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Fledgling Fledgling, Octavia Butler S New Novel After A Seven Year Break, Is The Story Of An Apparently Young, Amnesiac Girl Whose Alarmingly Inhuman Needs And Abilities Lead Her To A Startling Conclusion She Is In Fact A Genetically Modified, Year Old Vampire Forced To Discover What She Can About Her Stolen Former Life, She Must At The Same Time Learn Who Wanted And Still Wants To Destroy Her And Those She Cares For And How She Can Save Herself Fledgling Is A Captivating Novel That Tests The Limits Of Otherness And Questions What It Means To Be Truly Human

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    I admit that I wanted to like this than I did simply because I am a big fan of Kindred I was slightly ambivalent about another book on vampires, however, and while I tried not to take that into serious account when reading Butler, it still crept in.Mostly, however, I liked the book fine Any major iss

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    3.5 4 stars Another vampire book review from the guy who says he s not a fan of vampires Yeah, well I m trying to find the good ones, not the dreck that s jumped onto the Twilight bandwagon And quite frankly I didn t pick this one up because it was a vampire book per se, but because it was one by Octavia Butler

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    Vampires Sci fi vampires Octavia Butler While I love Octavia Butler, I have been avoiding Fledgling for a while because Twilight and the paranormal romance genre that followed in its wake are anathema to me I knew of course that Ms Butler would never slum it with Stephenie Meyer, but the subject matter is kind of

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI am shocked that this was published by the same Octavia E Butler who wrote PARABLE OF THE SOWER and KINDRED It felt like it was written by a totally different person If I hadn t looked at the publication date and seen the 2005, I would have thought that this was a less successful first novel T

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    this review has spoilers that will do irreversible damage to those who have not read the book, is long, and is, i m afraid, rather academic in tone, because i just think that way be warned Fledgling opens with a birth scene of sorts a little girl we don t yet know that she s a little girl, but find out soon enough wakes up in a cave

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    One of the best books I ve read is Kindred, Octavia Butler s 1979 time travel novel Had it been published twenty years earlier, I m sure it would ve put her on Rod Serling s radar as he scouted writers for The Twilight Zone Butler s use of dark fantasy to dramatize issues of social injustice and racism, and explore our reaction to genoc

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    This was so disappointing I m actually bothered by this I m such a big fan of Octavia Butler s novel Kindred and this one her last before her unfortunate passing almost felt like it was written by someone else The book actually sports a really great concept that s ripe for tons of conflict and exploration of ideas and themes The story is about an amne

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    Audacious radical, it is basically a rebel literary monster thirsting for true blood innovation Tired of the same formula, it breaks conventions as it establishes others That there is a hybrid vampire able to move in sunlight, thus breaking with the status quo or our interpretation of the status quo, you know, in some parallel universe where vampires exist , it is all j

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    Imagine that you are driving home one day and come across an interesting looking person by the side of the road You invite this person into your car and are immediately drawn to him or her in extreme ways after only a few hours together, you want to sleep with this person, do everything that he or she says, and give up everything in your life to devote yourself to this person s n

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    Firstly, I wish there was a way to give this novel TEN STARS because like every single book she s ever written, it is a masterpiece of surperb writing, compelling characters and thought provoking themes like sex, race and class issues seldom dealt with in even the finest speculative fiction Only in the hands of a skilled author could new life be breathed into the quickly becoming stale vam

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