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The Hiding Place At One Time Corrie Ten Boom Would Have Laughed At The Idea That There Would Ever Be A Story To Tell For The First Fifty Years Of Her Life Nothing At All Out Of The Ordinary Had Ever Happened To Her She Was An Old Maid Watchmaker Living Contentedly With Her Spinster Sister And Their Elderly Father In The Tiny Dutch House Over Their Shop Their Uneventful Days, As Regulated As Their Own Watches, Revolved Around Their Abiding Love For One Another However, With The Nazi Invasion And Occupation Of Holland, A Story Did Ensue Corrie Ten Boom And Her Family Became Leaders In The Dutch Underground, Hiding Jewish People In Their Home In A Specially Built Room And Aiding Their Escape From The Nazis For Their Help, All But Corrie Found Death In A Concentration Camp The Hiding Place Is Their Story

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    When I was adding every book I could remember ever reading to my Goodreads shelves, I automatically slapped three star ratings on all the nonfiction books unless I d disliked them, or they were specially influential for me without thinking much about it I m apt to reserve four or five star ratings for fiction and I m miserly with the five star ones But this was a

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    If you consider reading this book, be warned When John and Elizabeth Sherrill wrote the memoir of Corrie ten Boom, they clearly had an agenda The first half of the book was okay That s the reason I gave it 2 and not 1 star The second half, set during the war years and Corrie s imprisonment in Ravensbruck, was all about worshipping God and Jesus, praying, miracles an

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    Every human being should be required to read this book I guarantee it will change forever the way you look at life The memoir is a true account of Corrie Ten Boom s experiences in German occupied Holland during WWII and afterward in prisons and concentration camps The most amazing thing to me is that she was not Jewish She was a Dutch Christian who freely sacrificed

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    Most people have started 2018 with parties and fireworks I ve started it by finishing a five star book I ve read The Hiding Place a few times before but not in recent years With so many Christian friends on Goodreads, it is the book that I see most often on people s favourite shelf During this re read I was reminded that it deserves to be there.Most of you will know t

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    By far one of the best and most inspirational books I ve ever read I ve underlined so many parts of this book I first read this with my first book club almost 10 years ago and read it back in October with my current book club still find it absolutely amazing and one I want to read and re read One of my favorite themes of the book is stated by the author on page 31 the

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    I have read this book before many years ago., but reading about it here on Goodreads reminded me how much I had been absorbed and overwhelmed by the courage and utter dedication of this young woman the author and I valued it highly Although Corrie is a deeply commited Christian you don t have be of any particular religion to read and appreciate this book She risked ever

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    Two stars That s the best I can do on a book that came highly recommended and that I read with relish as I had just been to Amsterdam and surrounding areas, visited the Museum of the Resistance and the old Jewish Synagogue referred to in the book So why two stars I just didn t believe a lot of what I read Here s what I do believe I think Corrie, her sister Betsy, her fat

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    I read this book in honor of my mother The Hiding Place was one of her favorite books I remember her telling stories about it and reading passages aloud when I was a kid The Hiding Place is the story of a Dutch family who helped Jews hide from Nazis during World War II Corrie worked in her father s watchmaking shop and used the store as a front to help with underground ac

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    Okay, so the many five stars all around on this here book page were warranted It s a heartbreaking, painful read It s also full of faith, strength, kindness and perseverance I m very glad I gave it a listen The narrator is terrific and emotive and has the ability to draw you into the time and place instead of taking you out of it Corrie ten Boom is a 40 something spinster

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    This is a profound book, and one that will not leave you unmoved I was even inspired to write a poem before I finished reading it it does contain a few spoilers for those who don t know Corrie s story Victory Songby Melissa M.May 16, 2010Golden glimpses of the sun,Bits of clouds between the bars.Coughing blood, matted hair,Questions, memories, leaving scars.Making friends w

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