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Batman: Master of the Future HE HAS SEEN TOMORROWAND HE HATES IT In This Stunning Sequel To The Acclaimed GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT, The Victorian Era Bat Man Battles A Crazed Prophet Who Is Determined To Keep Gotham City From Entering The Twentieth CenturySTER OF THE FUTURE Is An Unforgettable Blend Of History, Fantasy, Science Fiction, And The Kind Of Action That S Made Batman One Of The World S Most Popular Heroes

About the Author: Brian Augustyn

Augustyn got his start in the industry in 1986 as an editor for Tru Studios Trollords He then edited Syphons and Speed Racer for NOW Comics in 1987 In 1988, he joined DC, starting out as a co editor on Action Comics during its period as a weekly title.During the late 1980s and early 1990s Augustyn was an editor for DC Comics, where he edited The Flash, Justice League and the Impact Comics line

10 thoughts on “Batman: Master of the Future

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    Very good So not that many people talk about this one, it kind of gets swept under the original Gotham By Gaslight story which introduced a Victorian

  2. says:

    Everything here feels period appropriate Images match our presumptions of the era as does their verbiage Even though dates are never explicitly given, nine pag

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    I like the idea of a villain who can see the future and wants to stop industrialism, especially put in a historical fiction setting like this But in execution, he wasn

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    Yikes Not bad, per se, but it lacks Mignola s unique artstyle, and the plot is riddled with too many holes and unanswered questions that couldn t possibly be explored in 50 page

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    The artwork of this story is fantastic, if a little ill matched for a tale of The Batman The story was clear and well composed, but really just not very interesting As a sequel to Gotham

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    Fun little adventure Slightly better storytelling than the Jack the Ripper Gotham by Gaslight Rather than being a One Shot both of the Gotham by Gaslight tales would have been better served as mi

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    Senza infamia e senza lode Nota di merito per le tavole di Barreto.

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    Summary It s the turn of the 19th century, and the mayor of Gotham decides on having a fair to celebrate everything new and advanced A mustached villain threatens the fair though, and only Batman can stop him.What

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    Love the artwork Very quick read.

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    Picking up where Brain Augustyn s Gotham by Gaslight, this bit of Batman Victoriana is not as interesting as its precursor Released in 1992, the art seems less dated and Eduardo Barreto s artwork is strong although does have the at

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