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Darwin for Beginners The Beginner Books Their Cartoon Format And Irreverent Wit Make Difficult Ideas Accessible And Entertaining Newsdayaking Us Through The Upheavals In Biological Thought Which Made The Origins Of Species Possible, Jonathan Miller Introduces Us To That Odd Revolutionary, Charles Darwin A Remarkably Timid Man Who Spent Most Of His Life In Seclusion A Semi Invalid Riddled With Doubts, Fearing The Controversy His Theories Might Unleash Yet Also The Man Who Finally Undermined Belief In God S Creation Along The Way We Meet A Fascinating Cast Of Characters Darwin S Scientific Predecessors, His Contemporaries Including Alfred Russell Wallace, Whose Anticipation Of Natural Selection Forced Darwin To Publish , His Opponents, And His Successors Whose Work In Modern Genetics Provided Necessary Modifications To Darwin S Own WorkSplendidly Illustrated, This Clever, Witty, Highly Informative Book Is The Perfect Introduction To Darwin S Life And Thought

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    A clear and concise overview of Darwin s scientific endeavors and the incontrovertible relevance of those endeavors to our understanding of life and its processes This is no children s book

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    1859 .

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    This is an interesting look at Darwin The comic book is a biography, talking about Darwin What is amazing about this book is that goes through various other scientists, who were active before or durin

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    Just like the rest of the introductory series this book does a good job of simplifying a difficult subject making it accessible.Not my favorite of the series, I would have enjoyed reading a bit about Dar

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    Like the other books in the Introducing series, this presents the key topics and ideas in a readable form However, I liked this one less than some of the others I have read, primarily because of the polemical tone l

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    This comprehensive book explains everything you ve ever wanted to know about Darwin and the facts surrounding his Origins of the Species I m not a science person AT ALL and I was miraculously able to comprehend the book

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    Questo libro costituisce un ottimo riassunto della storia ed evoluzione della teoria evolutiva, una ottima lettura per chi curioso di conoscere cos , com nata e quali controversie ha suscitato una delle teorie pi controverse

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    Irreverent, smart, and surprisingly dense for a cute little book The comics were helpful, as the language was a bit tricky for my students Still, it was worth it I needed a short book to teach about evolution but I wanted a bit t

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    This is a cute little companion to The Origin of Species It s not Cliff Notes it doesn t begin to summarize TO0S but it gives it a little context in briefly describing Darwin s personal and professional environment his heroes, teachers

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