu Of The Partition Bitter Fruit Presents The Best Collection Of Manto S Writings, From His Short Stories, Plays And Sketches, To Portraits Of Cinema Artists, A Few Pieces On Himself, And His Letters To Uncle Sam Which Have References To Communism, Russia, Politics After The Partition And His Own Financial Condition The Concluding Section Of The Book Has Acknowledgements And Reminiscences From Saadat S Friends And Relatives Bitter Fruit Includes Stories Like A Wet Afternoon, The Return, A Believer S Version, Toba Tek Singh, Colder Than Ice, The Assignment, Odour, By The Roadside, Bribing The Almighty, The Kingdom S End, The Woman In The Red Raincoat, The Room With The Bright Light, The Great Divide, The Angel, Siraj, An Old Fashioned Man, The Price Of Freedom, It Happened In , The Girl From Delhi, A Man Of God, Free For All, And A Tale Of There Is A Collection Of Sketches Too Manto Used To Write Radio Plays And This Book Has One Of The Dramas He Penned, Called In This Vortex His Short Stories Bring Out The Most Delicate Nuances Of Human Nature Manto is a genius After you have finished this book, you yearn for The short stories, sketches, portraits and letters are set during the pre partition era and you are are transferred to a period when partition was at the peak, when sporadic incidents of riots were common, when Ashok kumar was a super star who was a good friend of Manto And of course his favourite city was Mumbai Bombay then which he calls his second home It makes you think why he left Bombay Although he was in Pakistan, he thinks he is there because of what he learnt in Bombay He calls himself walking talking Bombay.He was the most controversial short story writer as he always spoke his mind His stories reflected his personality He died young at the age of 43 but will always be remembered as someone who was different. Without giving an impression of bragging I would say that I have read quiet a lot of fiction authors but till date I have not found someone like Manto in fact I have no words to describe my adoration for him..I think his death happened at an age when most of the authors only start gaining fame, and we lost the master of short stories There can be a debate as to whether Manto was an Indian or Pakistani writer but it doesn t matter because they say artists have no nationalities I read him once and I wish to read him again again his words create such images in my mind as if everything he is saying is happening right in front of my eyes and after reading each of his story, I sit back start thinking how it would have been in those times, what he would be thinking when he wrote that, what inspired him to write it, is it true story or not as if it is a play the characters are alive telling their own story I think as many authors I have read Manto is the most close to life a natural writer even if he writes a single sentence it turns out to be a story with a fast paced start the most shocking ironic ending He could write a story on anything and give it the most poignant angle Coming to the book The Bitter Fruit is a collection of his short stories with some of the evergreen ones like Toba Tek Singh , The Return , The Gift , The Assignment , Colder than Ice he was accused for vulgarity in this story One can feel that a lot of these stories are a piece form his life as they revolve around his time spent in the film world or the experiences during the partition in 1947 In fact I was quiet surprised to find that Manto could also write well in other forms like characters sketches,plays, letters to Uncle Sam, newspaper articles on film characters, note to readers, and his own story The film star sketches just show the vastness of Manto s talent him being able to create a story out of anything He is frank to the point of inviting wrath from the people who he sketches, describing their facial features to their personalities in the most honest cut to the point You can t help but actually start seeing facts in his stories Though he has written about film stars their scandalous personal lives but the sketches are no less dramatic or colourful like the films they acted in He has described some of the big stars like Ashok Kumar, Nur Jahan, Nargis, Naseem Bano, Sitara Devi, and personalities like Jinnah bringing them to life and light the way they were behind the screen public light He narrates his experiences as they were without mincing his words or hiding any facts.There was a phase when he used to write plays for Radio and his plays again have his distinct touch of being frank on the face, like the artist who decides to open an animal fodder farm because of financial crisis only Manto can think of such hilarious situations He would go to the publishers to ask for money for his writings when they would say he needs to submit a story then he would sit right there write one for them I have never heard any other author being able to roll out his beautiful creations just like that The sad part is that he was given only Rs 25 50 for such creations which now are considered literary masterpieces His letters to Uncle Sam bear a touch of after partition politics in Pakistan, the cold war between America Russia, the hot winds of communism, the growing rift between India Pakistan and both the nations vying for affections of America He takes a pot shot at the rising communist propaganda, misguided Progressive writers movement, his own poor financial situation how the artists are being treated in a post freedom Pakistan Finally in his note to readers the write up of his nephew Hamid Jalal shows the dual face of Saadat Hasan Manto How Saadat Hasan was a father, husband, family man sensitive to his family needs and how Manto was a writer, artist, alcoholic a man who could not come to terms with his post partition situation in Pakistan He was devastated due to the accusations from the conservative strata of the society calling him a pornographic writer trying to get fame out of writing cheap vulgar stories He was notorious for his age of writers as he put things in black white without giving a religious touch to his stories or glorifying Islam defaming other religions or letting politics run his thoughts He wrote what he felt or what he thought not caring for the so called moral police but his innocent stories became the target and they crucified him on the altar of religion so called pure society The alcohol dubious sympathisers pushed him to the edge and there was no return from there Manto s tragic end has only made his family bitter and horrified of the fall of a writer in a not so liberal world Just like his stories Manto s life death was short ironic where he received his fame only after he was hated in his living days I wish they put the epitaph he had written for himself where he wanted it to be In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful Here lies Saadat Hasan Manto and with him lie buried all the secrets and mysteries of the art of short story writing Under tons of earth he lies, still wondering who among the two is greater short story writer God or He. The mastery of Hasan s writing is most evident in his ability to convey all the intricacies of human desire without actually saying anything overtly He is deceptively simple and makes the reader work for the illumination In a word brilliant.You ll want to purchase your own copy of this collection because the short stories deserve multiple readings followed by lively discussions with friends who will most assuredly become a captive audience after you relay one of Manto s plots or gossip about one of his characters Too, his essays are cunning, provocative, insightful and laced with his notoriously sharp wit His Letters to Uncle Sam had me in stitches If you want to gain a unique perspective about partitioned India and Pakistan, then this gritty, fleshy, comical and macabre collection is well worth your time, your money, and the extra weight in your bag you won t want to put it down. it is possible to get shocked even in 2018 when reading saadat hasan manto because he seems to take a perverse joy in writing about how ordinary the fucked up is, but his words could not have been written without deep compassion and love, the kind that comes from clear sight

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