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Trunk Music Back On The Job After An Involuntary Leave Of Absence, LAPD Homicide Detective Harry Bosch Is Ready For A Challenge But His First Case Is A Little Than He Bargained For It Starts With The Body Of A Hollywood Producer In The Trunk Of A Rolls Royce, Shot Twice In The Head At Close Range What Looks Like Trunk Music, A Mafia Hit But The LAPD S Organized Crime Unit Is Curiously Uninterested, And When Harry Follows A Trail Of Gambling Debts To Las Vegas, The Case Suddenly Becomes Complex And Much Personal A Rekindled Romance With An Old Girlfriend Opens New Perspectives On The Murder, And He Begins To Glimpse A Shocking Triangle Of Corruption And Collusion Yanked Off The Case, Harry Himself Is Soon The One Being Investigated But Only A Bullet Can Stop Harry When He S Searching For The Truth

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    Trunk Music is Michael Connelly s sixth novel and the fifth of those books to feature L.A homicide detective, Harry Bosch It remains my favorite of Connelly s books and my favorite of all police procedurals an inspiration to me and, I assume, to a good many other authors who write crime fiction.Harry has been serving time on an administrative leave, which resulted from actions he took in The Last Coyote He s just returned to the Homicide Des

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    3.5 starsWhen I m feeling stressed I like to turn to a favorite author or series in order to take my mind off things Harry Bosch is a dependable character in that you know he s always going to be in the middle of something and will be sure to piss than a few people off While this isn t my favorite of the five books I have read so far in the series, any Michael Connelly novel is miles above most others in the genre.With issues in his professional lif

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    Harry s back from enforced stress leave and anxious to get assigned to a case When he and his team find Tony Aliso s body in the trunk of his car, Harry fights to hold onto it instead of handing it over to the guys in the Organized Crime Investigation Division What first appears to be mob trunk music turns out to be so much As usual, Harry s solid investigative instincts makes the procedurals so interesting, especially when things get dicey He s head

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    Number 5 in the Harry Bosch series and still rolling nicely along I probably found this to be the least exciting of the books to date It was a little bit too full of procedural detail and there were so many different cons going on at once I was occasionally confused Nevertheless Bosch used all his smarts and came out on top,as usual I liked his two off siders and his boss who was able to bend the rules occasionally for him I found the story line of Ele

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    5 stars.

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    You guys I finished a book Woot Seriously, I went from reading a book a day while the hubs was out of town to reading almost nothing in the month and a half he s been back Life is cruel Anyway, I finally finished this book, and yet again, it was a solid entry into this series This book is the basis for the first season of Bosch on , and so, when I realized that, I think that it kind of added to the slump I was in, because I felt like I knew what was goin

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    Harry Bosch is back working homicide, and his first case involves a body left in a car trunk It looks like the victim was the victim of a mob hit, and he has connections in Las Vegas Is the case really going to be that simple Bosch s cases are always fun, and this book is no exception I was able to spot a couple of the twists coming a little early, but that was a minor complaint The characters are strong, both returning and new A face from Bosch s past co

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    TTrunk Music is book five in the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly First day on back at work after a leave of absence Harry Bosch caught the case of the murder of Tony Alison At first glance, it looks like a mob hit However, this was not the case The readers will continue to follow the twists and turn in Harry Bosch investigation into the death of Tony Aliso Also, the readers of Trunk Music will be surprised by the ending of this book I love reading b

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    Trunk Music Mob Hit, I didn t know that This is 5 in the Bosch series and Harry is back in full force after being forced into involuntary leave A producer has been killed and stuffed in a trunk Harry s team is on it We have some new characters to read about Jerry Edgar and Kizman Rider I like these two so far Rider seems to be drawn up as a temp detective and might be moving on to bigger and better things but I hope she decides to stay Edgar is a man, what

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    This is my first Michael Connelly, and thus, obviously, my first Harry Bosch mystery And, as always, I throw continuity to the wind and start somewhere in the middle Who needs beginnings Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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