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Rapture of the Deep: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, Soldier, Sailor, Mermaid, Spy On The Very Day That Jacky Faber Is To Wed Her True Love, She Is Kidnapped By British Naval Intelligence And Forced To Embark On Yet Another Daring Mission This Time To Search For Sunken Spanish Gold But When Jacky Is Involved, Things Don T Always Go As PlannedJacky Has Survived Battles On The High Seas, The Stifling Propriety Of A Boston Finishing School, And Even Confinement In A Dank French Prison But No Adventure Has Quite Matched Her Opportunistic Street Urchin Desires Until Now

About the Author: L.A. Meyer

Louis A Meyer is best known as the author of the Bloody Jack novels He was also a painter and the author of two children s picture books, and he and his wife owned an art gallery called Clair de Loon in Bar Harbor.Louis A Meyer passed away on July 29, 2014 from refractory Hodgkin s Lymphoma His final Jacky Faber book, Wild Rover No More, was published posthumously in September that year.

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    Anyone else feel like the way Meyer s writes Jacky s sexuality is a getting kind of skeezy I m all for Jacky Faber, champion flirter but the way he writes her is coming off as increasingly male gazey Plus most of her love interests are jackasses, like by now I know if Jacky meets a dude and he s an asshole she ll be probably by making out with him by the end of the book I think it might not come off so gross if Meyer would let her age properl

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    Sometimes I love Jacky Faber, sometimes I don t This is a don t like episode I yielded halfway thru A Getting too predictable ONCE AGAIN, Jacky and Jaimy are separated ONCE AGAIN Jacky is abducted and put to work for the British Intelligence Agency ONCE AGAIN Jacky is running around singing and dancing in taverns and flirting with numerous fellows B I don t care if she had good intentions, she bought a slave NO NO NO C Top that off with Jacky getting

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    Bummer, bummer, bummer I really like Jacky and her adventures, but I don t like her creepy old man author who likes to pepper the text with sexual harassment The books have been getting and explicit, and I think I finally hit my wall It is too bad because I enjoy the books I guess I need to get rid of the books so that my kids don t find them, succumb to the fabulous story and read their ways to some old man s fantasy about a 16 year old girl and her much

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    AMAZING This was sooo good SPOILER I knew Jaimy and Jacky weren t going to get married some how And thats just the beginning The iron bell, Flaco the pirate Oh, this book is INCREDIBLE

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    Another delightful adventure with Jacky Faber, who is now like a very dear friend to me In this adventure, we find Jacky sent by King George to the waters off Cuba and Key West, diving for sunken Spanish treasure I will try to avoid spoilers for both this book and for the previous books, and simply say that this was perhaps one of the most enjoyable of Jacky s adventures because, for the most part, it was fairly cheerful Aside from a few heart wrenching moments one involvin

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    Going through this I started to remember that there were writing flaws in the other books that I had forgotten about since I read the last book two years ago.Most of it is written in the first person present which impossibly annoying because who wants to read we are going there, we are so close yes, we are there Really Just really, stream of conscience can go too far That and Umms in italics when she kisses someonegross.And just as far as her as a character she has become really di

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    Considering my distaste with how long L.A Meyer is dragging on about maintaining Jacky s virginity and her frustrating relationship with British Navy, I loved this book.Jacky is finally reunited with her beloved Jaimy and they are nearly at the alter getting married, when Jacky is whisked away by the British Naval Intelligence to recover sunken Spanish gold Supposedly, they are still angry that she didn t kill Napoleon when she had the chance, so her punishment is to abstain from sex until

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    Oh Jacky, I am so flipping sad to know that there are no new books for me to read about your wild adventures, constant flirting, abundant flesh showing, crazy ideas, and fantastic personality When I finished book 7 I felt like I had lost a friend I guess I m just going to have to reread them.So, if you couldn t tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this book I loves the premise I loved the location I loved Higgins I loved Davey on the ship with her and their constant bickering I love Higgins I love Capt Huds

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    Just as a note to start, this is one of the best books series to listen to Katherine Kellgren is amazing and the accents and music bring the story to life in a way you don t get from reading the print version So go listen to it This is one of my favorite YA series, which feels weird to say, because I normally can t stand historical fiction I ve also finally caught up to the end of the series, and now have to wait for the next book Jacky is a phenomenal character and the sort of person I wish I was a littl

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