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Where Fires Once Burned Life Offers Few Second Chances And None Without A PriceIt Was The Warmth Of April S Love That Stretched Across The Years And The Miles To Comfort Russ In The Dark Days Of His Captivity It Had Come When He D Needed It Most And Now That He Was Free At Last, It Powered His Search For Her Somewhere In California, April Had Rewoven The Threads Of Her Life, A Life He Had Once Rejected No Matter How Long It Took, He Would Find Her, Reason With Her, Beg If Necessary To Win Her BackA Newspaper Headline Alterted Russ To April S Whereabouts Fate, It Seemed, Had Given Him A Bizarre Set Of Circumstances And A Very Rare Second Chance I feel like I should say a few words about this, because no one else has and the description isn t that informative April and Russ were each other s first loves, but after they got married, he got itchy feet and regretted having been deprived of experience He divorces her and moves away and April is so depressed she flunks out of college To make things worse, his parents distance themselves from her too, so she s totally alone.April begins a new life as a truck driver how cool is that but never really recovers When she hears that Russ has been kidnapped, she tries to go to his parents and offer comfort, but they reject her and blame her for his situation Oh the anguish and unfairness Russ, meanwhile, has had some sense knocked into his head by the experience and after he s released wants to win April back, but he doesn t know how to find her Then he sees a news item about a truck accident and discovers she s been injured and lost her memory And guess what this prince of a guy doesIt s all excruciatingly sad, but somehow not too sad I would probably give it five stars because it s so unforgettable, but I thought the ending was a bit lacking Russ gets away with too much, too easily Still, a wonderful read if you truly enjoy angsty romance. Oh, no I have amnesia This would be the perfect time for my ex husband who left me because I smothered him with love, and he wanted sexual experience with other, older huh women to show back up in my life because he realizes that he truly loves me and regrets hurting me I fall in love with him Uh ohsuddenly I remember everything He betrayed my love, twice I can never trust him again Then he calls me from Australia to come visit and renew our love Okey dokey, I ll be on the next plane And we lived happily ever after The End.Good grief. Lots of great elements that should have made this book a winner, but in the end the hero just got away with too much and the heroine gave off a pathetic vibe that started to get annoying.The amnesia bit went on too long causing the middle of the book to drag a bit.Absolutely loved that the heroine had the unique occupation of truck driver A first for sure in a category romance.I love a book filled with angsty drama and this book delivered that I just wanted to feel from the hero remorse, grovelling, just something.

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