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The Extended Phenotype: The Gene as the Unit of Selection People Commonly View Evolution As A Process Of Competition Between Individuals Known As Survival Of The Fittest With The Individual Representing The Unit Of Selection Richard Dawkins Offers A Controversial Reinterpretation Of That Idea In The Extended Phenotype, Now Being Reissued To Coincide With The Publication Of The Second Edition Of His Highly Acclaimed The Selfish Gene He Proposes That We Look At Evolution As A Battle Between Genes Instead Of Between Whole Organisms We Can Then View Changes In Phenotypes The End Products Of Genes, Like Eye Color Or Leaf Shape, Which Are Usually Considered To Increase The Fitness Of An Individual As Serving The Evolutionary Interests Of GenesDawkins Makes A Convincing Case That Considering One S Body, Personality, And Environment As A Field Of Combat In A Kind Of Arms Race Between Genes Fighting To Express Themselves On A Strand Of DNA Can Clarify And Extend The Idea Of Survival Of The Fittest This Influential And Controversial Book Illuminates The Complex World Of Genetics In An Engaging, Lively Manner I m sure this is great, but I m not a scientist and as one of Dawkins least accessible books, this one was overkill It s an expansion of topics covered in The Selfish Gene, which I d previously enjoyed, but there was too much detail for me to take in I ll skip back to some of his later books. The essentials of life s story Biodiversity is than a buzzword for ecologists Variation gives life its grandeur, and Richard Dawkins gives us a description of the workings of variation Fortunately, with a sharp mind and sharper wit, he has the ability to deliver this portrayal so that nearly everyone can understand it That s not to say this book is an easy read Although he delivers his narration as if sitting with you in a quiet study, you may still need to review his words than once That s not a challenge or a chore, it s a pleasure.Dawkins, unlike other science writers, is forthright in declaring his advocacy in writing this book It s a refreshing start to his most serious effort After publication of The Selfish Gene led to a storm of fatuous criticism, Extended Phenotype comes in response with detail of how the gene manifests itself in the organism and its environment It s clear that Dawkins critics, who label him an Ultra Darwinist whatever that is haven t read this book His critics frequently argue that The Selfish Gene doesn t operate in a vacuum, but must deal within some kind of environment, from an individual cell to global scenarios Dawkins deftly responds to critics in describing how genes rely on their environment for successful replication If the replication doesn t survive in the environment it finds itself, then it, and perhaps its species, will die out.The child s favourite question, why is difficult enough for parents and teachers to answer Yet, as thinking humans we ve become trained to deal with that question nearly every context So well drilled that we consider something for which that question has no answer to be suspicious if not insidious Part of Dawkins presentation here reiterates that there is no why to either the process of evolution nor its results It isn t predictable, inevitable or reasonable It s a tough situation to cope with, but Dawkins describes the mechanism with such precision and clarity, we readily understand how if not why evolution works We comprehend because Dawkins does such an outstanding job in presenting its mechanics.This edition carries three fine finales Dawkins well thought out bibliography, a glossary, and most prized, indeed, an Afterword by Daniel C Dennett If any defense of this book is needed, Dennett is a peerless champion for the task Dennett s capabilities in logical argument are superbly expressed here As he s done elsewhere Darwin s Dangerous Idea , Dennett mourns the lack of orginality and logic among Dawkins critics Excepting the obstinate ones, these seem to be falling by the wayside It s almost worthwhile reading Dennett s brief essay before starting Dawkins It would be a gift to readers beyond measure if these two ever collaborated on a book stephen a haines Ottawa, Canada The language of the book cannot be called simple and it takes some efforts to follow the authors reasoning, but these efforts will reap big reward In process of reading you will experience the happiness of discovers time and again, have finished the book you will get another angle of view of the phenomenon of life Don t panic, extend your mind. I d give it 5 stars if I knew enough biology to be able to confirm it or 1 if I could refute it. 2015 Built upon and advanced than The Selfish Gene Readers beware 2017 Re read this after re reading The Selfish Gene It definitely makes sense to me this time around. First half 3 , Second 5 This is a good book Off the back of reading The Selfish Gene, and reading that The Extended Phenotype is Dawkin s favourite of his products, I was expecting big things From the get go, the style of the book is a lot science heavy jargon, in depth scientific ideas and reasoning, which as a scientist myself I enjoyed Dawkins is terrific at scientific reasoning, and this was a good outing from him, even by his standards The problem with the first half maybe even of the book, is the content Dawkins spends a very long time addressing criticism from The Selfish Gene, as well as some criticism with his extended phenotype theorem Genetic determinism, group selection, green beards etc etc are all delved into in detail Whilst this is very well done, it shows the age of the book Almost all of these criticisms are no longer pertinent which shows how correct Dawkins was at the time, might I add , so some arguments seem a little trivial.What the first half lacks, Dawkins makes up for in the second half The theorem of the extended phenotype is a fantastic way of viewing the impact replicators have on the world, and is almost flawless plus, Dawkins addresses the few issues that arise with the theorem He even ends with an optimistic view of life, presumably addressing the sadness that this way of thinking brought at the time.Overall, a very good book, but unless you wish to get into the knitty gritty of many different theories some very pertinent and some a bit less , you might be best off reading the last few chapters Alternatively, the summary of the extended phenotype theorem that Dawkins provides in the recent editions of The Selfish Gene might be a good option. Richard Dawkins asks us again to try to think of evolution in terms of selfish genes.The book promotes concepts called replicators genes, DNA and vehicles organisms, groups, species Examples are given of how this replicator gene centric view of evolution tries to make sense of evolutionary phenomena that otherwise we would have a hard time explaining if we stuck to the traditional, organism centric view.I got to about mid way through the book, then Dawkins went on a Lamarckism bash , and some other academic debates regarding neo Darwinism Not being a scientist myself and having little formal context in evolutionary biology, I got a bit lost Will retry the latter half of the book in the future Great but fatiguingContrary to Dawkin s most famous Selfish Gene this book is much difficult to read for a non biologist person Some parts required me to google terms definitions and problem backgrounds each paragraph, if not line.Despite of this the whole reading experience is very satisfying Lot of new concepts that bring up interesting ideas, numerous facts and remarkably great language all of this teams up to build the great book It s great reading for everyone ready to grind through complexities of material. Dawkins is a contemporary genius with fresh perspectives in several fields Good read.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Extended Phenotype: The Gene as the Unit of Selection book, this is one of the most wanted Richard Dawkins author readers around the world.

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