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Deep Ancestry: Inside the Genographic Project Science Tells Us We Re All Related One Vast Family Sharing A Common Ancestor Who Lived In Africa , Years Ago But Countless Questions Remain About Our Great Journey From The Birthplace Of Homo Sapiens To The Ends Of The Earth How Did We End Up Where We Are When Did We Get There Why Do We Display Such A Wide Range Of Colors And Features The Fossil Record Offers Some Answers, But Exciting New Genetic Research Reveals Many , Since Our DNA Carries A Complete Chronicle Of Our Species And Its Migrations In Deep Ancestry, Scientist And Explorer Spencer Wells Shows How Tiny Genetic Changes Add Up Over Time Into A Fascinating Story Using Scores Of Real Life Examples, Helpful Analogies, And Detailed Diagrams And Illustrations, He Translates Complicated Concepts Into Accessible Language And Explains Exactly How Each And Every Individual S DNA Contributes Another Piece To The Jigsaw Puzzle Of Human History The Book Takes Readers Inside The Genographic Project, The Landmark Study Now Assembling The World S Largest Collection Of Population Genetic DNA Samples And Employing The Latest In Testing Technology And Computer Analysis To Examine Hundreds Of Thousands Of Genetic Profiles From All Over The Globe Traveling Backward Through Time From Today S Scattered Billions To The Handful Of Early Humans Who Are Ancestors To Us All, Deep Ancestry Shows How Universal Our Human Heritage Really Is It Combines Sophisticated Science With Our Compelling Interest In Family History And Ethnic Identity And Transcends Humankind S Shallow Distinctions And Superficial Differences To Touch The Depths Of Our Common Origins

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    Deep Ancestry The Landmark DNA Quest to Decipher Our Distant Past by Spencer Wells Deep Ancestry takes the reader on a scientific journey to the past with the goal of seeking our common ancestors of everyone alive today With the focus predominately on reading DNA as a historical document and with t

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    As part of my goal to read non fiction, I created a mini anthropology class It started a few years ago with The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes I then read 4 books in quick succession beginning with this book by Spencer Wells Wells discusses, through representative stories, the travels of th

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    I can t give this book a 5 because even Spencer Wells states it s an overview I discovered Wells during a podcast NPR ted talks radio hour, this was such an interesting project I sourced this book I m now awaiting The Journey of Man but this book has opened the DNA world to me I really liked the book

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    There was potential here to make this a much fascinating book The science itself should be fascinating enough noting inherited mutations and copying errors in DNA, across indigenous societies, to determine probable migration paths and the timing of such of humans from where they first arose , but the

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    Describes for the common reader the methodology and results so far of a study of human genetic roots through DNA in Y chromosomes and mitochondria in females which demonstrates migration patterns of our earliest ancestors.This arc has been lying around since 2006, but it was well worth the wait Now I w

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    This book, which follows Wells 2002 Journey of Man, traces the male and female migrations out of Africa and then across the globe This story is fascinating and Wells TV special on this topic was excellent The same cannot be said for this book, however Deep Ancestry is a muddle of hard to follow labeling

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    Very accessible intro to the Genographic Project, which aims to map out human migration over the past 100,000 years by comparing genetic similarities and differences between X and Y chromosomes The section at the end describing the major haplogroups around the world was very interesting It inspired me to

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    Short, comprehensive, simple and written for beginners what else can you ask from a book on a really complicated scientific project I found it engrossing and I immediately purchased the National Geographic kit after I read it Having my mtDNA analyzed was an amazing experience Highly recommended I support

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    I am going to have a lot of harsh things to say about this book and its approach, so I would like to begin by saying that I believe enough in the importance of understanding my own ancestry that I am a participant in the Genographic project myself through my own interest in genetic genealogy 1 It does not

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    I heard part of a story on NPR with this author and was intrigued enough to read the book So I m a bit of a genealogy nut, but this is going far beyond that Wells leads a project that uses DNA analysis to map the history and migration of humans in all of history Some of my favorite insights or facts from th

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